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Loft-Style Interior Tips

Art & Photo Prints Loft-Style Interior Tips

Nowadays, there exists a great number of different styles in the interior; one of them is loft - modern style, the motto of which is "minimum partitions, maximum of fresh air."

The basic concept of loft style is the combination of various architectural solutions. For example, the harmonious combination of old (brick walls, stairs, pipes, uncovered ventilation systems, factory fittings) and something modern (new-fashioned appliances, metal and mirrors) in the same interior.

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Beautiful Shades of Green in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Beautiful Shades of Green in the Interior Decor

Green color is one of the most natural and pleasant to the eye. It is also one of the most controversial colors for use in interiors. To begin with, people controversial opinions about it: some find it calming others are annoyed by it. Let's figure out how to properly use green in the interior.

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Stunning Red Inerior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Stunning Red Inerior Decor

Interior accomplished in red color - is always spectacular, bright and bold. However, in order to not be ashamed for the outlook of your house, you need to learn how to use this color correctly.

Red is considered one of the most emotional colors in the entire palette. This color is associated with energy and strength. It has almost hypnotic appeal. Red color is impossible not to notice, even if it is present in the interior only in the form of accents or in one detail.

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Noble Silver in the Interior Décor

Art & Photo Prints Noble Silver in the Interior Décor

Just imagine the mysterious candlelight reflected in silver candelabra and sliding via thousands of sparks on a unique silver tableware, used for the dinner. The perfect combination of chrome and high-quality fabric, shiny stainless steel surface and soft, pastel nickel light - all of that is not an exclusive picture of a modern fairy tale castle; it is the real embodiment of a fairy tale that bears the precious name of a silver interior.

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Sunny Yellow Color in the Interior of Your Home

Art & Photo Prints Sunny Yellow Color in the Interior of Your Home

Yellow is a symbol of the sun, heat and, of course, summer! Today we will tell you about all the intricacies of using this color in interior design and how to avoid mistakes.

Yellow color is of great benefit to our well-being and mood: it invigorates and tones, improves mental activity and memory, helps to concentrate, inspires, and creates a feeling of comfort.

Since yellow is associated with bright sunshine, we automatically plunge into the joyful summer atmosphere, experiencing pleasant emotions and recalling good memories.

Yellow is best color for dark or cold environments.

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Freshness of Blue Color in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Freshness of Blue Color in the Interior Decor

Many people like to use blue color in the interior of their living spaces, because it is this color that reminds them of the sky or the shimmering sea. Blue color relaxes, pacifies, eliminates the feeling of anxiety and just pleases the eye with its neutral palette. According to psychologists, it is this color that has the most peaceful and beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person, which is why people often use blue wallpapers for the bedroom. The blue interior is generally very light and capable of immersing you in dreams and tranquility.

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Bohemian Chic Interior Design Ideas

Art & Photo Prints Bohemian Chic Interior Design Ideas

In the first decades of the nineteenth century, the word "Bohemian" was used to describe people leading an unusual lifestyle, for instance wanderers and vagrants were described as bohemians. It also applied to those who opposed the “establishment” or were non-conformist in relation to the social or political views of the time. Later this term became synonymous with the word "gypsy". At that time, many Roma, fleeing persecution, fled from Czech Bohemia. The Bohemian style is the style of disobedience; red and green are easily combined in this interior.

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Marine-Style Interior of Your Dreams

Art & Photo Prints Marine-Style Interior of Your Dreams

Marine theme has been a trend in the fashion industry for many years. Marine style in the interior of the apartment is a reminder of the serenity and freedom, which sea provides. Stripes, shells and starfishes, anchors and lifebuoys, compasses, slippers, sailboats, imitation of a deck or plating of a ship, blue and sand colors - all this can be used in the design of the bedroom, hallway, living room and even more so the bathroom !

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Coziness of Provence Interior in Your Home

Art & Photo Prints Coziness of Provence Interior in Your Home

Provence style is a provincial French style, resembling light, southern styles. It reflects the centuries-old traditions of French country houses and the imperishable beauty of the Côte d'Azur. Provence, or “French country style”, is very popular among people who want to bring notes of rustic charm into their interiors, while maintaining the elegance of the French house.

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The Magic of Gray Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints The Magic of Gray Interior Decor

Gray color is essentially a mixture of black and white in different proportions. Of course, it is can also be warm and cold, because it is not limited to black and white, and often you can see blue, green, pink and many other shades in gray.

When choosing colors, many people go with the simplest and safest beige version, which is why it’s prime time to stop being afraid of gray and start admiring it. The expression “gray is the new beige” is really relevant, because now, under the guidance of designers, many people start using it. The combination of gray in the interior with other colors always looks interesting. Gray shades can also be used in cases where you just need to create a background, not really thinking about a complex color solution, and use it as a bold accent. Unlike beige, gray can not only become an almost imperceptible addition to bright furniture or paintings, but also set the entire mood of a room, become its main feature.

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