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10 Tips for Creation of a Stunning White Interior

Art & Photo Prints 10 Tips for Creation of a Stunning White Interior

White color can cause "side effects" if it is used with a wrong approach to interior design. If you overdo it, the room will become pale and even annoying instead of bright and spacious. So how to maintain the desired balance and make the apartment or house really cozy and stylish? What effect can be achieved by using white color correctly?

White color is considered a symbol of purity, lightness and innocence. If used correctly, white color is capable of visually expanding space of a small room, making the living space roomier and more soothing.

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Spring Colors in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Spring Colors in the Interior Decor

Spring is in full swing and it is felt not only on the street, but also in the interior. Let's review the most current trends in spring interior design, find out the fashion trends of this spring season, share ideas and provide your living space with a cheerful mood of spring.

Spring interior is usually represented by a bright air space filled with freshness and warmth. But how can you project this mood on your room or even apartment? The secret is in simple and concise design techniques, fresh pastel shades, suitable and beautiful art prints and lots of flowers or plants.

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Five Tips on Decorating your Living Space for the 8th of March Celebration

Art & Photo Prints Five Tips on Decorating your Living Space for the 8th of March Celebration

Spring is finally here and everyone wants to make some positive changes in their lives, especially on the eve of this beautiful day. It is time to change something for the better, because even a small detail can drastically change your interior and your life as well. This is especially true for the celebration of 8th of March. So how does one prepare the house for the International Women's Day celebration? Below are the tips on how to make your interior cozy, beautiful and unforgettable for this day!

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Tips on Creating a Perfect Interior in a Minimalist Style

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creating a Perfect Interior in a Minimalist Style

The minimalism style in the interior is characterized by comfort and clarity of lines in design. This effect is mainly achieved through the use of functional furniture, geometric shapes and a combination of two basic colors. It is extremely important to divide the living space correctly into separate zones for achieving the best results. Robust and reliable materials are usually used for the interior, accomplished in this style. As a rule, minimalist interiors are compact, have black or gray colors, and include concise geometric shapes.

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How to Create a Cozy Retro-style Interior

Art & Photo Prints How to Create a Cozy Retro-style Interior

The retro style in the interior is not at all laces with the smell of naphthalene. The design of the 50-70s of the last century brought so many bright ideas to the interior design that they are still successfully used, giving the mood of active positivity, freshness and joy to different types of modern interiors.

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Tips for Creating the Pop-Art Interior of Your Dreams

Art & Photo Prints Tips for Creating the Pop-Art Interior of Your Dreams

Bright colors, bold combinations, a storm of emotions and the lack of strict dogmas represent the pop art style in the interior. This is a true color extravaganza. This lively and extraordinary direction in the design awakens the internal energy and charges anyone with positivity.

The 60s of the 20th century were marked by the emergence of interior decor style, known as pop art. The basis of this decor philosophy was the idea of necessity for promotion of cheap and unique things. This innovative approach to art appealed to young people who were eager for change.

In modern life, pop art has taken root as an interior style. It undoubtedly differs from other areas through epatage, boldness, extravagance, a drop of glamour and experiments with colors.

Pop art style is known for the lack of consistency and logic. Nevertheless, you can find easily recognizable features from other areas, such as minimalism, modern, and fusion.

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How to decorate Your Interior for Valentine's Day?

Art & Photo Prints How to decorate Your Interior for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day has finally arrived, but the interior of the room or the entire house can be decorated in this romantic style not only for the occasion of Valentine's Day, but also to make a romantic evening for a loved one.

The main palette of colors for Valentine's Day: it is red, purple, lavender, lilac, and burgundy.

Your interior will look stunning if you add red, natural flowers to the interior decoration, such as roses. Because nothing says love like a beautiful red rose. You can make a small daisy chain on the front door of the living room with fresh flowers.

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Magic of Purple Color in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Magic of Purple Color in the Interior Decor

Purple color has always been regarded as an attribute of power, and was associated with luxury. This was mainly because of the high cost of its production. This pigment was extracted from Buccinidae, a type of marine snails. About 800 mollusks were needed to manufacture only 1 gram of a purple shade.

Because of this, only rulers and high clergy could afford to dye clothes in purple. The fact that it was Cleopatra's favorite color and that it symbolized virtue and faith in ancient Egypt, also testifies to the exceptional beauty of violet.

Until now, purple in the interior played a supporting role. It is mainly used in the design of accessories, as a striking color that can emphasize the soothing beauty of white or other gentle pastel tones. Purple can undoubtedly stress the advantageous part of the living space and unify the entire interior by becoming a bright spot in the otherwise monotone interior. However, nowadays, interior designers are starting to use purple as a main tone of the interior.

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Decorating Living Room with Wall Murals

Art & Photo Prints Decorating Living Room with Wall Murals

Nowadays, wall murals are gaining more and more popularity in terms of living room decoration. However, wall murals have been around for a long time. Grandparents have probably used them as well. Just take a look at eh old-school pictures from 40’s and 60’s. But the older generations were not provided with a large selection of themes for wall murals: as a rule there were mostly pictures of nature.

At the moment there is no problem with finding wall mural of any pattern for living room design. Difficulty arises when you have to choose: diversity causes confusion. A hasty decision can lead to a poorly designed interior. This will be a serious blunder, because the living room is the center of the house where all family members and guests spend their time.

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Expanding Living Space with Wall Murals

Art & Photo Prints Expanding Living Space with Wall Murals

Nowadays, the demand for wall murals is one the rise; they are becoming the primary choice for living space decoration. However, it is sometimes difficult to choose one for the decor of bedroom, living room and kitchen. Many people are wondering if there are any rules for choosing the appropriate wall mural for their particular living space.

Luckily, you can order custom image and size either by choosing from the catalogue available on the website, or by uploading your own image. Typically, wall murals are used for the wall decor, however people often use them on the ceiling as well. Mall murals differ from regular wallpapers in terms of texture and format. You can use regular wallpapers for the walls and the ceiling, but wall murals should be used as a room decor. Let us take a look at the best solutions for various living spaces decoration with wall murals.

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