Spring Colors in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Spring Colors in the Interior Decor

Spring is in full swing and it is felt not only on the street, but also in the interior. Let's review the most current trends in spring interior design, find out the fashion trends of this spring season, share ideas and provide your living space with a cheerful mood of spring.

Spring interior is usually represented by a bright air space filled with freshness and warmth. But how can you project this mood on your room or even apartment? The secret is in simple and concise design techniques, fresh pastel shades, suitable and beautiful art prints and lots of flowers or plants.

The most fashionable interior of this spring can be accomplished both in warm and cold colors. Whatever you choose, just remember that all shades must be as clear and transparent as possible, as if they were taken from watercolor painting. You can use minimum number of dark surfaces, because the contrast must be achieved through textures and shapes of interior decor the elements.

Color Palette for the Spring Interior:

1. Blue

Are you afraid to completely change the interior and fill the whole apartment with bright spring paints? Then start with the smallest room in your house - a bathroom or dressing room, if you have one. Put a tile or install a wallpaper of rich azure, cornflower blue or sky color, combined with white, bright yellow or pale pink.

You can easily freshen up the white interior by changing the color of one wall or repaint your furniture blue to match the rest of you white-blue decor. The most important part is to make sure that the shades match.

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2. Green

You can use color of spring foliage, olive, asparagus, green chartreuse, mint, and many other shade а greed for a spring decor accomplished in green shades. You can decorate your bedroom or living room with green colors, and even use it in the kitchen. Green works well as a background for brighter furniture, as well as a bright spot on a white background.

You can add the main shade of green to other, more saturated colors or, on the contrary, more pale. Add pale blue, yellow, ocher and untreated wood to the palette. Tables, chandeliers and glassware and mirrored surfaces also look great in a green room.

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3. Pink

Not everyone dares to create a pink bedroom, but if you have a good taste, this room will look magical and will not turn into a "Barbie house". The correct palette will help to create an elegant interior: it will be better to you use more than one or two shades of pink, at least five. You can start with lavender, nude and salmon, but whether you reach the colors of cherry or coral-pink depends on your courage.

Do not forget to dilute pink with white, lilac, golden, warm shades of gray and brown. Introduce green with great caution - if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to risk.

4. Yellow

Yellow interior is a very rare occurrence. On the one hand, it is considered a fingerprint magnet, just like white. On the other hand, yellow has an alarm tone color, which is why it can be annoying is it is not diluted. However, it is also a happy and sunny color that should not be overlooked.  A win-win solution for the living room is to put chairs and armchairs of light wood color with saffron, amber or golden upholstery against the background of warm light beige walls and a neutral floor. Add a couple of bright yellow details to match a picture or a creative panel and your interior is ready.

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5. Flowers and butterflies

Last, but not least - the spring mood in the room can be created using textiles with flowers or butterflies patterns. It can be unobtrusive floral ornament on the walls or bright peonies, hydrangeas or butterflies on curtains and bedspreads. The general rule: the brighter the picture, the smaller the surface should be covered with it. Although there are successful exceptions. The most important thing is that the new interior must improve your mood and not lose its allure with the arrival of summer.

The main style of spring interiors is, without a doubt, made in a rustic spirit with elements of retro and vintage. Preference should be given to simple, but functional furniture. The natural wood of light shades can often be complemented by art prints of pastel colors.

There is a place for natural fabrics, natural untreated wood, wicker furniture, knitted elements and all kinds of decorative elements “handmade” in the spring interiors. The most suitable will be the objects of natural shades of spring meadows, sky and earth.

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Spring mood is manifested not only in seasonal bouquets and greenery, but also in characteristic floral motifs. Leaves and flowers can be used to decorate the walls of the room, upholstery or complete the textile and decorative design. This way the patterns themselves become more abstract.

In addition, do not disregard floral pastel art prints, on which the plants seem to be painted with watercolor or oil paints. In this case, it is preferable to choose more saturated and bright colors. They can brighten up the decorative elements of the interior.

The motto of the spring interiors is simplicity and elegance in everything: in furniture, in decor, in details. In any space, whether it is made in the classical or modern style, light and coziness must be present.

This very lightness, which is so important in the spring interior, must also be present in the smallest details. Decor, which is an important and unique component of each interior, must be even simpler in form, but more complex in details. Particularly relevant decor is comprised of variety of elements created using geometrical shapes. In order to transform the existing interior and add a spring mood it is worth to add floral elements to your decor.

The main elements of a fashionable interior decor are knitted or metal objects, ceramics, flowerpots and spring bouquets. In addition, do not forget about modern painting and photography that can be turned into breathtakingly beautiful art prints or wall murals.