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6 Tips on How to Use Wall Murals in the Interior

Wall murals 6 Tips on How to Use Wall Murals in the Interior

Modern wall murals can add space to small room, highlight functional areas, and hide walls' imperfections and add new atmosphere to the interior.

There was a time when everyone had an autumn forest wall mural covering the entire wall in the kitchen, or a wall mural with seascape in the living room. All that is in the past. Modern wall murals look beautiful, bright and striking, they can be custom made for various sizes. They fit perfectly into any interior. Apart from that, they are water- and scratch-resistant. Using wall mural you can correct the shortcomings and highlight the advantages of the room. Let’s take a brief look at advantages of using wall murals.

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Paintings in Kitchen Interior: Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Wall Décor

Art & Photo Prints Paintings in Kitchen Interior: Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Wall Décor

Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen: cooking breakfast and dinner, and sometimes hanging with friends. Naturally, everyone wants their room to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Paintings can become a true gem of your kitchen.

Alas, one cannot get the feeling of comfort without major renovation. However, one shouldn't forget that the interior of the kitchen is mostly comprised of the little details: decor, dishes, clock and, of course, the wall decorations.

Paintings and art prints are considered the most popular kitchen decorations. Let's take a brief look on how to choose a picture that suits the interior of your kitchen.


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Christmas and New Year-themed Home Décor Ideas

Art & Photo Prints Christmas and New Year-themed Home Décor Ideas

Christmas and New Year are probably the happiest and most awaited holidays of the year, and it’s no wonder, considering that only during this time of year all members of extended families come together to celebrate the new beginning. Naturally, a celebration of such scale deserves corresponding atmosphere. Although most of us will immediately think of Christmas tree and New Year-themed napkins, one must not forget about the wall décor, which harmonizes the room and provides the needed cheer and beauty. Let's take a brief look at the possible wall décor ideas for Christmas and New Year.

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Orange Wall Murals in Modern Interior

Art & Photo Prints Orange Wall Murals in Modern Interior

The majority of people perceives home as a place for relaxation or safe heaven, where one can forget about troubles and concentrate on spending time with family and pets. Therefore, most of us prefer pastel and soothing colors for the interior décor, such as beige, off white, light grey, olive, light brown and so on. These colors do create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, but for some of us, they are boring. If you are a creative person, open to new experiences and to meeting new people – orange color in the interior might be exactly what you need. Orange color symbolizes warmth, creativity, happiness, and serves as a perfect antidepressant, especially if you are feeling down all the time. Orange wall murals look amazing in the interior and can be combine with many colors. 

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Decorating Living Room with Famous Masterpieces on a Budget

Art & Photo Prints Decorating Living Room with Famous Masterpieces on a Budget

Wall want to live in a comfortable and beautiful house, however not many of us possess the means of decorating our home according to our preferences. Although many of us love art and have favorite artist, prices on their original works are extremely high. Sadly, only few can enjoy the beauty of original masterpieces. However, for the rest of, mere mortals, there is still a chance to enjoy the enchanting beauty of eminent artists’ masterpieces. Below if a brief overview of ways to decorate your living room if you are on a tight budget.

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How to Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

Canvas Sets How to Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

We all want to live in a place that not only provides shelter, but also helps to relax in a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Out of the entire house, bedroom is the room, where our body and soul can truly rest, which is why it is no wonder that people want their bedrooms to look as nice and comfortable as possible. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to bedroom decorations, however, we all tend to like comfort and coziness. Nevertheless, not all of us can afford expensive and custom paintings or portraits to decorate our bedroom, which is why canvas sets can be considered a magnificent alternative. Canvas sets can be reproductions of famous paintings, beautiful seascapes, landscapes or architectural wonders. Canvas sets can also be personalized, using your favorite photos.

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Abstract Canvas Sets in Black and White Interior

Canvas Sets Abstract Canvas Sets in Black and White Interior

Black and white interior is considered to be among the most elegant and sophisticated. It shows the good taste of the owners and usually is accomplished in minimalistic or modern style. Black and white interior lets one feel freshness and cleanliness. Noble lines and lack of unnecessary trifles lets one truly enjoy the perfection of an ideal interior design. Black and white interior where white is predominant color and black serves as a focus point are ideal solution for small living spaces as they expand any room dramatically. However, clean lines do not necessarily mean that the interior such as this cannot be decorated. Beautiful and mesmerizing wall décor can add a drop of color to the interior or stress its monochrome chic. Below is a short overlook of abstract canvas sets type that will make black and white interior even more striking.

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Best Themes of Wall Murals for Boys’ Room

Wall murals Best Themes of Wall Murals for Boys’ Room

Children's room is a magical place that can be turned into true fairytale if parents have at least a tiny bit of fantasy and desire to make their kid’s childhood unforgettable. Nowadays, there exists a wide choice of decorations that can drastically change the outlook of the room, making it stunningly beautiful and unusual. Some of them can be rather expensive, while others are affordable. Among the most affordable and unique decorating solutions are wall murals, which can turn any child’s room into true masterpiece. Decorating girl’s room is quite easy; you can select a whole myriad of princesses and fairies, pink palette and abundance of flowers. Boys’ room are a bit harder to decorate, as each one of them has particular preferences, depending on age as well. Below is a brief overview of themes suitable for decorating boys’ rooms taking into account their age.

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Customized Wall Art in Interior Décor

Art & Photo Prints Customized Wall Art in Interior Décor

We live in the world where every minute is scheduled as we are trying our best to achieve goals, imposed on us by social norms, family traditions and eternal struggle to become more than we currently are. We forget ourselves in this crazy whirlwind of erratic busy life, which is why it is important to have something stable and comforting in our life, something we can turn to in order to calm down, get relief of stress, inspire, and forget our troubles. Usually, a place like that is our home, place where we rush to at the end of the tiresome day, in order to relax and get strength to fight another day. However, home is not only a place where we sleep and fulfill our basic needs; it is a place where we invite our friends, a place, which we share with our families and even pets. Therefore, the interior of our home should be as pleasant and soothing as possible. If we talk about interior decorations, personalized wall art is the best choice. Despite the fact that every person chooses something special for his interior, there are common themes that are being selected for tuning into wall art most frequently.

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Abstract Wall Murals in Modern Interior

Wall murals Abstract Wall Murals in Modern Interior

Overpopulation and high prices on real estate are currently dictating the demand for smaller, but more comfortable living spaces, where every element of furniture and décor serves a purpose and is useful. This principle of living space decoration is a cornerstone of modern design. Simplicity, comfort and usefulness are the main features that distinguish modern interior design and make it a perfect choice for small living spaces. Another feature is pastel color palette that is prevalent in modern interiors with one bright spot, be it a piece of furniture or wall decoration. A wall decoration like that can become a centerpiece of the room, attracting attention and bringing harmony to the entire interior. Skillfully selected combination of colors, both of the overall design and of the decoration can turn even the smallest and modest-looking living space into a comfortable and modern looking room. Apart from the color palette, one should choose the correct type of the wall décor. Abstract wall murals look splendid in the modern interior, however it is worth knowing what type of abstract wall murals will suit your interior best. Here is the brief description of the main types of abstract wall murals.

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