Tips on Creating a Cozy Interior in a Small Apartment

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creating a Cozy Interior in a Small Apartment

Many of us imagine a bleak existence in a dark and cramped room upon hearing about a small apartment. However, in this article we tried to shed some light on the topic of successful designs of small apartments that are really interesting and comfortable to live in.

Knowing just a few simple rules for organizing space, you can get rid of almost all the problems of small spaces. Here are some tips on interior design of a small apartment and quick overview of typical mistakes that can and should be avoided.

Often it is impossible to solve the problem simply with beautiful decoration - it is necessary to carefully work out the layout of the apartment. The most important thing is to determine the functions of space.

As a rule, the number of functions depends on the number of people living. That is, for one person and for a family of three or four - these are completely different tasks, and in the second case is much more complicated.

Consider installing sliding doors, they are capable of significantly saving space in a small apartment. A sliding door does not interfere either aesthetically or physically. The presence of furniture also won't become an obstacle, since it can be safely placed close to the sliding door.

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In small spaces, the skillfulness of the designer in creating illusions is especially vital. Try to paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls - you will literally erase the borders and make the space visually larger. To completely forget about the height of the ceiling, try to make a contrasting accent - an elegant edging around the perimeter of the ceiling.

You can go even further and paint the walls and the door the same color - as a result you will get the perfect background for furniture and visually increase the size of the room. You can also make a smart decision and paint the furniture the same color as the wall. Another simple but win-win way to make a small apartment visually larger is to use one floor covering for the entire apartment. If you want to lay parquet in the room, and in the hallway, for example, tile or stone, make sure that their color matches the tone.

In small apartments it is ideal (albeit not very cheap) to make the maximum number of built-in furniture and place only a few freestanding items, interesting and unique. Let the ottoman near the sofa serve as a place for sitting and a table for a tray with tea, and the dining table can easily turn into a working one.

In addition - don't be shy abut using chests in your interior decor: this simple piece of furniture can turn into a sofa or a coffee table - depending on the task.

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Mirrors work fine in any space, but in a small one they are simply a necessity. In addition to ordinary mirrors, there exist classic aged ones - they cope well with various additional functions.

Shiny and matte, smooth and rough, leather and fur - the more diverse the materials you use, the more effective with be the result and the more interesting it will be to consider the details without thinking about the size of the room.

Light is one of the tools for creating illusions, so it is very important that in a small apartment there are several lighting scenarios.

Table lamps, floor lamps, sconces - it is extremely difficult to overdo it with light sources in a small apartment. The only thing to be wary of is the lonely chandelier in the bedroom: an absolutely unnecessary thing.

You can do wonders with small space! However, keep in mind that organizing space in a small apartment is a real art. It is necessary to properly distribute things and make the room as functional as possible. Do not use dark shades, massive furniture and gabardines in your interior design. Your apartment should be a place of relaxation, capable of giving you the energy for new achievements.

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It is better to give preference to light shades - white, peach, blue or powdery. This color scheme will create a feeling of warmth and coziness and visually expand the space.

As you know, the best style for the modern design of a small apartment is minimalism. But at the same time, you will always need a space in which it will be convenient to store various things. Get creative, use the corners where you can place your storage systems (cabinets or shelves). To make the ceiling look visually higher, place high racks or make open shelves in the living room. Add bright textiles or decor to your apartment.

Nowadays, there exists a fairly large selection of multifunctional furniture. Chairs, tables, sofas, a bed - all this can serve as a great place to store things.

An interior glass partition is one of the most successful solutions in the interior. It does not prevent the light from getting in and does not steal an already small area.

small apartment minimalist design |

You do not need a lot of furniture in the apartment. Consider only the pieces the furniture that you truly need. Plan exactly what you need from the furniture. Spontaneous decisions are rarely successful in creating the interior of a small apartment. Resist the temptation of discounts or advertising. Everything that appears in your home should be really necessary, and not just occupy the extra space “for beauty”.

Do not overload your apartment with additional decorative elements!

The design of a small apartment should be thought out to the smallest detail. However, this does not mean that you cannot experiment. On the contrary, home furnishings can acquire an original look that will delight you day by day.

Small apartments often look like a dwelling for dwarves: they consist of everything very, very small. All of this even further emphasizes the lack of space.

In small apartments, a gigantic scale is needed, as nowhere else. The highest doors and portals, vertical curtains, screens, high headboards, floor lamps, tall plants, a huge armchair. This “knocks down” the scale and makes our consciousness perceive the apartment as more spacious than it actually is.