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The Magic of Gray Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints The Magic of Gray Interior Decor

Gray color is essentially a mixture of black and white in different proportions. Of course, it is can also be warm and cold, because it is not limited to black and white, and often you can see blue, green, pink and many other shades in gray.

When choosing colors, many people go with the simplest and safest beige version, which is why it’s prime time to stop being afraid of gray and start admiring it. The expression “gray is the new beige” is really relevant, because now, under the guidance of designers, many people start using it. The combination of gray in the interior with other colors always looks interesting. Gray shades can also be used in cases where you just need to create a background, not really thinking about a complex color solution, and use it as a bold accent. Unlike beige, gray can not only become an almost imperceptible addition to bright furniture or paintings, but also set the entire mood of a room, become its main feature.

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Creation of a Modern Interior Design of Teenage Girl’s Room in 7 Steps

Art & Photo Prints Creation of a Modern Interior Design of Teenage Girl’s Room in 7 Steps

A teenage girl's room is a multi-functional space that can be called a mini-apartment. After all, there should be areas for: sleeping, reading, gathering with friends, studying, storing things, and also a recreation area. If it is at possible, it is worth including an area for creative activities, such as sewing, drawing, etc.

Among other important sections are roomy wardrobe with mirror, dressing table, and a sports complex. With all this, the room of a teenage girl should be not only comfortable and beautiful, but also personalized and ... able to adapt to the easily changeable mood of the girl living in it.

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Creating Techno-Style Interior

Art & Photo Prints Creating Techno-Style Interior

Young intellectuals usually prefer interiors, accomplished in Techno style. Those who adore coziness and cute little nothings will feel uncomfortable in a techno-style interior of a room. The strictness of the lines and some ruggedness in the interior are the favorite go-to preferences of techno-style lovers.

Techno appeared at the end of the 20th century along with new technologies and the search for other forms in art. In the wake of technological progress, designers fantasized about how a robot's home might look like in the future. Gradually, fantasies were replaced by practical solutions.

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Decorationg Your Interior for the Easter

Art & Photo Prints Decorationg Your Interior for the Easter

Easter is a symbol of the rebirth of all life. Life-affirming factor of the revival of faith in the imperishability of the soul, spirit, eternal existence, celebrated in the beautiful time of spring.

By tradition, Easter holidays begin to be prepared for long in advance. People pick up treats, as well as decorate their houses for Easter with great attention to the details. The interior of the house must be filled with festive décor for this holiday. Apart from that and a rich meal, symbolizing the sacrifice of the Son crucified for human sins and raised to the glory of the Lord, should be on the table.

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Floral Wall Murals in the Interior Decor

Wall murals Floral Wall Murals in the Interior Decor

Fashion trends in design do not cease to amaze, but wallpapers with flowers in the interior always remained and will remain stylish decorative elements.

The range of floral wallpapers is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to decide which option is best for your room. In order to help you avoid facing a hard choice, you must clearly understand what results you want to achieve in the interior, as well as understand the peculiarities of the effect of floral patterns in the perception of space.

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Interior Design of a Teenage Boy’s Room

Art & Photo Prints Interior Design of a Teenage Boy’s Room

There comes a time when nursery turns into a teenager's room, and this is exacty the time to make changes in his interior. It's time to move his living space to a new level.

Parents can have troubles deciding what interior to choose for the room of their son, but it will be better to involve him in the process. Because his opinion is worth listening to. The interior, selected by himself, will be much more convenient for him. Participation in the design process and the choice of finishing materials will give him a sense of maturity and will show him that he is treated as an equal.

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Waterfall Wall Murals: Tips on Creating a Gorgeous Landscape in Your Room

Wall murals Waterfall Wall Murals: Tips on Creating a Gorgeous Landscape in Your Room

Trend for photo wall murals is not going away any time soon, it has been used by interior designers for many years, and wall murals manufacturers are well aware of it, offering not only new types of wall murals, but also materials and printing technologies. Today, you can not only buy a finished drawing of your liking, but also print any photo. Let's take a look at a specific theme of wall murals - waterfalls, and how they can be used in the interior of an apartment or house.

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Orange Color in the Interior: Practical Tips on Creating Unique Décor

Art & Photo Prints Orange Color in the Interior: Practical Tips on Creating Unique Décor

Orange color in the interior will help to improve anyone's mood and give the room an atmosphere of summer warmth. A combination of red and yellow hues creates a happy sunny orange color.

You can adjust the space of the room by playing on the contrast using the orange tone. Orange has a rich history. In ancient times, it symbolized love. In Buddhism, orange is the main color and means a perfect state.

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10 Tips for Creation of a Stunning White Interior

Art & Photo Prints 10 Tips for Creation of a Stunning White Interior

White color can cause "side effects" if it is used with a wrong approach to interior design. If you overdo it, the room will become pale and even annoying instead of bright and spacious. So how to maintain the desired balance and make the apartment or house really cozy and stylish? What effect can be achieved by using white color correctly?

White color is considered a symbol of purity, lightness and innocence. If used correctly, white color is capable of visually expanding space of a small room, making the living space roomier and more soothing.

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Spring Colors in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Spring Colors in the Interior Decor

Spring is in full swing and it is felt not only on the street, but also in the interior. Let's review the most current trends in spring interior design, find out the fashion trends of this spring season, share ideas and provide your living space with a cheerful mood of spring.

Spring interior is usually represented by a bright air space filled with freshness and warmth. But how can you project this mood on your room or even apartment? The secret is in simple and concise design techniques, fresh pastel shades, suitable and beautiful art prints and lots of flowers or plants.

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