Tranquility of Turquoise in Stunning Bathroom Decor

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Bathroom is a special place in the house. In the mornings, each of us here sets up for an active workday, recharging with vivacity, and in the evening, on the contrary, relaxes, while getting ready for bed. Thus, the interior decor should combine seemingly incompatible tasks. However, there is always a solution, and it is extremely simple: you need to use turquoise in the interior of the bathroom. This amazing shade will easily cope with a complex design challenge.

The symbol of harmony, a deep turquoise color, combines two tones at once: blue and green. The first creates a feeling of purity, and the second pacifies. Turquoise relieves irritability and fatigue, invigorates and at the same time soothes. The range of its shades is very wide. It includes a wide palette of tones: from soft blue to deep green. By choosing a particular shade, you can add freshness, lightness or purity to the interior decor.

All turquoise hues belong to the cold palette of colors. Psychologists attribute a positive effect on the human psyche to this palette. Turquoise perfectly and quickly fills with energy, boosts confidence. The design of any bathroom in turquoise color reflects coolness and gives amazing and constant freshness. This is what allows us to quickly wake up and recharge our batteries in a room decorated in turquoise colors.

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The color of turquoise is a combination of blue and green with each other in different percentages, which allows us to obtain different shades. Design with a predominance of turquoise hues in the overall design and decor does not come out of interior fashion, it will always look stylish and fashionable.

Turquoise is considered a chameleon color. The same shade will look completely different in different settings or lighting. In the vicinity of green, it is perceived as green, and with blue - as blue. The turquoise shades are among the cold ones; therefore, to create a harmonious decor, the tone should be complemented with warmer, bright colors. Turquoise combines well with green and blue, emphasizing their advantages. This combination will "blur" the interior a little bit, but it will give it sophistication and special chic.

A great combination can be achieved with bright warm colors and turquoise. It can be brick brown, flame red or hot pink. Especially good is turquoise in an oriental-style bathroom, complemented by a purple or yellow tone. The perfect complement to the interior in turquoise is white. If you add a black tone to this decor, the latter will make both colors “play” in a special way and add a stylish touch to the design of the bathroom.

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The color peculiarities make it possible to use it not only as a design basis, but also as an ideal addition. For example, bright turquoise is perfect as a color accent for neutral interiors made in gray, brown or beige tones. Turquoise accessories and textiles can be used against a background of brighter shades. However, caution is required here. For example, turquoise on a black background will look extremely impressive, but in general, a design like this can evoke a feeling of gravity and darkness. Therefore, you can add silver color, which "brightens" the interior visually.

Turquoise perfectly "feels" in the interior of any style. However, some of them are created for this specific color.

Marine Style

This style is very suitable for the bathroom. It is characterized by combinations of "water" colors, including turquoise. It is best to combine it with white. This combination will give harmony and relieve excessive tension. The room should be well lit and free from unnecessary objects, in order to have a feeling of spaciousness. Among the style features necessary for the creation of marine interior are elements of ships, such as an anchor or steering wheel, used as design elements. In addition, you can used aged furniture in the bathroom, striped textiles and decor, made in the form of seafood.


Cheerful colors, which are dominated by two colors - shades of the sea and the sun, are considered the cornerstone of this style. Natural materials for decoration are the most suitable for this style: stone, tile, mosaic. The latter will be particularly relevant in the bathroom. It can be used to decorate only fragments of the room or be located on the floor, walls or even inside the bath, or it can be used to create a wave-like pattern from the walls to the floor and ceiling. Marine interior can be complemented with live plants, as well as homemade accessories.

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Oriental Style

The eastern interior is characterized by a riot of colors and diversity. Almost any color combinations are possible here, however, the most successful combinations of turquoise are with orange, violet, and bright yellow. Oriental style will look harmonious with turquoise ornaments or multi-color mosaic. You must also use textile decor, which evokes feeling of luxury. The fabrics should be velvet or silk, which will look good with traditional oriental accessories.

Turquoise is very beautiful, but not an easy color. The interior, made in its shades has a special mood. However, it is worth noting creating a turquoise bath decoration is not an easy task. This color is dual and quite capricious. A slight mistake in the combination of shades, and the harmony of the interior will be destroyed. It is better to entrust this work to professionals who are guaranteed to be able to “tame” this color-chameleon.

Combination with Other Shades

When choosing a design for your bathroom, it is important not only to take into account the correct combination of the color of turquoise with other tones, but also to consider the harmony of textures. The bathroom looks stunning, when glossy and matte finishes in turquoise are used in the right ratio. Ceramics and liquid waterproof wallpapers in celadon color, which also belongs to the turquoise palette, can be perfectly combined in the bathroom.

Turquoise shades always fit harmoniously into a whole range of colors related to them. It is blue, green and, of course, blue.

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Bathroom decor accomplished in turquoise tones can be divided into zones. For the ceiling, it is best to choose the palest shade of turquoise; it should only complement the rest of the room design. A dark, rich finish looks better on the floor, while the walls can contain several shades similar with each other.

Turquoise tone can be successfully combined with a spring-summer palette in the bathroom. It looks great when the walls have a turquoise and pale purple finish.

While choosing a suitable design, always consider those shades with which turquoise never combines, this will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the interior. For example, red and saturated black are difficult to combine with turquoise. If you want to see these shades in your bathroom, then you need to be extremely careful, using them only as accessories or in certain zones.

Designers also advise to use different calm derivatives of these saturated colors. It can be pale red separate pieces of mosaic on the walls. Gray tint can be perfectly combined with the turquoise color with the right approach. Turquoise color in combination with a brown palette of colors looks gorgeous in the bathroom. However, it should be used moderately, otherwise the room will look too formal and will lose the comfort that it provides in the house. Designers advise to highlight certain accents with the help of brown color, in order to make corners and separate reliefs stand out. Brown can also be used as additional accessories.