Waterfall Wall Murals: Tips on Creating a Gorgeous Landscape in Your Room

Wall murals Waterfall Wall Murals: Tips on Creating a Gorgeous Landscape in Your Room

Trend for photo wall murals is not going away any time soon, it has been used by interior designers for many years, and wall murals manufacturers are well aware of it, offering not only new types of wall murals, but also materials and printing technologies. Today, you can not only buy a finished drawing of your liking, but also print any photo. Let's take a look at a specific theme of wall murals - waterfalls, and how they can be used in the interior of an apartment or house.

High-quality three-dimensional printing can create ultra-realistic images. They look so real that when you are looking at them you can hear the sound of falling water and the rustle of the wind in the trees.

An interesting fact is that wall murals like that have almost no restrictions on use. They fit well into the bedroom and living room, and sometimes can even serve as a key element of the interior decor.

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Designers working on the creation of interiors are well aware of that, which is why they often suggest using a waterfall wall mural. It should also be noted that the waterfalls for the wall murals can be very diverse, which means that they can be selected on the basis of the general orientation of the apartment design and personal preferences.

Of course, there are several secrets to the use of such wallpaper in a particular room, but we'll talk about them later. For now, let us look at the distinctive types of landscapes using waterfalls:

  •     Alpine waterfalls of large size with plenty of water and distant mountain landscapes.
  •      A small waterfall from a mountain stream, overflowing with water over stony ledges.
  •      Giant waterfalls with a top view of the falling water.
  •      Mountain or forest river with a slow current and small ledges.
  •      Fabulous or fantasy landscapes with an emphasis on waterfalls.

Each of these waterfall wall murals' types can be used in any room of the apartment, but if you follow clear rules for creating and optimizing interiors, you will discover that they all have their own features, which will be discussed further.

Living Room

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Living room is a room in an apartment where a sufficient amount of time is spent. Here gathers the whole family in the evening in front of the TV and here guests are welcomed and entertained during holidays and parties.

All these factors require a special approach to the design of this room, which will shape the overall perception of all those who come to this house. The best arrangement for living room photo wallpaper is the wall behind the sofa and opposite the TV. A waterfall wall mural in this place they will not distract attention, and at the same time, will create a comfortable atmosphere.


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For the majority of housewives, kitchen is the place where most of the day is spent, so the right atmosphere here is just as important as in the bedroom or living room. In addition, family dinners are held in the kitchen very often, and the photo wallpaper will be the most suitable theme here.

One of the most common problems of the kitchen is its relatively small size. To solve this issue, at least to a certain degree, it will help to use beautiful wall murals of waterfalls, since these landscapes are able to deceive the eye and visually expand the living space.

An interesting fact is that in the kitchen, you can use the wallpaper on any wall or on a separate section. For example, a print on an apron above the working surface looks very fresh. In addition, you can install the wall mural near the dining area and by the table, and admire the beauty of the waterfalls and mountains while you are having a dinner or breakfast.

As for color compatibility, all shades of green and yellow are ideal for a wall mural with waterfalls. These colors are considered “natural” and will not contradict the general atmosphere. In addition, shades of green have the ability to soothe and tune the general mood in a positive way.


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Modern technologies allow  to not only put absolutely any pattern on a wall mural, but also to use them in such complicated for interior decor rooms in the apartment as the bathroom, where there is always a lot of moisture and there are sudden temperature drops.

Of course, the price of sustainable wallpaper for the bathroom is somewhat higher than for the simple ones, but with a wall mural like that you will not have to worry about them falling off, as they easily tolerate contact with water and steam. If we talk about the design side of the question, where, if not in the bathroom, one can use wall murals with the theme of water. Moreover, it will be better if water predominates the chosen landscape, as opposed to mountains or other elements of the landscape.

A visual expansion of the space that we talked about above can be considered as equally important for a bathroom, and what is interesting is that you can use a wall mural like that on any wall. If you do not want to overload the bathroom with landscape wall mural with panoramic views, then you can use small wall panels in the form of windows with views of the waterfall.

In addition to natural landscapes, you can use fabulous or fantasy images in the bathroom. Here they will not look pretentious or inappropriate, and besides, they will be of a great delight to children.


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Bedroom is a place where people rest and sleep, therefore a proper and peaceful atmosphere is especially necessary in this room. Therefore, wall murals with images of waterfalls will fit very harmoniously here.

The sight of waterfall always brings tranquility to the person and is capable of stimulating positive thinking. With a wall mural like that in the bedroom, you can get an extra charge of vigor in the morning, while in the evening and during night they will help you relax and fall asleep peacefully.

Many designers do not advise to install the wall murals on the wall opposite the bed, but this does not apply to waterfalls, on the contrary, this place in the room can be considered one of the most successful. It is here that one can admire the water and mountain scenery while lying on the bed. Fabulous motifs will also suit this room, but the most important thing is that a wall mural like this should be liked by both occupants of the room, unless of course we are talking about a family bedroom.

Children’s Room

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Many caring parents pay much more attention to the children's room than to any other room in the house, which is why it is no wonder that choosing the decorative materials is the most difficult in this room. It should be noted right away that modern wall murals, although made from vinyl, are completely harmless to the health of the child and cannot harm him.

In addition to realistic landscapes, an image with fairy-tale motifs will look quite harmoniously in the children's room. Here you can kill two birds with one stone. First, the water and the waterfall will calm the child down, and secondly, the fairy-tale motifs will be interesting to him. 


As you can see, wall murals with theme of waterfalls can be considered universal, since there are almost no restrictions for them, and the basic rules of their location mostly depend on personal preferences and the overall concept or interior design.