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There exist interior styles that are simultaneously delightful and somewhat scary. Being very original and stunning, they, nevertheless, seem to be too complicated to implement and poorly suited for life. However, if you study the topic more deeply, it turns out that talented designers from around the world have already found many ways to create an interior in the desired style, while maintaining an authentic atmosphere. In general, it’s not so difficult when professionals get down to business. Steampunk is a perfect example of a style like this.

Steampunk is a mix of modern and futuristic details and ornate Victorian elements. Most accurately, this style is defined by the phrase "future from the past." And that’s all you need to know about steampunk, because there are no special rules to follow, and the flight of fantasy is unlimited.

The steampunk style in the interior is a recent trend that managed to find its loyal fans in a short time. This filigree combination of the past and the future will not leave anyone indifferent.

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The interior design in the steampunk style combines seemingly incompatible things: Victorian style and industrial hardcore, Gothic and futuristic images. This conceptual mix strikes the imagination, brings a special, incomparable atmosphere to the house. Despite this, steampunk remains has a very romantic note to it.

Steampunk originated in the 80s of the XX century against the backdrop of a general humanity's craze for science fiction. This is perhaps the only interior decor that did not need advertising on the covers of glossy magazines. Authentic, cheeky and romantic steampunk was fueled by book plots.

In order for the house to match the steampunk style, it is necessary to adhere to several rules: Mandatory presence in the interior of antique objects and decor elements in Victorian style. The presence of vintage furniture and natural materials for decoration. The interior in the style of steampunk is not complete without items made by yourself. A characteristic feature of the direction was the display of communications and pipelines. You can very stylishly beat heating appliances without hiding them from prying eyes. Batteries decorated with decorative pipes will become an unusual and attractive accent.

10 Ways to Create a Steampunk Interior

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Not everyone can feel comfortable surrounded by mechanisms, leather and rusty metal. Therefore, if you want to use the steampunk style "moderately" in the interior of the room, then you can follow several of the points from the following list:

1. Utilitarian mechanisms in the role of room decoration

Among the items that are ideal for creating a steampunk style in the interior are huge dials and watches with Roman numerals, gears, wheels and levers from old cars, pipes, the first models of televisions and phones, as well as other details and mechanisms that could throw it away, sorry.

2. Metals that steampunk interior cannot do without

Copper, bronze, brass, iron - all these materials can be used to decorate steampunk-style rooms. With them, they not only make furniture, lamps and small interior items, but also select a similar design of tiles and wallpaper for walls.

3. Rough finishing materials and textures

Leather, solid wood, raw stone and brick always help to emphasize the industrial design of the room and make it more spectacular.

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4. Interior decoration in dark colors

Typical shades for the interior in the steampunk style are gray, brown, black and red. But you can also consider using colors such as:

    Ivory, beige and cream;

    Luxurious blue or lilac;

    Dark green;

    Any tones with a metallic effect.

5. Decorative items in science and science fiction style

Vintage barometers, telescopes, globes, maps, plant and anatomical illustrations, herbariums, etc. will emphasize the sci-fi setting in your home.

6. Elegant steampunk furniture

An indisputable fact: old furniture gives charm to any home. If you want to create a steampunk style in the interior, then you better not think about buying new modern furniture. Items from the flea market, old restored furniture, industrial shelves and home-made products are much better.

Give preference to velvet or leather upholstery, metal fittings and wooden cases. If possible, get an exquisite Victorian-style sofa, wardrobe or armchair with a fine touch.

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7. Expressive wall murals for the walls with a pattern

Nothing over the top. This simple rule is not difficult to follow, but it is very important to comply with the interior design in the steampunk style. It is better to focus on the mechanisms and metal, as well as use a lot of this decorative furniture in the room, they will look best if you choose a calm and elegant background in the form of wall murals with Victorian views. And vice versa, choose bold wall murals with drawings and mechanisms to emphasize simple furniture and accessories.

8. Elements of styles loft and urban

A good idea would be to give the steampunk interior an entourage of urban life. Elements such as metal pipes, concrete and brick walls are very popular today due to the fashion for loft, urban and industrial styles.

9. Traditional and unusual steampunk lights

Lamps are always important. They can emphasize furniture and decor, create the necessary mood. For the steampunk style, choose industrial fixtures made of metal, pipes or even simple incandescent lamps. If your room has high ceilings, then you can use chandeliers in Victorian and classic style. Bring some luxury and comfort to your home!

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10. DIY steampunk crafts

Not only lovers of the steampunk style sometimes disassemble the old mechanisms only then to reassemble them into something unique and exclusive. Do-it-yourself crafts will help bring a piece of your personality to the steampunk interior. In addition to old cars, you can use almost any leather and metal products for creativity.