Noble Silver in the Interior Décor

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Just imagine the mysterious candlelight reflected in silver candelabra and sliding via thousands of sparks on a unique silver tableware, used for the dinner. The perfect combination of chrome and high-quality fabric, shiny stainless steel surface and soft, pastel nickel light - all of that is not an exclusive picture of a modern fairy tale castle; it is the real embodiment of a fairy tale that bears the precious name of a silver interior.

Complex and multi-faceted silver color is gaining popularity in the interiors of modern apartments. Most people tend to imagine a cold and boring monochrome room when they hear about the silver interior decor, assuming that silver does not look “homely” enough. Do not rush to judge against this color, because it is silver that is able to emphasize the merits of other colors, making them more saturated and striking.

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The unique vintage atmosphere of silver

According to most interior designers, silver interior acts as a basis not only for the hall, but also for the bedroom. After all, the bedside table can be given a stylish look with silver tones. Experts advise to decorate the legs of massive furniture sets with inserts made of chrome or stainless steel. This touch is guaranteed to give the furniture an elegant lightness and chic. Remember, silver tones never go out of style! And if you want to create a unique vintage atmosphere in the apartment, then silver interior is the best choice. Although we should not forget that the excess of silver color will give the room a certain feeling of cold and laconic restraint.

Antique decor

Silver interior welcomes the use of various antiques as elements of decor: a table set of silver dishes, unique antique lamps and candelabra will turn the most modern small-sized apartment into a real Victorian castle.

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Silver Interior Benefits

The silver range in the interior of residential premises has a number of indisputable advantages:

Despite the simplicity and seeming inconspicuousness, the silver color will advantageously show off the room, emphasize all its advantages and hide minor flaws.

Silver color can expand the room visually. For example, the walls of the room, painted in silver, can lift the ceiling and make it higher. A floor in a silver shade will visually expand the boundaries of the room.

Designers often use elegant materials such as glass, stainless steel and chrome along with a silver palette that looks harmoniously in a silver-colored interior.

Reflected light from all silver surfaces fills the room with casual ease. An interesting combination of styles in the interior can be complemented by bright accessories in the form of animal figures: decorative figures of panthers, figurines in the form of fish and parrots.

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Designers dilute calm silver hue with bright armchairs and chairs accomplished in bright colors. While the glossy surfaces and mirrored facades of furniture add more light to the interior.

The neutrality of the silver color allows you to play with different shades, decorative elements and furniture. Glass, metal and chrome surfaces often predominate in the interiors decorated in silver color, while every detail must be selected with taste.

Science has proven that silver color helps to restore emotional balance, relieve stress and normalize sleep. The interior in silver tones exudes luxury and unconditional comfort. In the silver room, you can think, relax or just enjoy your favorite TV series.

A metal rack for things, a laconic lamp on the bedside table, furniture with mirrored surfaces - everything must be accomplished in a single shade.

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Silver is a versatile color that blends well with both warm and cool shades. It is suitable for interiors in minimalist, classic, modernist and even in oriental style.

If you add a bit of dark purple and black to the silver color, you can easily recreate the interior of any legendary rock star.

When using silver, keep a balance between the incoming and the reflecting light so that the interior does not appear empty and gray. Silver color is multifaceted and mysterious, not faded, boring and empty.

Silver interior is an adventurous lover of different types and ways of lighting. After all, the more light, the brighter the glare. But one should not over-exploit this effect in order not to disturb the general harmony of the lighting. The silver interior is relevant not only in the living room, hall or kitchen, but also in the bathroom. Designers recommend using matte chrome trim for the sink and shower, and fixtures, towel racks in shiny silver style.

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Modern interior designers recommend to begin creating a silver interior with a unique design of the walls of the room. Try using shiny metallic silver wallpaper and ceiling and wall paint. A silver tile-chameleon - for the design of the bathroom. You will be amazed by the fabulous glowing perfection created by your hands. The silver interior is a peculiar, enchanting, modern incarnation of a fairy tale. Give your loved ones this magical beauty!