Sunny Yellow Color in the Interior of Your Home

Art & Photo Prints Sunny Yellow Color in the Interior of Your Home

Yellow is a symbol of the sun, heat and, of course, summer! Today we will tell you about all the intricacies of using this color in interior design and how to avoid mistakes.

Yellow color is of great benefit to our well-being and mood: it invigorates and tones, improves mental activity and memory, helps to concentrate, inspires, and creates a feeling of comfort.

Since yellow is associated with bright sunshine, we automatically plunge into the joyful summer atmosphere, experiencing pleasant emotions and recalling good memories. Yellow is best color for dark or cold environments.

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Which rooms is it best to use yellow in?

Kitchen takes the first place!

Yellow will help you to cheer up in the morning and it will also speed up the process of awakening. The kitchen, accomplished in this color increases the appetite and provides good mood in the morning. But if you are struggling with the constant desire to eat or are on a diet, it is better not to tempt fate. In this case, we recommend using a muted mustard-yellow shade or yellow-gray.

However, if you can afford the kitchen in bright colors, just imagine how nice it is to drink your morning coffee in a cozy place like this!

Bathroom is on the second place

A yellow bathroom is guaranteed to charge you with a positive attitude every morning! This color helps to cope with depression and relieves a melancholic mood. While taking a bath in a yellow room, you will get rid of negative thoughts and take the necessary rest, which will help you to cope with any questions.

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Study is on the third place

Yellow color improves performance and increases creativity! Many offices use this color in the design of the workspace mainly for this reason. In other words, if you want to work effectively and increase your income, feel free to paint the walls yellow.

Fourth place takes the hallway!

This is the place that launches the advance into our home. Yellow is a friendly and very “cozy” shade that sets up a good mood.

Children's room is on the fifth place

Yellow color in the kid's room is a real holiday: the room will always look bright and joyful, evoking positive emotions. In addition, it is proved that children tend to draw on the yellow walls less often, which means that yellow walls will remain safe and sound for a longer period of time.

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Yellow color in the interior of the bedroom

This is the room, where one rests, which is why it is important to carefully consider its design. Yellow is a heavy color for one's perception, so you will need to apply it skillfully. Yellow walls in the interior of the bedroom perfectly light up the room, so they are ideal for rooms with windows facing north. It is best to use accents of yellow for the bedroom, such as pillows, lampshades, or a bedspread.

What colors can yellow be combined with?

Yellow is the lightest and brightest color in the spectrum. It is easily combined with other colors, but you should not go overboard. In its pure form, it will irritate your eyes, which is why it needs a pair.

Possible color combinations with yellow color:

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue are the color of the sky and the sun. That is why the interior in a similar color combination will look joyful and positive. This color combination is great for children's room or for the room of a teenage boy. In a room like this, the sunshine of the yellow color is softened by a noble blue color, which will prevent you from getting tired of yellow too fast.

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Yellow and Purple

Shades of yellow perfectly harmonize with all shades of purple. Beige-purple kitchens, yellow-lilac children's rooms and olive-lavender bedrooms look very impressive. The following solution will be the best for interior decoration in case you use shades of yellow as a background against various purple interior objects. If you do the opposite, this interior will look somewhat gloomy.

Yellow and Green

Green and yellow are the perfect shades for each other. They create a feeling of joy and add richness to the interior. These natural colors are best for nursery or kitchen. However, they can also be used for the living room and the bedroom, since green and yellow best compensate for the lack of color that we all experience in winter.

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Yellow and White

This combination is inherent in classic interiors, where the emphasis is on restraint in design. In this case, pale yellow or lemon shade of yellow is most often used in combination with white or natural wood color.

Yellow and Black

This option requires a special approach and careful application. Most often, this method of color in interior design is found in the kitchen. Yellow and black glossy facades and countertops are a popular idea for high-tech kitchens. This color combination can be diluted with gray or white. This option is suitable even for the living room.

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Yellow and Gray

Gray is great for all colors. However, the best pair for it is yellow, because this combination symbolizes silver and gold, as well as the gray sky with the sunrays penetrating through the clouds. Yellow and gray are suitable for a modern interior and at the same time for classic one.