Best Themes of Wall Murals for Boys’ Room

Wall murals Best Themes of Wall Murals for Boys’ Room

Children's room is a magical place that can be turned into true fairytale if parents have at least a tiny bit of fantasy and desire to make their kid’s childhood unforgettable. Nowadays, there exists a wide choice of decorations that can drastically change the outlook of the room, making it stunningly beautiful and unusual. Some of them can be rather expensive, while others are affordable. Among the most affordable and unique decorating solutions are wall murals, which can turn any child’s room into true masterpiece. Decorating girl’s room is quite easy; you can select a whole myriad of princesses and fairies, pink palette and abundance of flowers. Boys’ room are a bit harder to decorate, as each one of them has particular preferences, depending on age as well. Below is a brief overview of themes suitable for decorating boys’ rooms taking into account their age:

Themes for Boys’ Room Wall Mural Decorations

Babies (0 – 3 years old)

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Baby boys do not have preferences yet, which is why their room décor is completely up to the tastes of their parent. As all children, they will feel more relaxed and happy with a calm pastel color palette and soft/gentle themes of the wall murals. Among the most popular topics for this age are cute illustrations of domestic animals on light-blue background, for instance, the images of cats, birds, dogs, ships and so on. The rest of the room can also be decorated using this color palette. The most suitable tones will be light blue, off-white, beige, olive, light brown. One can also use the illustrations of magical forest or another beautiful fairy-tale landscape.

Small Children (4-5 years old)

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Small boys already have preferences that need to be taken into account if your primary goal is to create an atmosphere in his room that will make your little boy happy. Boys of this age usually love cartoon characters, such as funny illustrations from the animated movie “Cars” and its sequels, “Batman: The Animated Series”, “Dexter's Laboratory” and many more. Some of them prefer book characters, for instance from the popular comic series “Calvin and Hobbes”. Seeing favorite character on the wall will make your child happy and will give him the opportunity to admire his favorite hero, as well as to develop positive traits that he admires in his idol.

Elementary School Children (6-10 years old)

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Boys going to elementary school already have defined preferences, among the most suitable themes for wall murals in their room will most definitely be the portraits of heroes from their favorite movies or TV series. For instance, among the most popular characters among boys of this age are the portraits of Batman, Spiderman, Capitan America, and wide range of other characters from Marvel Universe. Boys of this age also love technology, as sport cars or cool aircrafts, which is why one has to ask his child what his preferences are before shopping for a wall mural to decorate his room.

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