Intricate Process of Suitable Wallpaper Selection and Hanging

Wall murals Intricate Process of Suitable Wallpaper Selection and Hanging

Perhaps every person aspires to live in a cozy, well-decorated place that he or she can be proud of. It is quite understandable, considering the fact that one invites friends, relatives, coworkers and other acquaintances from time to time to their house, so the ambiance must truly be awe-inspiring. Some prefer to splurge on expensive furniture or exquisite pieces of art, such as statues made of bronze, silver, or even paintings of famous artists. Nevertheless, if you have a limited budget, one of the best ways to turn your home into a fairy-tale luxurious and upscale dwelling is wall mural. Seaside theme wall murals for your bedroom | Affordable bedroom wall murals at


How to choose the right mural for your home?

It is indeed a difficult question – ideal wall décor must unite all the elements of your room into one, making it a true masterpiece, where every little detail is important and adds to the view as a whole. Let us take a quick look at decoration of the most important part of your house – your bedroom. Just like wallpapers, bedroom wall murals must complement the overall palette of colors you have chosen for your room. For instance, if you are a fan of nature, beautiful sea landscape or view of the beach paradise will be the most suitable bedroom wall mural for you. Just imagine waking up and seeing the infinite waves of sunny beach right before you. It will certainly raise you mood and get your day started on a positive note.

Nevertheless, if you are not really into the flowers, sea and nature and consider yourself a hardcore fan of sci-fi movies or TV series, you can always choose wall décor, based on one of your favorite characters. Wonder Woman, Katniss Everdeen or Thor.

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Then again, some people are artsy types, who genuinely value the ravishing and vivid art. For them, there is an abundant bedroom wall murals choice of renowned artists, such as the works of Leonid Afremov. His works either “After the Date Loving Couple” or “Song of Rain” will not only become the centerpiece of your room, but will also mesmerize your guests, who will undoubtedly admire your taste.

Combining elements for achievement of the most suitable wall décor

Medeterrainian wall papaer for bedrom | Wide selection o affordable wall murals at Print-Services.comDespite the fact that wallpapers and wall mural are among the easiest and the most stunning ways to achieve the desirable striking outlook of your room, there are plenty of other options to give your dwelling the unique and quirky outlook. Interior design comprises all elements, be it furniture, paintings, posters, framed prints or even thoughtfully chosen carpet. For example, you can use the wall mural of a street in London and place a floor lamp right beside it that looks similar to the popular lanterns. On the other hand, in case you choose wall décor in the form of Mediterranean balcony with the view of the sea sunset, you can place an ornamental flowerpot that resembles the one in the bedroom wall murals, thus creating a composition, resembling 3D art.

Generally speaking, any type of wall décor or bedroom wall mural that you choose must complement the color of your drapes, wallpapers and carpet. There are certainly exceptions, but they are rare and require the help of professional interior designers. For instance, if you made up your mind to make your bedroom all-white and want an extremely colorful rainbow bedroom wall mural. A design like that will be stunning without any doubt, but to accomplish it, you need to be extremely skillful in application of a bedroom wall mural, because sloppy overlaps will completely spoil the brilliant and out-of-the-box idea.

Now that we approached the topic of wall décor hanging, let us discuss the advantages and drawbacks of hanging wall murals yourself vs. hiring a professional contractor.

The best way to hang a wall mural: DIY vs. Professional Help

Contrary to the popular belief, hanging wallpapers and wall murals on your own is not that difficult, you will just need a right set of tools and a lot of patience. It is worth mentioning in advance that the processes itself is quite time consuming, so you need to either do it during weekend or take a leave from work to accomplish this interesting, but intricate task. First, let us list the tools that may come in handy when hanging a wall mural and preparing the wall for it. Among the essentials are: clean dry cloth, level, tape measure, simple pencil, stationery knife, roller for glue application, glue brush, and a rubber roller for smoothing rolls.

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You need to start with preparation of the wall you are planning to hang your wall mural on. If it has old cracked paint – remove it, sanding the wall properly and cleaning it with wet cloth afterwards. After the wall is perfectly smooth, dry, clean, and does not have any cracks - you can move on to priming it.

The next step will be marking the exact space, where your wall mural will be. For this task, you will need level and simple pencil that was above mentioned. Keep in mind that the more precise the lines are the easier for you will be to achieve the perfect fit between the sheets of wall mural.

Measuring the wall to hang wall murals |best wall murals at

When you are done with marking the wall – grab the glue brush and start applying glue both on the wall and on the backside of the mural sheets with a very thin and even layer. By the way, heavy-duty glue will be the best choice for wall mural hanging as it is strong enough and dries rather fast. You can also use brush to go around the edges to remove the excesses of glue, so that it does not get to the face side of the wall mural.

Applying the glue while hanging the wallpaper |Best wall papaers at







Are you done with covering everything in glue? Let it soak for 3-5 minutes. After that, you can finally start handing the stripes of your wall mural. The first one is the most important of all and must be hanged with the help of a level, because if you hang the first one incorrectly, the subsequent ones will look progressively tilted or just wrong. Do not forget to hang them with a little overlap, usually  (1.5 2 cm or 0.59 0.78 in) – you will be able to cut the excesses off later with the help of the stationery knife and level.

      Croping Wall mural n stripes to ease the application | Best wall murals at







The final step is to remove the excess glue before it dries up. Use roller squeegee to smooth the surface, squeeze out the excesses of glue and bind seams, and then go over the whole thing with clean dry cloth.

Remember to avoid draughts while hanging your mural and a couple of days afterwards. Otherwise, your wall mural will be covered in bubbles of air.

Good thing is – you can clean you wall mural with a wet cloth in a week and enjoy it in its full glory!

Professional help may be required if you are planning a project of an enormous size, where the work of several people may be required. For instance, in case you want to hang a mural on a wall in the supermarket or general store, you will most likely not be able to do it yourself. Otherwise, if you are planning to decorate your own home – you should not have any problems hanging a beautiful piece of art by yourself.

It is also worth mentioning that wall murals are usually divided in stripes 1.3 m (59 in) wide, so in case you want a mural 3.6 meters-long, it will come in 3 stripes.

Having fun with your family while hanging the wall mural

Hanginf thewall mural with family |  Most beautiful wallpapers at Pring Services.comDespite that fact that hanging a wall mural can seem like a mundane task, it can easily become a family fun, if all the members of the family contribute to the project and complete their separate tasks. For instance, children will have fun painting the backside of the wall mural sheets with the glue, while one of the spouses will be responsible for smoothing out the already hanged mural. Collaborative tasks unite the family and strengthen the bond between its members. After all, just imagine the joy of admiring the mural together, when everyone can be particularly proud because his or her contribution to the project. This goes for choosing the wall murals as well. Naturally, children can pick the murals for their own bedrooms themselves, but when it comes to living room or dining hall, the opinion of the entire family should be taken into account. Maybe, unbeknownst to other, one of the family members is depressed and needs additional source of joy in his or her life and choosing the delightful, fun and happy wall decoration will contribute greatly to brightening his or her mood.