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Young intellectuals usually prefer interiors, accomplished in Techno style. Those who adore coziness and cute little nothings will feel uncomfortable in a techno-style interior of a room. The strictness of the lines and some ruggedness in the interior are the favorite go-to preferences of techno-style lovers.

Techno appeared at the end of the 20th century along with new technologies and the search for other forms in art. In the wake of technological progress, designers fantasized about how a robot's home might look like in the future. Gradually, fantasies were replaced by practical solutions.

Main Techno-style Features

Clear lines, plenty of glass, and metal furniture, distinguish the techno style. A room like this may seem neglected, but it is thought out to the smallest detail. Modern technology is also a design element, without which the idea will fall apart. Light mess in the apartment is good for techno. The room can resemble a factory floor or a garage.

Techno-style Colors

Primary colors are traditionally cold or neutral. Designers choose white or gray, khaki, maroon, and metallic. From the warm colors' palette, designers use color of bog oak, brick, brown, and bronze.

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Lines and shapes in Techno-style

The lines are straight and strict. Geometry is observed in everything: from the room space to interior details. The ideal shape is a rectangle that is easy to see in any piece of furniture.

Constructions in Techno-style

The most suitable rooms are spacious with a high ceiling. Glass, steel and concrete are used in the decoration. Internal partitions are replaced with metal bars or separate rooms with stairs, shelves, and communications nodes. Unlike vertical partitions, horizontal ones, on the contrary, are welcome. A small bedroom can be made under the ceiling, and a study above the living room. Designers use any kind of spiral staircases, sometimes they serve only as decor and just run into the ceiling. Pipes and wires are not hidden, but emphasized instead.

Walls in Techno-style

Wall decorations must be rough and embossed. It is recommended that all the walls in the room are of the same color. You can also leave them without finishing, just bare concrete or brick.

Windows and Curtains in Techno-style

Born from hi-tech, techno-style retained large windows. In modern apartments, they often have to be expanded. Techno does not recognize textile curtains. Windows can be fitted with vertical or horizontal blinds, or roller blinds.

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Ceilings and Floors in Techno-style

The ceiling must be almost devoid of finishing. You can leave the ceiling beams open. If this option is not suitable, then you can use stretched ceiling of glossy gray metallic shades.

Metallic in textiles or paint can be of various colors - gold, silver, red or plum, lilac or green. In this case, combinations with other objects, completed in the same color palette, but from non-shiny materials, look especially spectacular.

The combination of minimalism, fusion and high-tech elements provides an incredible effect. The room becomes a reflection of modernity and at the same time of unusual nobility. These simple rules will help you to not only add a new favorite item into your interior, but also to preserve harmony and good taste, while doing so. Preference is given to self-leveling floor or tile. In the apartments, some designers prefer to replace them with parquet that is more familiar.


It is recommended to us only simple geometric shapes and high-quality materials, with almost no finishing. The best materials are wood, metal, glass, concrete, smooth brick and stone.

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Light fixtures

Thanks to the special lighting designers make focus on the details. Instead of the massive central chandelier, they choose spotlights and lamps. The perfect choice here are lamps with open fittings, stretching wires, and retractable tripods.


Mirrors are needed to compliment the rest of the shiny surfaces, besides they visually expand the space.

Furniture in Techno-style

While choosing furniture, imagine the house of the future, in which the sofa appears from the wall at the touch of a button. The space should be free, and the furniture built-in. The popular solution are cabinets, made of metal containers, as well as chairs, made of the bent pipes. Armchairs and sofas should be low, rectangular, without smooth lines.

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Decor and Dinnerware in Techno-style

The choice of techno means the rejection of the decor in its usual sense, the room itself looks like a big decoration. The atmosphere is created without hiding the plumbing - pipes and wires are painted with bright colors or covered with transparent glass.

Textiles are almost never used. A strict design does not fit well with soft rugs and fluffy carpets. Only metal utensils are usually used, so you will have to get rid of the white plates from the kitchen, accomplished in the style of techno. The more futuristic the dinning table looks, the better.

Living room in Techno-style

Choose raw materials for walls. You can simply use plaster, brick or concrete. The ceiling is covered with metal plates like shields or glossy plastic. Furniture must be simple and decent.

Bedrooms and Children's Rooms in Techno-style

Strict style looks different in the bedroom. You can allow a bit of comfort in the room designed for sleeping and relaxing. However, the furniture must be simple and typical: a bed in the center, a wardrobe and a bedside table. Interior peculiarities are manifested through the details. The bed can be suspended on the podium, isolated with the help of lighting or suspended from the ceiling, the wardrobe can be made to look like a metal safe. One can decorate the walls with decorative plaster, light wall mural, or one big art print.

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Bathroom in Techno-style

It is important to preserve the geometry of the style, while decorating bathroom in techno style. It is better to install a shower cabin here, but if you prefer a bathtub, then it should be of a strict rectangular shape. The bathroom is the place that allows using metal and plastic to full extent. Cranes and pipes can be not just fittings, but independent decorative parts. The walls are decorated with hanging panels or tiles of cold colors.

Kitchen and Dining Room in Techno-style

Your should pay special attention to the selection of the furniture set, while designing a kitchen in Techno-style. Facades should be made of metal or varnished. Remember that the more unusual the household appliances are the better. Wall finish must be simple: it is better to use brickwork, but white waterproof paint will also do just fine. Instead of a kitchen apron, you can use glass or sheet of metal.

It may seem that techno is great for bars, restaurants, office space, but not apartments. However, in the skillful hands of designers, this style in the living room acquires a special ch