Visually Expanding Small Room with Wall Murals

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No matter how big the apartment is, it is hard not to want it to be a bit more spacious. However, it turns out that even a small apartment can be visually expanded using simple tricks. Especially relevant is the transformation of premises for dormitory residents.

Everyone knows the radical way to increase the area in which interior partitions are demolished. In this case is reduced, which is not always suitable for everyone. Remodeling of this extent, be it of kitchen, bedroom or any other room requires expensive materials, as well as extensive manual and mental labor.

Of course, there are people who simply make peace with the size of their dwelling and just try to adapt to it. However, if you made up your mind to visually expand you room, using wall murals, the tips, listed below will come in handy.

There are various options for influencing the perception of space. They can be based on using light colored wall murals, as well as minimization of the furniture units, simultaneously increasing their functionality.

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Wallpapers that Visually Increase Space

Wallpaper for a small room should have light shades and not have engravings and large patterns. This type of wallpaper automatically makes you perceive the room as more spacious.

What Wallpapers Increase the Height of the Ceiling?

For rooms with low ceilings, it is advisable to use light wallpapers with vertical stripes. In general, vertical stripe are an excellent solution to visually expanding the room. A wide ceiling plinth will have to be avoided, since it will produce the opposite effect to the desired. However, for the same reason that it is not suitable for low ceilings, such a ceiling plinth will be very appropriate for rooms with overly high ceilings, as it will smooth out the feeling of the room being overly extended.

Sometimes a border (or molding) is glued in the middle of the wall, dividing it into two parts. This is done in cases where the upper and lower half are covered with different wallpapers, and the upper one must be lighter. This design technique has long been known and works well in small rooms with insufficient lighting. By the same principle, wallpapers can be combined not only with each other, but also with other decorative materials for walls.

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What Wallpaper Colors Expand the Room?

Dark and saturated shades of wallpaper in small rooms are unacceptable, because they will "eat" the already modest space and darken it. Nevertheless, for example, the cold blue color distends objects, respectively, adding space, while intensely warm colors, such as orange, on the contrary, bring perspective closer and compress the visual space.

Other warm and cold shades have the same opposite effects. The gentle pastel shades of pale light green, pink, blue colors, which relax and soothe will be more appropriate here. These colors are especially suitable for a tiny children's rooms.

Professionals are also well aware of such a technique in which one of the walls is covered with a material that has a geometric pattern, while monophonic wallpapers are selected for all other walls. In this case, optical illusion is triggered, increasing the space of the room. However, the pattern should not be contrasting and large so as not to nullify the desired effect. Nonetheless, an excessively small drawing attracts too much attention, it becomes irritating to the eyes.

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How to Expand the Space of the Dark North-facing Room Using Wallpaper?

How to expand a room with wallpaper if it is dark? Materials with yellowish shades will help in this case, they will compensate for the lack of sunlight entering through the windows. These “sunny” wallpapers will make the room noticeably warmer and brighter, and visually a little more spacious. The same method of decoration will fit a square room.

If you make the wall opposite the window brighter than the adjacent walls, then you can “stretch” the room somewhat using this effect, giving it a rectangular look. Glossy wallpapers, which have an increased capacity of reflecting light, are perfectly suitable for small rooms. The room will look brighter and larger with their help.

How to Expand a Narrow Room with Wallpaper?

Sometimes the question is how to widen the room using wallpaper? To solve this problem, one of the long walls should be covered with a wallpaper with a large monophonic pattern - in this case the desired effect is guaranteed. In any case, if the task is how to expand a narrow room, then you cannot use overly bright or dark wallpaper, or the one with a large contrasting pattern. In a room with a lack of light, it is useful to cover the least lit wall with wallpapers that are slightly brighter than the ones on the other walls - this will even out the perception of illumination and visually add space to the room.

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Using Wall Murals with Perspective to Expand the Room Visually

A modern and very effective way to visually increase the space in small rooms is wall murals. Conventional murals are unlikely to help here, but those that have perspective images, such as, for example, the thickness of seawater, a road running away into the distance, or a distant horizon. These wall murals seemingly make the wall disappear, revealing behind it distant views that are offered on a variety of topics:

  • a picturesque path running into the depths of the forest;
  • expanse of sea with tiny sailboats looming on the horizon;
  • a mountain range on the horizon, with a green prairie in front of it

With the help of these wall murals, the small room seemingly opens to the boundless and alluring world. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to visually expand the interior, but also to modernize it and make it truly unique. When decorating a room with a wall mural that has perspective, you should adhere to some general recommendations:

expanding the small room with wall murals |

  • These murals need to be installed on a blank wall or part of it.
  • You should not block the image with high furniture, the maximum that can be allowed here is a coffee table, bed or sofa.
  • Only wall murals with a bright pattern are suitable for tiny rooms.
  • If you need to visually raise the ceiling, then a wall mural with a vertical image is suitable.
  • For well-lit rooms, it is better to use images with cool or saturated tones, and for darkened ones, pictures with pastel themes.

Of course, the main parameter when choosing particular wall mural is their durability, since they are installed at least for several years. For the same reason, one should choose a positive pattern that will not become boring quickly.