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Street art is a modern graphic art trend whose differential characteristic lies in a prominent urbanistic feature.

Street art is in close connection with graffiti (or in other words spray art) but one who thinks both street art and graffiti are the same things is mistaken. Street art also includes posters (non-commercial ones), stencils, various sculpture exhibitions and other things. Street art provides any nuance, nicety, shade, color and line to be made perfectly. As a rule a painter creates his own stylized logotype – a kind of symbol depicting it all over the city landscape areas. The main thing relating to street art lies not in selecting the best place for doing this but to involve a spectator in dialog and show him/her a set of diverse graffiti images.

By 2010 there are no any museum departments all over the world which would store street art exhibitions for collecting.

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Wall murals as element of decor

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Wall murals is not considered as very modern way of decorating a room but at the same time it goes on and on being quite topical even today. They are represented by a single photo which is of large resolution. As to the image chosen for that it may be whichever. Wall murals can adorn any room as well as spoil it that is why a choice of it should be well-made, proper and suitable paying permanently attention to its combination with other interior objects within a room or space. Whether anyone wonders or not why namely Wall murals is so preferable to all?  The answer to this question is really simple: the materials needed for manufacturing them are both acceptable and affordable. Besides that one can do gluing of it by his/her own. What about drawingsimages and textures – they are infinite in their number and diversity. Moreover thanks to the Wall murals any room or living space will look handsomely and faultlessly.

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Catalogues: Maximizing the Efficiency of Direct Marketing Strategy

Catalogue_Marketing Catalogues are the lists of goods that companies are intending to sell their customers. Catalogues contain in-depth description of the products, as well all the promotions and discounts a company offers. Some companies use catalogues as a mean of attracting their customers to other branches of their marketing. For instance, a catalogue may contain a hefty discount for registering on company’s website and buying product for a certain amount. Other promotion of such kind may involve bonuses for sharing on social mediapromotional schemes, where customer has to over several products of certain kind to receive a substantial discount and so on.

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Benefits of Posters in Advertising

benefits_of_postersPosters are a perfect and affordable way of getting your message out, targeting a specific audience. As opposed to huge and very expensive billboards, they are mobile and can be placed in hot spots, where billboards and other advertising panels cannot be placed due to their sheer size. Apart from that, one can easily create multiple posters, targeting different groups for the cost of one billboard. Skillfully designed poster can easily attract the attention of potential customers to the upcoming event or release of the product. Besides, if the message of the poster is catchy, it will stick in people’s minds, just like a striking design will most likely be photographed and shared on social media.

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Making the Most out of Art Piece by Choosing the Right Frame

framesEvery piece of art, just like a diamond, needs a beautiful and appropriate frame. Nowadays, frames are available in various sizes, shapes and materials. Metal frames are considered more durable, but they are heavy and if the piece of art is extensive, it will put a strain on the wall. Plastic frames can be of different colors and are light, but they are fragile and can easily break if your painting or any other piece of art, framed in plastic, falls from the wall. Wooden frames the most eco-friendly type of frames, as they do not generally cause allergies, are ratter sturdy, can be intricately carved and are capable of adding style to any artwork. Apart from that, wooden frames come in different natural colors as well, depending on the timber. However, even if one is confident in his or her choice of frame material, how can one choose the right color palette that will maximize the art piece and make it the gem of the room? Should one use passe-partout or not? We will try to answer those questions and provide a general notion of appropriate frames for still life art, photographs, nature scenes and art posters.

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Meaning of Colors: Choosing the Ideal Color for Your Interior

rainbow interiorHome is a place where every one of us feels safe and comfortable; this is the main reason why the ambiance that surrounds you should be as pleasing to your eyes as possible. After all, we all need a little aestheticism in our lives. However, have you even considered what exactly makes a home comfortable and stylish? Is it furniture? Is it decorations? Is it the color palette that you chose? The answer is – everything. Every little detail matters, when we talking about comfort of our homes. A beautiful vase, placed in the right spot in the room can not only draw the attention and admiration of your guests, but also gladden your eye. The same goes for paintings, canvas prints and wall murals. Since it’s impossible to cover or the elements of décor at once, let us shed some light on the importance of color palette that you choose for your interior. It is not a secret that every one of us has his or her favorite color, but it wouldn’t hurt to know the meaning of the colors and how they influence our emotions and our mood.

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15 Mistakes to Avoid, While Designing a Business Card

business_card_mistakesBusiness card is the representation of you and your business, apart from that it also is the most convenient and inexpensive marketing tool. If it is designed properly and displays your products or services in an unusual and advantageous way – it’s a sure way to get the attention and business of the clients you’re targeting. However, poorly designed business card is a missed opportunity of making a favorable impression. If you use unreadable fonts, boring design that blends with the rest or printing materials of the bad quality – there is a big chance that your business card will be thrown in the trash and the potential client won’t call you. Therefore, it is essential to create a business card that captures the attention and is memorable enough for the potential clients and business partners. You can design a great business card yourself by avoiding the common mistakes that people commit while designing their business cards.

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Commercial Benefits of Wall Murals

Commercial Wall MuralsWall murals are an excellent way of giving your space décor a fresh, modern and stylish outlook without wasting a fortune on it. Creative and unusual wall mural can add personality to your business, make more attractive to people, capture the attention of potential clients and impress possible business partners. Due to the option of customization and personalization, you can make any image you want a stunning wall mural, tailored uniquely for your line of business. Multitude of qualitative materials, original ideas and impeccable colors make every mural outstandingly gorgeous and unique. In addition to that, wall murals are scalable and can come in any size that you wish, making it extremely easy to choose a great background for your business space.

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Adding Style to Your Home with Multi-Panel Canvas Sets

Multi-Panel Camvas SetWhen it comes to decorations for our home, there is no doubt that we all want them to look as unusual, stylish and modern as they can possibly be. Interior designers have an entire arsenal of tricks up their sleeves that can make your room seem bigger than it is, or add more light when the living space is desperately lacking it. Multi-panel canvas sets are among those tricks that can actually make your home more stylish and modern looking. The great thing about multi-panel canvas sets lies in the fact that they don’t cost much and can be customized in compliance to the requirements of your room. Maybe you have an image that you love so much, but never could imagine how you can turn it into the amazing decoration for your home. Just make a multi-panel canvas print out of it and our room will be refreshed with an image or photo that you love.

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Promotional Materials – Excellent Way of Boosting Sales

Promotional MaterialsTiny details comprise the large picture of our perception of life around us; we notice bright colors, creative and witty advertisements as well as interesting and unconventional objects, regardless of their size. Promotional materials, such as notepads, pens, calendars, business card holders and others can attract our attention and make us look twice at the logo of the company that gave us this pen or notepad. Another well-known fact is that all people love presents, even tiny ones, which is why inexpensive promotional materials can leave a lasting pleasant impression on the potential clients or business partners, yielding you their business.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible promotional materials that can be used to advertise your business. Some of them can be cheaper, some are intended for personal use, but every single one of these types can work its magic for your company.

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