Tips on Creation of Stunning White Kitchen Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creation of Stunning White Kitchen Interior Decor

There are several reasons why one should use light colors in the design of the kitchen. One of them is a small kitchen space. It is a well known fact that these colors are able to visually increase any room. There are many positive aspects to this solution and out of multitude of light colors, white takes the top spot.

White is the king of colors. It should be allocated in a separate category. It is the beginning of the spectrum, and goes well with any color from the gamut. However, it also looks great on its own. So, you can choose white material for the floor, walls and ceiling; pick up a white kitchen set, and accordingly the rest of the furniture to match.

Designers have long learned to use the features of a light palette to visually expand the space of a small kitchen. However, the white kitchen in the interior and in a spacious room has many advantages. Kitchens like this look stylish, elegant and expensive, regardless of whether it is a budget set with a plastic facade or Italian table set. Professional advice will help in arranging the place for cooking to personalize kitchen, and to create a stunning design of a white kitchen.

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White is the most pure and radiant color, which is deservedly considered universal for the interior of the kitchen in a modern style and classic furnishings. This color, which has almost no shades, is great for different purposes in the design of rooms:

  • As a perfect match for most of the bright colors
  • As a black and white duet of colors
  • As the main background for the visual expansion of space
  • As a base for rooms with a lack of natural light
  • For an elegant white kitchen furnishings

All options are good in their own way, especially when taken together with the luxurious design of the kitchen. In this case, you get more free space and light.

Black and white kitchens always look strictly, but at the same time quite stunning. An extravagant solution will be black cabinet furniture on the background of the kitchen interior accomplished in white tones. The classic color set is three colors that do not tire the eyes. But if white acts as a background, then 4-5 shades in harmony with each other do not overload perception. This rule works even when there are many colored dishes and other kitchen utensils in the room

If there is a desire to radically modernize the design of the place for cooking without an massive remodeling, buy a new furniture for the white kitchen and design a custom lighting. Modernization like this does not require large expenditures, but it will look very elegant. If you want a white kitchen design to look aristocratic - choose the classics. Extravagant design is better to accomplish in a modern style.

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Depending on the main background, you need to properly select your matching shades in the white kitchens - “cold” or “warm” gamma of the spectrum.

The floor should not merge with the texture and shades of other surfaces in the interior of the kitchen with a white furniture. Moisture-proof laminates "bleached oak" with a pronounced texture or abrasion-resistant porcelain stoneware with a texture of white marble with gray streaks, as well as tile with contrast edging and baseboard look much more impressive.

The walls should be washable in the cooking area and practical enough near the dining table. Elegant white furniture in the kitchen with a modern interior design will look decent both on a light background and on a dark one. If it repeats the color of the walls, it is better to choose darker floors - for a feeling of and comfort. At the same time, the black ceiling is undesirable; it creates the feeling of an inverted space.  “Edible” or mouth-watering shades of the walls would be the best for a bright kitchen. For example, you can choose a peach color, a “green apple” or an orange background. Cream and caramel are also appropriate, as well as a hint of milk chocolate or raspberry with cream.

For finishing the ceiling of a white kitchen in the interior of a small apartment, it is traditional to choose whitewashing, painting or a light suspended ceiling. Blue color creates a boundless feeling of an open sky. Nevertheless, the most practical will be yellowish shades (pearl, cream). However, in this case, all the design must be accomplished in a warm gamut, adding woody texture to give the room a more hospitable look. Multi-level constructions with general and local lighting are more appropriate for a spacious kitchen, but the color of the finish should be in harmony with the furniture and walls.

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It is better to choose textiles according to natural lighting. On the north side, materials in a warm range will look better, while for southern windows you should select a “cold” palette. If all surfaces are white or plain, textiles can be colored. Keep in mind that the excess of patterned fabrics will be annoying in the design of the kitchen accomplished in white colors, especially if the decoration consists of multi-colored tile with a bright ornament.

The choice of metal fittings and fixtures material is dictated by the stylistic features of the interior: chrome, aluminum and silver handles of white kitchen furniture are suitable for high-tech, avant-garde and techno style; golden - for art deco and palace interior; copper and cast iron forging - for Provence and some ethnic styles; Bronze - for historical styles and classics.

How to add accents in the design of white kitchen?

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Many designers like to work with this color and they are able to competently combine the texture and shape of objects, furniture configuration and additional colors. However, it is important to take into account that fact that a classic kitchen interior with a white furniture set is self-sufficient, and the fewer additions are made, the more attention will be drawn to the elegance of furniture.

Original plastic furniture of unexpected shape and glossy facades will look suitable and beautiful in modern style. In order to make white kitchen seem cozier, you should not accomplish it in cold shades or make it completely white. Some bright dishes or decorative panels on the wall in the dining area will bring some warmth to the overall white design. If there is a desire to modernize the kitchen with built-in furniture and household appliances without high costs, it is enough to change the old facades to white ones, and to pick up beautiful multi-layer curtains.

The monochromatic interior of a white kitchen in a modern style will look stunning if it is supplemented with items of non-standard design or original form. A closed aquarium, a cage with a budgie and elegant indoor flowers will bring more energy and dynamic to your white kitchen.

Do not hide beautiful dishes or rare kitchen utensils, if you want to put it on public display - they can make a beautiful centerpiece or simply become perfect decor items. This will add personality to your interior design.