6 Tips on How to Use Wall Murals in the Interior

Wall murals 6 Tips on How to Use Wall Murals in the Interior

Modern wall murals can add space to small room, highlight functional areas, and hide walls' imperfections and add new atmosphere to the interior.

There was a time when everyone had an autumn forest wall mural covering the entire wall in the kitchen, or a wall mural with seascape in the living room. All that is in the past. Modern wall murals look beautiful, bright and striking, they can be custom made for various sizes. They fit perfectly into any interior. Apart from that, they are water- and scratch-resistant. Using wall mural you can correct the shortcomings and highlight the advantages of the room. Let’s take a brief look at advantages of using wall murals.

Best Ways of Using Wall Murals in the Interior

1. Highlighting functional areas

Usage of wall murals for zoning space in studio apartments is the best solution to highlight, for example, a dining or sleeping area, a place near the desktop, a corner for reading and relaxing.

It is worth remembering that you only need to highlight one zone, all the rest will stand out against its background anyway. Wall mural in an interior should support general style and functionality of the room: it is recommended to place soothing images in bedroom, and more dynamic ones in living room.

2. Improving the ceiling's height

black and white wal mural of trees | Print-Services.com

With the help of wall mural, you can visually adjust the height of the ceilings in the room: vertical wallpaper with a picture of perspectives will allow you to visually raise the ceiling, make the room higher. Best of all, this task will be handled by photographs of tall trees and trunks, skyscrapers and spears rising into the sky, as well as tall columns. Usually, wall murals in the interior become the central element of design, so it is worth to reduce the number of additional decorations and details.

3. Visually expanding space

It is recommended to use wall murals in small apartments and rooms to expand space. Use the light images of ancient cities' streets or seascapes stretching far into the paths and roads. Photographs of the interiors of European cathedrals with domes and columns, create an interesting effect, they add volume. Wall murals can be installed not only in living rooms. One can use them in any small space, for instance bathrooms; it will make them visually roomier.

4. Hiding the walls' flaws

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Unfortunately, even the new modern houses can not boast perfectly flat walls and corners. Wall murals depicting imitation of brick walls, plaster, canvas will correct the flaws of the wall surface. Large paintings with a lot of details will visually hide uneven corners in the room. You can use the back-light in the form of floor lamps, bra, and even string lights. They will make the image more realistic and striking, and will also help to divert attention from minor defects.

5. Decorating the blank walls

If your apartment has technological openings, blank walls and other unused areas that are not very pleasant to look at, decorate them with the help of original wall mural. Add a decorative window overlooking the sea or the garden to the room, wake up to the park or lake view. Wall mural may come in handy if you need to hide the door to the dressing room or pantry, just glue it along with the wall, and you will have your own secret room.

6. Adding more light.

If the windows of your apartment face the dark side and there is little light in the room, choose light-colored wall murals.  In case you want a wall mural with road or open space theme, try choosing the wall, which is not choked up with furniture. Another important thing to remember is to avoid installing the wall mural opposite the window. This way it want have any glares.