10 Tips for Creation of a Stunning White Interior

Art & Photo Prints 10 Tips for Creation of a Stunning White Interior

White color can cause "side effects" if it is used with a wrong approach to interior design. If you overdo it, the room will become pale and even annoying instead of bright and spacious. So how to maintain the desired balance and make the apartment or house really cozy and stylish? What effect can be achieved by using white color correctly?

White color is considered a symbol of purity, lightness and innocence. If used correctly, white color is capable of visually expanding space of a small room, making the living space roomier and more soothing.

1. Experiment with Different Shades

One can hardly imagine a successful interior without interesting design experiments. Therefore, you shouldn't limit yourself to a white background. Add the sprinkles of elegant ivory flowers, tender baked milk, exquisite organic cotton and charming nacre to the room. Soft transitions from shade to shade will help to achieve the maximum harmony in your living space.

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2. Combine White with Other Colors Correctly

It is believed that white can look advantageous with absolutely any shade. Designers and psychologists recommend adhering to the basic rules. Arrange your home interior according to your own wishes: Do you dream of a stylish and modern youthful design? Combine white with blue, orange or yellow shades. Even a terracotta tone that will not look too bright in combination with white will be suitable for a living room.

Prefer romantic and peaceful interiors? Soft coffee, elegant beige and warm green shades will look great with white in this case.

Do you like original and non-standard solutions? Try using the traditional combination of black and white. This combination is perfect for decorating a bathroom or a functional modern kitchen.

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3. Choose Suitable Furniture

If you made up your mind to use white as your primary color, purchase suitable interior items in white or lightwood. Alternatively, you can upgrade existing furniture by covering cabinets, countertops, dressers and decorative coasters with white lacquer. Furniture like that will look especially striking in combination with aluminum inserts and frames, as well as lightweight glass elements.

4. Carefully Select the Finish

One of the main advantages of white color is its ability to make any room visually more spacious. In addition, the finish in white shades is considered relevant, regardless of the changing fashion trends. Arm yourself with one of the suggested ideas to make white color in your interior shine in all its glory: Use white paint to decorate walls in the kitchen or bathroom. Glossy and semi-glossy surfaces will add light to the room. Do not be afraid to use white color for floor decoration. The wooden white floor can be completed with a bright color carpet. Stylish contrast will make the interior even more elegant.

Visually "elevate" the ceilings. For those who love the grandeur of royal interiors, perfect stuccowork will be deal. However,  if you prefer more modern solutions choose a glossy stretch ceiling in white color: the apartment will look more luxurious right away.

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5. Use Brightly-White Accents

If the white background in the interior is clearly not your option, refer to an interesting alternative. Use this amazing color ... as an accessory. A snow-white tablecloth in the kitchen, romantic candlesticks in the dining room, an exclusive vase in the living room, and lace curtains in the bedroom will instantly refresh any interior. With these small accents, you will create the desired feeling of cleanliness and comfort in any room.

To reflect all the attractiveness of white, you should take care of appropriate lighting. It should be soft and unobtrusive, as close as possible to the natural.

6. Well-designed and Comfortable Layout

Oddly enough, this is the basis for the success of such an interior. The correct and ergonomic arrangement of furniture and walls makes the interior functional. After all, the functionality gives life to the simple bright interior. To create a functional interior means to remove unnecessary, leaving only the essential. When arranging furniture, do not forget about the comfortable distances between objects - for passage, for spaciousness of actions. A functional interior is convenient to live in and to move around in it; it is comfortably for cooking, doing laundry and everywhere there is free space for movement.

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7. The composition in the Light Interior

Another important factor is the composition of bulk solutions. That is, how are the storage systems arranged, what is the form of the table, the size of the chandelier. All this should be properly arranged in harmony. Let's imagine for a second that there are no textures in the interior, no colors, we’ll remove all the finishing materials. An interior with a correct composition in size of items will look great even without color.

8. Selection of Textures and Materials

Making completely white interiors interesting is a very difficult task that not every interior designer can accomplish. Still, we will take a look at the simplest solutions. It is important to select several materials and distribute them throughout the interior so that the white color prevails and is the background. In this case, the remaining 2-3 materials may be of a tone or two darker than white. The textures should be contrasting. What does it mean? The main point in the selection of textures and materials will be to make a contrasting combination. More specifically - if you add up 2-3 materials, they will stand out from each other, but they will not contrast too much. The texture of materials may differ dramatically. For example, white smooth walls, aged light oak with knots floor and gray-beige linen. All materials are light, but their texture varies greatly.

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9. Occasional Dark Spots

As to the accessories, it is important to choose accents that will create dynamic in the interior, which will fill the space and highlight it. If the interior is too faded - you can choose a black or dark gray accent and repeat it in several places. This sets the rhythm in the interior, it becomes more interesting. For example, you can use a chandelier with a concise black frame and put a dark gray pillow on the sofa. Thin metal chair legs made of black metal can support this theme. It is important not to overdo or overload the space with these black elements. There is a risk of getting overly contrasting result. In this case the attention be divided between all these elements, which disturb the harmony of the interior.

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10. Suitable Decor

The decor in the bright and spacious interior must be chosen carefully and does not have to adhere any strict rules. If there is no possibility to repaint the walls, for example, in a rented apartment, then an art print or a wall mural can easily play the role of the colorful element. This type of decoration may be represented as one large piece of art or several small framed art prints. Even bright photo frames will do the trick. Also beautiful plants can be used as decorative elements. For example, putting a small palm tree near the sofa on the floor is also a way to liven up the interior. There is an important rule: you should not put a lot of decor in the interior. Every little thing must be selected carefully. It makes no sense to show all your photos and put all the souvenirs from different countries. Chose a couple of your favorite ones and place them in a suitable decorative frames.