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Eco-Style in the Interior: Living in Harmony with Nature

Art & Photo Prints Eco-Style in the Interior: Living in Harmony with Nature

The eco-style interior does not have a launch creation date. It appeared against the backdrop of developing modern styles, accepting their methods, techniques of surface finishing, lighting and decoration. Like other modern interior décor styles, it became widespread at the end of the twentieth century.

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Gothic Style - the Grace of the Middle Ages in Your Interior

Art & Photo Prints Gothic Style - the Grace of the Middle Ages in Your Interior

Gothic style in the interior enjoys the undeserved fame of a gloomy and mystical trend. Most people grimace with disgust at its mentioning, considering that interiors created under the influence of Gothic are overly dramatic and intimidating. However, the concept of the Gothic style is much broader than it seems at first glance.

Gothic is a very rich and complex style, and this is its main advantage. In skilled hands, it can find a new life, reveal its full potential and become the personification of a strong, deep and memorable design.

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Tips for Creation of a Lovely Vintage Interior

Art & Photo Prints Tips for Creation of a Lovely Vintage Interior

Vintage is a style that came from France and initially it was not an interior style. Winemakers used this word to define wine, which had many years of aging. Later, interior design, clothing style, music and other areas of culture and fashion became vintage. Vintage conquered all spheres of life.

Everything related to this style has one main characteristic - aging. If the item can be attributed to the category of "retro" - then it is vintage.

Today, there is a whole industry of creating specially aged things, interior items and various trinkets. The market of artificially aged items is also flourishing.

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Custom Photos in the Interior Décor

Art & Photo Prints Custom Photos in the Interior Décor

Our century is considered digital, as appliances have become a major part of household goods. Therefore, man-made things that create coziness become especially valuable. There is nothing more important than details emphasizing the individuality and completeness of the design. These finishing touches are well-designed custom photographs.

Appearing in the 19th century, photography firmly took its place in the house of every person. Now it’s hard for us to imagine a modern interior without at least one photo card standing on a shelf or hanging on the wall.

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Urban Style in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Urban Style in the Interior Decor

The urban style is a reflection of the spirit of big cities, with their frantic pace of life. It is dynamic and unusually modern, motivates for high achievements and does not allow you to stop. The interior in the urban style attracts with an aesthetics of functionality, extremely clear, verified lines and bright colors without halftones. It is ideal for those who constantly see new heights in front of them, not concentrating on accomplished achievements, for those whose ambitions are off the scale. If you live a rich, dynamic life with many successive events, then the style will suit you perfectly!

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Using Wall Art to Create an Ideal Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Using Wall Art to Create an Ideal Interior Decor

Visual art supports the concept of apartment design, enhancing and emphasizing the expressiveness of the chosen design; sometimes it becomes the foundation of a style-forming concept. Primitive people applied cave paintings to the walls of the caves, thus manifested the natural desire of man to make the home beautiful. Centuries later, wall painting in the interior (paintings, ceiling painting) remains the main decorative technique.

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Steam-Punk Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Steam-Punk Interior Decor

There exist interior styles that are simultaneously delightful and somewhat scary. Being very original and stunning, they, nevertheless, seem to be too complicated to implement and poorly suited for life. However, if you study the topic more deeply, it turns out that talented designers from around the world have already found many ways to create an interior in the desired style, while maintaining an authentic atmosphere. In general, it’s not so difficult when professionals get down to business. Steampunk is a perfect example of a style like this.

Steampunk is a mix of modern and futuristic details and ornate Victorian elements. Most accurately, this style is defined by the phrase "future from the past." And that’s all you need to know about steampunk, because there are no special rules to follow, and the flight of fantasy is unlimited.

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Individual Interior Decor with Personalized Wall Art

Art & Photo Prints Individual Interior Decor with Personalized Wall Art

One can talk endlessly about what an ideal interior should be: each architect, designer, decorator has his own rules and guidelines. And only one thing unconditionally converges all the professionals in this field: a good interior should be personalized, reflect the character and hobbies of the owners of the house.
If you feel that your apartment is "missing something", use our tips and add personality to the interior.


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3D Wall Murals in the Interior Decor

Wall murals 3D Wall Murals in the Interior Decor

Wall murals are now experiencing a rebirth and a new peak of popularity. All thanks to the use of new technologies. Now the wall murals allow you to create a panoramic 3D effect, due to the high quality of printing on the canvas and the use of special designs. This is the last word in the world of finishing materials, for it is not for nothing that they say that everything new is well-forgotten old.

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Elegance of Black and White Kitchen Decor

Art & Photo Prints Elegance of Black and White Kitchen Decor

White color is considered to be universal in the interior design. It is a symbol of purity, freshness and a source of reflection of light in the room, so it is often used in the creation of kitchen design. Combining white with other colors, especially black, is a bold experiment that requires a correct and competent approach both in the balance of colors and in the choice of furniture, materials and decor. The presence of dark and light should be harmonious.

In order to learn how to properly use black and white colors in the interior, it is not necessary to be an experienced and educated designer; it is enough to study the subtleties of the correct combination of radically opposite tones. Having learned the modern trends in design, you can create an original and comfortable interior with contrasting colors, because monochrome in the room is not always appropriate, and the abundance of white can create a sense of sterility.

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