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The urban style is a reflection of the spirit of big cities, with their frantic pace of life. It is dynamic and unusually modern, motivates for high achievements and does not allow you to stop. The interior in the urban style attracts with an aesthetics of functionality, extremely clear, verified lines and bright colors without halftones. It is ideal for those who constantly see new heights in front of them, not concentrating on accomplished achievements, for those whose ambitions are off the scale. If you live a rich, dynamic life with many successive events, then the style will suit you perfectly!

Thus, having figured out what constitutes an urban style, it is necessary to consider its features. At first glance, creating such interior does not seem difficult. However, the difficulty here lies in harmoniously combining all the details. Here are some important points without which you cannot reproduce real urbanism style. The main rule of this style is functionality. There is no place for unnecessary items. The presence of various trifles contradicts this direction.

Indispensable elements in the interior should be street objects, for example, a sofa in the form of a bench, a lamp-lantern and others. Glass is the main material of the urban direction, elements made from it should be large. In this direction, metal, wood, and even plastic are welcome. The most acceptable finish for the walls will be brickwork or painted concrete. This style is characterized by clear and straight lines, while floridity, smoothness, curvature are not allowed. The color palette is limited to only a few shades: white, gray, black, beige. Walls can be decorated with posters with images of streets, cities, and cityscapes.

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Imagine the spirit of large cities. They perfectly describe an unusual interior design - the urban style of decor in the interior.

It is modern, creative and original, and allows you to create a suitable space for living, recreation and a pleasant pastime.

The style is distinguished by simple outlines and a rich palette. This decoration is perfect for ambitious, active and business people who always go forward. It will also look great in apartments of secular personalities, politicians and show business stars.

Urban styling in interior design is a balanced combination of simple and concise pieces of furniture, multifunctional accessories.

It is important that they all interact harmoniously with each other. At the same time, the main feature of the decoration is the theme of a large city, belittling all the elements.

You can create a wonderful atmosphere with the use of colorful and bright posters with photographs of the streets of the metropolis, benches, peerless lamps, mailboxes, booths of public telephones.

In addition, materials with a texture that imitates asphalt, brickwork and porcelain are perfect for wall and floor decoration.

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The interior design of the apartment involves a game of forms, which is expressed in a harmonious combination of the geometry of space and the shape of objects. Elements are not important in themselves, but are part of a single ensemble and their value is considered from the point of view of compliance with the general situation. The metropolis with all its aspects penetrates your home, and this is the urban theme of the interior.

A similar effect is achieved with the help of posters, which depict images of city streets, as well as interior items, decor elements and coverings characteristic of the urban environment - benches, lamps, mailboxes, and pay phones as decorations; and brick or asphalt is perfectly imitated with gray porcelain stoneware.

When decorating walls, preference over all other types of coatings is given to painting. An ordinary laminate or parquet board is suitable for the floor, and large ceramic tiles are laid in the bathroom. At the same time, deliberate, ostentatious luxury is contrary to the spirit of the urban interior.

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Glass is an essential material for urban style. Today, the variety of colors and textures of glass is so great that it is used everywhere, interior doors, countertops, various shelves and shelving are made from it.

In the urban style, natural and synthetic materials coexist peacefully. The current trends in the design are plain surfaces, the restraint of which is offset by a variety of textures. Neutral colors prevail - white, beige, cream, black, as well as various shades of gray. You can dilute the neutral background with muted shades of other colors.

When choosing interior items, it is very important to strictly follow the canons of urbanism. No grandmother's dressers, wicker rugs, cute trinkets and handicrafts. One single random thing will nullify all efforts to make a standard apartment a container of spirit and rhythm of a big city, and everything will turn into an ordinary kitsch.

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The latest trend is the appearance of large floral ornaments on interior textiles and decor items, which is completely uncharacteristic of the urban style in its classical sense, since the harmonious concept of traditional restraint and conciseness is somewhat blurred. The role of the decor is performed by paintings or photographs with scenes of the life of large cities. Time will tell whether this trend will be just a passing fashion trend or will form a new classic of the urban style - the style of big cities and high speeds.

A popular direction of decor is the introduction of prints with a voluminous floral or floral ornament into a strict and restrained atmosphere.

They can be presented in the design of furniture upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, as well as decorative pillows and wallpaper.

Knowing the main features of the style, you can select and combine different interior items. Simple black leather furniture with chrome elements and a glass table with metal legs can become a real highlight of the living room. It is better to abandon the delicate curtains with ruffles and lambrequins. Horizontal or roll blinds made of aluminum, wood or fabric will be appropriate. Restrained and functional, they can complement and decorate the room, preserving the style.