Wall murals as element of decor

Wall murals Wall murals as element of decor


Wall murals is not considered as very modern way of decorating a room but at the same time it goes on and on being quite topical even today. They are represented by a single photo which is of large resolution. As to the image chosen for that it may be whichever. Wall murals can adorn any room as well as spoil it that is why a choice of it should be well-made, proper and suitable paying permanently attention to its combination with other interior objects within a room or space. Whether anyone wonders or not why namely Wall murals is so preferable to all?  The answer to this question is really simple: the materials needed for manufacturing them are both acceptable and affordable. Besides that one can do gluing of it by his/her own. What about drawings, images and textures – they are infinite in their number and diversity. Moreover thanks to the Wall murals any room or living space will look handsomely and faultlessly.

History of wall murals

Now let’s discuss in detail about various sorts of Wall murals historical background and its value. First of all it is of great importance to mention that throughout the universal history any individual tried to embellish his/her own space making it pleasing and at the same time comfortable. An interesting example of it lies in drawings/images of prehistoric painters which were made on the cave walls together with the picturesque frescoes in ancient Pompey’s dwellings and even ancient Egyptian wall-paintings or Greek’s ones. Thereby this is strong evidence pointing out that any of these ancient painters wanted to depict the reality which surrounded them incarnating their fantasies into this reality. Herewith no one of them expected to become future craftsmen in art field. So with course of time people started realising that depicting images on cave walls is a quite difficult job and therefore they switched to decorating their interior with the help of diverse materials. Ancient Chinese paintersfor example began to create new prototypes of what we call today modern Wall murals by depicting images and then gluing them on walls. This technology became possible with the emergence of rice-paper so such wallpaper contained certain pictures. It’s necessary to point out that paper was a quite expensive material in those days and therefore it served as an adornment just for famous noblemen who could afford it. But people representing low class also tried to join these modalities of decorating their houses, though. This rapid development has had a great success many centuries later having come up to Europe. Thus the tradition of decorating palaces has changed from paintings to diverse types of wallpaper.

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Wallpaper materials

Apart from everything said above a great shift in wallpaper manufacturing has been made thanks to the theatrical art. Taking into consideration the fact that canvases were not so cheap materials, decorations were drawn on paper and then glued on to large wooden shields. This tradition has been successfully adopted later by various Parisian restaurants and coffee houses. These so called methods have been used for attracting clients. So finally the tendency of that has been as well adopted subsequently by these clients who started doing the same in their own dwellings depicting images on paper.

Technology of producing wallpapers and murals

One more step to that led us to the modern sorts of wallpaper consisted in manual method of printing which was possible due to the bulgy wooden plate. The plate parts protruded were coated with paint and a sheet of paper was put on them but from above they were rolled by a hand roller or just pressed down. This method came from the Chinese people and has been started first implementing approximately in the 10thcentury. A great paper machine firstly introduced in 1799 by the Frenchmen Louis Robert who has been able to make the roll paper ordered and desired at any length. In this regard the English government has taken a decision for imposing a tax on any one who, as it was being thought at that time, was considered to be the largest manufacturer specialized in papermaking. Meanwhile the manufacturers had to pay a tax for each sheet of paper and namely in this case the country has not found profitable to issue such wallpapers rolls. It’s a pity the brilliant idea has never been developed further having been faded away.

Calico printing machine 

A great idea based on printing wallpaper itself has become quite possible and realisable for the simple reason by 40 years later an Englishman whose name was Preston. He has been able to invent a Calico printing machine. From his point of view the technique of interlaced material can be applied successfully. This is just he who has both developed and applied cylindrical bolsters.

As for aristocratic approximately between 70s and 80s years of the 18th century was so deeply penetrated by the strong desire in building construction in so much as many dozens and even hundreds of buildings, mansions, homesteads have been erected. As certain materials came to an end there was an acute necessity for ordering new finishing ones. Despite all the wealth such great country had as for example bronze, crystal, marble and gilded wood carven wallpaper was suitable for interior decoration. The manufacture grew and grew so up to the end of the century fabric wallpaper was sold anywhere.

It is worth taking into account the fact that wallpaper with ornament has become quite famous in the mid50s of the 19th century. Surely the ornament served not only as an adornment for a living space but at the same time a sort of “repairing” when it comes to ceiling lift, walls moving as well as changing space proportions. This has been a very great and sharp shift in this field because machinery service was much more profitable what made wallpaper much cheaper and accessible at the market. Costs were not so heavy therefore there was an excellent idea for innovating them at anyone else’s will. The technology has been advanced in such way that the paper used was permanently undercoated then dried and decorated.

Thus with course of time wallpaper machines have become electric having facilitated the labor performed. Various picture galleries, theatres, coffee houses and other objects of cultural value and asset were decorated with Wall murals. The most interesting and curious thing is that themes for depicting were diverse with characters of antique mythology, geometrical ornaments printed that is likely to be linked with mathematics and many other elegant and awesome patterns. This is a strong evidence of historical background and adherence to those ancient traditions by the way.

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Wallpapers in Europe

Speaking more in detail about adoption of wallpaper by Europe as a whole there is a well-known historical fact saying that in 1481 Louis the Fourteenth gave a command to pay to a courtier painter a sum of 24 livres for painting 50 paper rolls with the godliest depictions. With the course of events technology of making different types of wallpaper has been already adopted from French by England.

Cultural importance of Murals

However the peak of wallpaper fashion has gained its popularity in the middle of the18th century particularly in Russia giving special precedence to them just right in Moscow and this is tightly connected with a specific Moscow fashion as a result of the materials for mansions and farmsteads decoration which were comparably not so expensive in those times. As to the quality of them it only left to be desired in that period because it gave way primarily to woofed wallpaper but pattern colouring on paper with the help of stencil plate took actually lot of time. Yet it would advisable to mention that hand-paint on paper was a costly affair too.

In the mid1950s Wall murals as we know them today has started to be applied after projecting and implementing this idea for the first time. Everything in this domain has become possible solely due to coloured photography emergence together with modern technologies development. The so called “fashion” of Wall murals varieties started spreading at the beginning of 1960s. People mounted them in their apartments with great pleasure and passion.

Next step to the Wall murals manufacturing progress has appeared again at the beginning of 1980s. Here one should mention that during this period it was of much better quality compared to several decades before. The matter was that the apparition of special printing equipment has contributed a lot to this.

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Special printing equipment

This fashion has been faded away up to the early 2000s until major Wall murals manufacturers began creating and supplying digital printing equipment on markets at acceptable prices. The equipment gave also the opportunity for decorating with an image thanks to the no toxic paints. Herewith there had to be no worry in this case to the human organism affection.  Moreover progress has been focused further on steady vinyl-based materials.

Murals nowadays

As to the present days, services and goods market specialising in photo wall-papers are so diverse and tremendous. In other words nowadays Wall murals may be of different topics immersing individuals both into bright reality and fantasy. While being situated within a room or space and watching the colourful Wall murals one feels comfort, tranquility but the settlement here is a delightful, perfect and the most desirable. One makes an impression that having an eye contact with awesome images depicted on them he or she is likely to get in to a certain incredible place or to another one as for instance moving to a desert tropical island, a metropolis counting lots of skyscrapers, paved streets of ancient cities, boundless seas, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, cute flowers, animals or any other splendid landscapes which can’t but leave anyone indifferent. It is without no doubt that at a single sight of Wall murals it seems to charm at once.

Finally to conclude with it should be necessarily to say with certainty that perhaps in the near future there will appear more modern technologiesbased on Wall murals development and people will be to a greater and greater extent impressed by new kinds of them not ceasing to make use of them in everyday life. This tendency will be kept for many years to come. In particular this thing will happen due to the fact that contemporary individuals got long ago used to live in luxury. Those who represent middle or even low class will try affording such luxury because they’ll aspire to be in step with fashion coming near to those from high class. So in other words the situation will repeat just like it was with ancient people who, as has been said at the very beginning, tried to follow the rich ones. This is why because the human nature throughout the historical background has always been set namely in this way and this is related in particular to their both perception and delicate/classical tastes which in their turn is stronger than their consciousness itself. As things stand now people will be every time attracted and tempted by beautiful and elegant things thus contributing much to creating a fresh and harmonious atmosphere within their dwellings.