Creation of a Modern Interior Design of Teenage Girl’s Room in 7 Steps

Art & Photo Prints Creation of a Modern Interior Design of Teenage Girl’s Room in 7 Steps

A teenage girl's room is a multi-functional space that can be called a mini-apartment. After all, there should be areas for: sleeping, reading, gathering with friends, studying, storing things, and also a recreation area. If it is at possible, it is worth including an area for creative activities, such as sewing, drawing, etc.

Among other important sections are roomy wardrobe with mirror, dressing table, and a sports complex. With all this, the room of a teenage girl should be not only comfortable and beautiful, but also personalized and ... able to adapt to the easily changeable mood of the girl living in it.

Step 1. Selecting the Appropriate Color Palette

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First of all, you need to decide on the color palette of the future interior, decide what color the walls, curtains, textiles, furniture and accessories will be. Take into account personal preferences of the girl - you can give her complete freedom of choice or find a common solution, as long as it is thought through and balanced. You can look through the collections of interiors together and decide on the style and color palette. For example, the interior of a teenage girl's bedroom accomplished in purple tones allows you to experiment, but on the other hand, the tastes of young girls are often inconstant, therefore the desire of parents to come to a compromise is fully justified. If the primary color chosen by the daughter seems very risky to you, then use it as an accent, for example, by painting only one wall with it.

Neutral and pastel shades are used more frequently in classic interiors, while bright accents and contrasts can be used in modern ones. If there is not enough light in the room, then the interior should be arranged mainly in light and warm shades (white, beige, cream, coral, lilac). If the windows of the bedroom face south or south-west, cold shades such as blue, turquoise, blue, green will look more harmoniously.

In a small bedroom, the walls should be accomplished in light shades, and best of all in white. If you want to be able to change easily the interior, you should accomplish the walls in white, beige or light gray shades, choose mostly white furniture, and everything else (textiles and decor) in brighter contrast colors. Thus, to modify the room, you will only need to change the curtains, pillows, bedding, rug, posters or art prints, lampshades lamps and other trifles.

Step 2. Selecting the Desired Style

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Here is a list of styles that can look great in the design of a teenage girl's room:

Classic -  it's nice to relax, and learn, and receive guests in a classic interior. Properly designed interior will not become boring for a long time, it will always be cozy and beautiful.

Parisian style - sophisticated and relaxed, traditional and modern at the same time. The style assumes the presence of contrasts, bright accents and an abundance of art objects (paintings, posters, figurines, etc.).

Chinoiserie - the style involves an abundance of floral prints, beautiful textiles, furniture, elegant gizmos and nice looking colors.

Scandinavian style - this minimalist, but nice style is well suited for small rooms, as well as in the case when you need to decorate the interior on a budget and quickly. After all, everything you need can be bought in IKEA. Simple vintage pieces of furniture (for example, a Viennese chair) will fit into the Scandinavian bedroom perfectly.

Art Deco - classic, but not elaborate furniture, neutral gamma, floral prints, natural textiles with ruffles, lace - this is why this style will fit perfectly into a girl's bedroom.

Shabby chic - shabby classic furniture, roses on the wallpaper and textiles, pastel colors, ruffles and lace - shabby chic is simply created for the room of a young girl.

Step 3. Creation of a Zone for Sleep

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Teenage girls not only sleep, but also watch movies, read, chat on the phone, and share secrets with their girlfriends on the bed. Therefore, the sleeping area in the girl's bedroom should be super-comfortable and super-beautiful. Perhaps the emphasis should be placed on this part of the room. If the room is small, choose a loft bed or a daybed. The loft bed will allow you to arrange a studying area, a dressing room or a sofa area on the "first floor".

The couch is good for its compactness, ability to turn into a sofa, and most importantly - the presence of drawers and extra bed. Your daughter will be able to store bed linen, pillows, off-season clothes, etc., in the drawers, and an additional bed will be useful for spending the night with a friend or visiting grandmother. And yet, the most ideal place to sleep for a growing child is an ordinary single or double bed. It can be with a figured and upholstered headboard, with shelves or draw-out drawers.

In fact, the bed of a teenage girl is an adult-looking furniture. It is necessary to add a bed table with a lamp, a wall sconce, or a bed pocket for small things (for a small room) and, if possible, a banquette, which it is convenient to fold things on. Whatever bed you choose, try to pay enough attention to the selection of beautiful bedding and pillows. Even the most ordinary bed can be turned into a princess bed, if you pick up beautiful bedding, a bedspread and throw pillows. A canopy or canopy will help to not only decorate the sleeping area, but also to make it more secluded. It is especially needed in a room that two girls share.

Step 4. Creation of a Studying Zone

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The ideal location of the desk is by the window so that it is on the right, if the girl is left-handed and left, if right-handed. On the table there should be a lamp and an organizer for stationery, under it - a drawer where all the most necessary things will be stored. The cabinet can be replaced by a wall shelf or a rack next to it. Remember that the main thing in the arrangement of the study place is its convenience and relevance to the girl's height. When planning a teenage girl's room, do not forget to allocate a place for creativity.

Step 5. Creation of a Recreation Zone

It will be great if there is a place to relax, read books and get-together with friends in the girl's room, apart from the bed, of course. A chair, a compact sofa or just an ottoman will be an excellent choice.

Step 6. Creation of a Wardrobe Zone

Ideally, you should use both a chest of drawers and a wardrobe for storing clothes. Chest is convenient not only for storing t-shirts and socks. It can replace both a bedside table, and a dressing table. By the way, it is not only more compact, but also much more convenient. There  should be a full-length mirror in the dressing area. If there is enough space in the room, place a dressing table near the wardrobe or by the window. The most optimal solution: a table with a folding table-top with a mirror on the back can play the role of both a study table and a dressing table.

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Step 7. Adding the Final Touches

The decor is the most important component of comfort. How to decorate a girl's room? Lightning in the room is one of the main aspects but it has to match the style of the interior. Most often, girls like wrought-iron chandeliers with flowers, “crystal” chandeliers-chandeliers with candles and umbrellas, cascades and “pears”. A woolen or nylon carpet will not only decorate the interior, but will also allow your daughter to do various things lying on the floor. The room of a young girl must not only be beautiful, but also personalized.

The following ideas will help to reflect the tastes, character and interests of the room owner: Create an achievement corner where letters, medals and cups will be kept. Photos, pictures of classics, posters of her favorite movies and just pretty pictures must adorn the walls and shelves. All girls love to have boards that hold everything they want - from the schedule of lessons to memorable tickets. You can buy such a board, or you can make it yourself from plywood or cork. Decorate the room with interior letters or words, for example, with the name of the girl.