Interior Design of a Teenage Boy’s Room

Art & Photo Prints Interior Design of a Teenage Boy’s Room

There comes a time when nursery turns into a teenager's room, and this is a reason to make global changes to the interior. It's time to move to a new level.

Parents can have troubles deciding what interior to choose for the room of their son, but it will be better to involve him in the process. Because his opinion is worth listening. The interior, selected by himself, will be much more convenient for him. Participation in the design, the choice of finishing materials will give him a sense of maturity and show him that he is treated as an equal.

However, if you put the entire selection of room design on the shoulders of you teenage son, there is a risk of encountering irrational ideas or “crazy” color combinations that can quickly start to annoy everyone. It is better to suggest a neutral style and add the details he feels most appropriate. This may be a piece of wall covered with posters, custom wall mural, items dedicated to his hobby.

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His room is a place where he will spend a lot of time, so it is important to provide high-quality conditions for his rest and study. If there is a window, you need to select a design where the natural light will be used to the maximum, and at the same one that will not interfere with the rest of the room.

Serious attention should be paid to lighting during the dark hours. The working area should be properly illuminated, preferably using fluorescent lamps. It is recommended that alternative sources of illumination be present, ones that are not so bright.

Remember that the time of adolescence is the time of vivid experiences and turbulent emotions. In order to go through them properly, your teenage boy will need a safe place where he will be able to be alone, chill with friends, listen to the music or find another outlet of expressing his emotions.

The most important element is the sleeping area. The best option is a good bed. The sofa in the teenage room may seem an attractive option, but still it is more intended for temporary rest. Teenager boy should have a comfortable bed with an orthopedic mattress for a good night's sleep.

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Adolescence in boys is a period of intense growth. From this point of view, you should pay attention to the working area. He will need a solid desk that will have enough space for a computer or laptop, school notebooks, textbooks and other school equipment.

A teenager is an independent person, he needs his own room, as a personal space. This the room where he will live the most important moments of a teenager's life, such as playing sports, meeting friends, doing lessons, creativity.

The modern style of decoration suggests that the space must be clearly zoned to create the most comfortable atmosphere in a teenager's room. To separate the bedroom from the rest of the room use a screen or this is done using the layout.

The area of the room for a teenager can be small, but there should be a place dedicated to his hobby — an aquarium, a shelf with a collection of car models, several gym tools, or even a drum set.

If the size of the room allows it, you can allocate a place for communication with friends. Guest area should be comfortable and stylish. It can include beanbags and a coffee table or a small sofa.

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Interior of a Room for Boys between 13 and 17 Years Old

A teenager already has fully formed view of his favorite interior; he has preferences for decoration and decor. Free space and bright modern furniture is typical for a teenager's room. Be sure to buy a comfortable table.

The facades of modern wardrobes can be creatively decorated by ordering an art print of his favorite idols, a stylish wall mural of a car, a cool seascape, a musical instrument, such as guitar, etc.

The modern furniture market offers a wide range of interesting ideas that save space. All furniture should be qualitative and durable. Rooms accomplished in the same style look very stylish.

Interior of a Room for a 13-and 14-year-old Boy

By 13-14 years interests of a teenager change significantly. When designing a room for a boy of this age, his desire for change should be taken into account. It is better to choose soft soothing colors according to his preferences.

Do not insist on your idea of the ideal room, especially if it goes against the opinion of a teenager. But you should also refrain from giving him complete freedom (for example, if he asks to paint the walls in black and white stripes). You can always agree on something and find a compromise. He can plan the interior under the guidance of adults. Perhaps the process will seem fascinating to him, maybe he will come up with an individual style for the decoration of the room.

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Interior of a Room for a 15-year-old Boy

Many guys have a peak of self-expression during this period. He starts to develop romantic feelings someone, so he actively tries to look adult. If you are preparing the transformation of the room for the 15th anniversary of the child, then there should be a zone for communication and a large space for self-expression. Teenagers of this age often change their hobbies, try to play musical instruments, sign up for sports clubs, etc. You should also consult with your teenager on whether he wants to update the posters on the walls.

15 years is the age when it is important for the boy and parents to maintain good contact. This can be done if you treat him with respect, as an adult. If the teenager chooses the design himself, including the choice of materials for the design, planning, helping in the furniture arrangement, his room will be the subject of his pride.

If you are doing the remodeling on your own, it is necessary to involve your teenager in this work, it will be a rewarding experience. He should have the opportunity to quietly work on his lessons, prepare for exams, have a rest, have alone time, hang out with his friends. You should not come into his room without knocking.

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Interior of a Room for a 16-year-old Boy

By the age of 16, many teenagers already know what they are interested in and understand what they want from life. The design of the room for a 16-year-old teenager can be completely given to his discretion. He already understands what a budget is, what options are available, what functions his personal space should perform. He is quite able to choose furniture and optimally organize the space.

However, do not force your teenager to design everything to the last detail, especially if he does not want to. Not everyone likes to design a bedroom interior. If the budget allows, it is worth hiring a professional designer to create an original design of the teenage room based on the boy’s wishes.

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What to Consider if You are Remodeling a Teenager's Room?

Sometimes a teenager has to share a room with his brother. Accommodating two teenagers in the same room, especially if they have different interests, is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it can be done. It is important to create a sense of equality for each boy. The option when one sleeps on a bed, and the other one gets a sofa is hardly suitable.

To separate the bedroom equally, you will need a screen, curtain or partition. For better organization of space, you can actively use walls, make shelves, closets, or use loft beds. Even if teenagers are friends, it is better to create a living space where each of them has a place of his own.