Five Tips on Decorating your Living Space for the 8th of March Celebration

Art & Photo Prints Five Tips on Decorating your Living Space for the 8th of March Celebration

Spring is finally here and everyone wants to make some positive changes in their lives, especially on the eve of this beautiful day. It is time to change something for the better, because even a small detail can drastically change your interior and your life as well. This is especially true for the celebration of 8th of March. So how does one prepare the house for the International Women's Day celebration? Below are the tips on how to make your interior cozy, beautiful and unforgettable for this day!

Fresh Flowers

The first thing that is associated with spring and women's day is, of course, flowers. Bouquets of flowers will give the interior lightness, freshness, variety and spring mood. Tulips, irises, mimosa and hyacinths in transparent glass vases will look simply amazing.

Floral compositions in a more sophisticated arrangement will be suitable for people with more refined taste. By the way, natural flowers are not the only ones beautiful out there. As the results of the latest international exhibitions on flower decor, compositions of artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular in modern interiors. They are durable, and they practically do not differ from natural ones in appearance.

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By the way, do not forget about the aromatherapy in the house. Pleasant aromas will give the interior a truly festive mood. Moreover, if you are a fan of all-natural, then you can easily arrange a real spring garden from basil, mint, and tarragon. They will certainly bring fresh fragrance into the house.

Bright Textiles

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It is time to replace heavy curtains with light white tulle. Pillows, tablecloths, bed covers and other textiles can be of a bright floral or other vegetation pattern.

Decorating the Walls

You can decorate the walls with fashionable posters, art prints or just order a custom photo-collage with your own summer photos. Memories of warmth and relaxation will accelerate the approach of spring. You can arrange beautiful photos in the interior in a variety of ways - from simple collages in frames to creating your own compositions. Nowadays, the decor shops and online stores allow you to choose photo frames for every taste and color - from serious classic framed art prints for the wall to miniature and romantic frames for the table.

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Table Setting

As in any other composition, it is important to choose the main theme for the spring table setting, around which everything else will line up. The theme of light romance will be relevant to March 8th. Here you can use fashionable tiffany blue color in combination with spring lemon shade.

While arranging the dishes and decor items on the table, one must not forget to balance the items and make the composition harmonious: make the center larger or brighter, with smaller objects cascading from it.

One of the tricks of the original table setting for the holiday is to arrange all the objects in a way that allows them to create a single picture. For example, one can place a line of bright color in the center of the main color, which will overlap with the most important object of decor.

While choosing flowers for arrangement of the table, pay attention to their color, size of the inflorescence and buds - whether they are larger than the dishes and whether they will overload one's view when one's eyes jump randomly from one to another.

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DIY Decor from Obsolete Items

The most pleasant and romantic gifts are made by hand. Springtime is a perfect moment to get rid of old things, but if you still love them even though they have no use, you can use them for creation of beautiful decorations. You can decorate the interior with a decoupage technique. It allows using lamps, flowerpots made from old newspapers, as well as ceramic dishes with individual wishes, written with a special marker for ceramics to create a festive atmosphere in the interior for the holiday.

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The most important thing in the spring decor is to create, letting your imagination run wild and engaging the help of the entire family! Then you will see that many obsolete, but dear to you items can get the second life!