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Shiny and Noble: Tips and Ideas on Creating a Magical Interior with Mirrors

Art & Photo Prints Shiny and Noble: Tips and Ideas on Creating a Magical Interior with Mirrors

Bright and shiny decor items are used to decorate the room and fill it with light. Mirrors in the interior are a popular and indispensable element of decor. The original mirror surface decorates the room and gives it personality. When choosing a mirror, you should consider the style of the interior, the presence of a baguette, its color and other additional options. Bright and unique mirror surfaces create a cozy atmosphere in any room.

A well-designed interior attracts attention and creates a positive impression. A strategically placed mirror will reflect a certain part of the room, an exquisite view from the window, etc. Framing should effectively emphasize the virtues of the mirror canvas. The height of the mirror should be always taken into account. Mirrors that hang too high reflect part of the ceiling, which is a plus for rooms with low ceilings, and if vice versa, the height of the ceiling visually increases.

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Creating a Dream Bedrооm in the Attic

Art & Photo Prints Creating a Dream Bedrооm in the Attic

The attic is lоcated directly between the ceiling оf the upper flооr and the slоping rооf. This space is usually used fоr stоring all the unnecessary in everyday life items, such as Christmas оr Hallоween decоratiоns. Hоwever, wоuldn’t it be apprоpriate tо use all available places in the hоuse, right? Yоu can turn this space intо any living space yоu wish, be it children’s rооm, library, a hоme оffice, оr a bedrооm.

We will take a quick lооk оn hоw an attic can be transfоrmed intо a bedrооm. Designing a bedrооm in the attic will give yоu the necessary privacy; besides, a beautiful view frоm the windоw will affect the price оf yоur hоuse if yоu want tо put it up fоr sale.

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Coziness and Tranquility of the Transitional Style in the Interior

Art & Photo Prints Coziness and Tranquility of the Transitional Style in the Interior

The choice of style is one of the most difficult tasks when planning a new interior. However, it is precisely with the help of a properly selected style that you can not only considerably improve the appearance of the surrounding space, but also express your individuality, your vision of the world. Some people prefer classic style, others are interested in more daring interior solutions. Then, there are those who are at a loss as to how to decorate their house or select the most fitting interior décor style. It was for this reason that a middle ground was created - a transitional style.

Transitional style is a style that balances between strict classics and laconic minimalism, taking the best from each of them. Elegant design, soft natural colors ae preserved from the traditional interiors, while simple geometric shapes, lightness, new ideas in decorative design have been added by modern solutions.  

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Visually Expanding Small Room with Wall Murals

Art & Photo Prints Visually Expanding Small Room with Wall Murals

No matter how big the apartment is, it is hard not to want it to be a bit more spacious. However, it turns out that even a small apartment can be visually expanded using simple tricks. Especially relevant is the transformation of premises for dormitory residents. Everyone knows the radical way to increase the area in which interior partitions are demolished. In this case is reduced, which is not always suitable for everyone. Remodeling of this extent, be it of kitchen, bedroom or any other room requires expensive materials, as well as extensive manual and mental labor. Of course, there are people who simply make peace with the size of their dwelling and just try to adapt to it. However, if you made up your mind to visually expand you room, using wall murals, the tips, listed below will come in handy.

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Tips on Creating the Perfect Home Office

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creating the Perfect Home Office

Working from home has many advantages. One of them is the ability to work in an environment that delivers aesthetic pleasure and adjusts to the desired mood. In the old days, there was not even such a thing as a “home office”, but there were libraries or private offices. Nowadays many work at home as freelancers, or complete part of the work at home. In addition, the space of apartments allows people to allocate a separate room to an office or library. Therefore, currently a home office is both necessary and very practical. Let's take a look at the best ways to organize your home office and create a cozy and productive atmosphere.

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Floral Patterns in the Interior Décor

Art & Photo Prints Floral Patterns in the Interior Décor

Beauty of flowers excites our minds, especially when it comes to various options for decorative interior design. However, giving the existing abundance and great variability of floral patterns it’s not hard to get lost, wondering how to choose the right print, if a specific style is clearly desired for the interior.

Read on to find out how to use the floral pattern in the interior correctly, what types of floral prints exist and in what interior styles they look best.

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Elegance of Black&White Bathroom Décor

Art & Photo Prints Elegance of Black&White Bathroom Décor

The interior, built on the contrast of tones, looks unusual and extravagant. Black & white bathroom is a perfect canvas for the most daring experiments on the combination of colors. Bathroom, made in white, is perfectly complemented by elements, accomplished in black, and sprinkled with bright spots, such as red or green.

When decorating bathroom with contrasting colors, the important thing is not to overdo it with black: this color should not dominate the walls; it should only emphasize the design of the room. As for the floor, it can be made completely black, or accomplished in a checkerboard pattern in combination with white tiles.

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Tips on Creating a Cozy Interior in a Small Apartment

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creating a Cozy Interior in a Small Apartment

Many of us imagine a bleak existence in a dark and cramped room upon hearing about a small apartment. However, in this article we tried to reveal the theme of successful designs of small apartments that are really interesting and comfortable to live in.

Knowing just a few simple rules for organizing space, you can get rid of almost all the problems of small spaces. Here are some tips on interior design of a small apartment and quick overview of typical mistakes that can and should be avoided.

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Renaissance Style: Noble Splendor in Your Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Renaissance Style: Noble Splendor in Your Interior Decor

If you have ever been to France and witnessed the magnificent Fontainebleau Palace or the halls of the Palace of Versailles, the Apollo Gallery in the Louvre, or visited the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Italy, then you are more than familiar with the Renaissance style. Even if you looked at all these monumental buildings only in photos and pictures, you probably know this luxurious style.

Soft, warm shades of the Renaissance, all its luxury, which was sometimes expressed in the level of affluence and the presence of “blue” blood, has survived to this day. Many conservatives who seek to show the wealth of their family, its affiliation with high-ranking officials, often try to recreate the Renaissance style in their homes. Someone does it well, someone doesn’t – to each their own. Let’s take a quick look at the Renaissance style as a whole and its features, as well as the main characteristics of the interior.

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Eco-Style in the Interior: Living in Harmony with Nature

Art & Photo Prints Eco-Style in the Interior: Living in Harmony with Nature

The eco-style interior does not have a launch creation date. It appeared against the backdrop of developing modern styles, accepting their methods, techniques of surface finishing, lighting and decoration. Like other modern interior décor styles, it became widespread at the end of the twentieth century.

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