Tips for Creation of a Lovely Vintage Interior

Art & Photo Prints Tips for Creation of a Lovely Vintage Interior

Vintage is a style that came from France and initially it was not an interior style. Winemakers used this word to define wine, which had many years of aging. Later, interior design, clothing style, music and other areas of culture and fashion became vintage. Vintage conquered all spheres of life.

Everything related to this style has one main characteristic - aging. If the item can be attributed to the category of "retro" - then it is vintage.

Today, there is a whole industry of creating specially aged things, interior items and various trinkets. The market of artificially aged items is also flourishing.

The vintage interior is filled with antiques. It can be a mirror in a shabby frame, figurines from the old greened copper, cracked wooden surfaces of tables. Various curtains, multi-colored decor from layers of paint, and soft colors are also very relevant here.

You can often find floral patterns in vintage interiors. Patterns like that are also dull, aged, sometimes cracked. Fabrics that are used in vintage decor always come with faded-looking patterns.

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Vintage has a special requirement for floors, ceilings, walls and other places in the room. Here they are for each of the areas:

    Ceiling. The ceiling will have to be painted. Stretch ceilings, suspended structures and spot LEDs will also be inappropriate here. The surface can be decorated with stucco molding, it will give the room a special charm. Vintage welcomes cracks in the paint, so if they appear naturally it will only add to the charm. Of course, cracks should not be too large. After all, this is just a stylization.

    Floor. For the floor, you need to take two basic materials: tile and parquet. These are the only acceptable floor coverings in vintage style interior decor. You can still try to use old floorboards, but parquet is more aesthetically pleasing. Parquet blocks should be shabby and look as if the floor has been used for at least 30 years. The tile will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms with high humidity. It can also be aged. A vintage-style kitchen must have tile floor covering.

    Walls. Wall decoration in a vintage interior is done in one way only – by using wallpaper and/or wall murals. Alternatively, you can choose light paint, but this is only if the room will have vintage furniture. When choosing a wallpaper, you need to take those that have a contrasting pattern. Pastel pink is perfect for vintage interior.

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Oriental-style patterns will also look great. It can be something Chinese or Japanese. Various flowers, butterflies, thickets and leaves are the best choice. The ornament of the pattern should be large in order to create an appropriate atmosphere.

In the vintage style, there are no clear timelines. Furniture of the 19-20th century should be present in the vintage interior; however, there are no strict rules on that. However, the older-looking are the items you choose the move appropriate they will be here. The rooms can accommodate chests of drawers, century-old wardrobes, painted items. For example, you can purchase new, but artificially aged tables.


The bedroom should be designed accordingly. Bed must be in the center of a vintage bedroom. However, it should not be just a bed. It is appropriate to use only beds with forged headrests or headrests made out of very massive wood. In addition, the bedroom needs to be decorated with various accessories and details. A small table with many drawers will be a perfect addition to your vintage bedroom. Of course, it must also be shabby-looking. You can also use a mirror in the old frame in this room.

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The frame can be decorated with ornaments in floral and floral style. Intricate patterns are welcome. You can purchase a frame with shabby gilding. In the bedroom, you need to create the appropriate decor. You can place pillows on the bed, knitted napkins on the desk or table. It makes sense to remember what was in your grandmother's house. After all, there probably could be found various napkins that were previously made manually. Today, things like this can still be found even on the internet, because works like this have entered a special direction - fashionable hand-made.

Vintage style not only allows you to create an interesting and original design in the apartment. It is also very economical and practical. As a rule, no special expenses are needed in order to accomplish a room in this style. Nevertheless, you can buy everything expensive (for example, by purchasing antique furniture) for you vintage interior decor if you can afford it and your heart so desires. You just need to follow a few principles to create a beautiful interior.

    Don't be afraid of experimenting with color. This also applies to decor and wood. Furniture can be from several varieties of wood in different colors. The decor can combine a wide variety of fabrics and materials. The only requirement is a harmonious combination of all objects.

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Better to listen to intuition. No need to buy unnecessary things. You just need to think about what is missing from it to make the atmosphere harmonious. However, when choosing things, you should not rely only on a logical mind. After all, the creation of an interior is a truly creative process.

    Do not rush things. Vintage is that design which is being formed gradually. If the hi-tech or canti style can be designed just by visiting the store, then it will take time to create a full-fledged vintage interior. One thing can be found in the market, another in the store, and a third from friends. Over time, the atmosphere will become harmonious and complete. You won’t be able to create anything in one day. By the way, vintage also suggests an abundance of different cute little things. Really dear to the heart things are not acquired quickly.

    Vintage is the second life of things. Many items in vintage design have already served their purpose. However, they can be given a second life. To this end, you just need to think about where such things would really be appropriate. If the item does not fit into one room, it is worth moving it to another. Ceramics, forged copper, wood, and various finishing materials are very popular among the materials in the vintage interior. All this should be aged looking and appropriate. Patina plaque is the most expensive thing that vintage interiors usually have.

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An interior designed in this way would be incomplete without some details. For example, dried flowers. Vintage rooms are specially decorated with dried flowers. In addition, various seasonal flowers will be appropriate here. Making bouquets and vases should not be done as usual. It is better to play in contrast by placing large and small flowers in one vase. They should not stand strictly, it is better if the bush is a little careless, disheveled. Metal vases are perfect for flowers. You can also use vessels made of crystal.

Another distinguishing feature of the vintage is the presence of barely readable inscriptions on objects. This is also an indicator of antiquity. If you visit special shops and markets, you can find items like that.