Beautiful Shades of Green in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Beautiful Shades of Green in the Interior Decor

Green color is one of the most natural and pleasant to the eye. It is also one of the most controversial colors for use in interiors. To begin with, people controversial opinions about it: some find it calming others are annoyed by it. Let's figure out how to properly use green in the interior.

Green in the interior - soothes

Some people think that green is relaxing, and therefore it is necessary to use more green color for the walls in the interior of children's institutions, home entrances and other public spaces. It’s hard to imagine how much green you need to use to really calm a nervous person. However, in fact, it all depends on the shade of green and color combinations.

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Green in the interior - annoying

It can be, like any other color. For example if one uses wrong color combination, incorrect shade, goes overboard with green or if green is irrelevant to the interior. Color harmony is based on good combinations and proportions - unique in each case.

Any combination of colors in the interior can be spoiled by the wrong light or light reflections from the neighboring house. Therefore, even with such a joyful color as green, creating a harmonious interior is not that simple.

Pure green, in fact, is not so often found in the interior, because in most cases the need for it is satisfied by the view from the window. However, its more complex shades are great for different solutions. The most important thing is to choose the right combination of colors for the specific interior.

Shades of Green in the Interior

1. Dark green, natural vegetation green

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This group of green shades includes deep saturated colors that can be found in nature most often: conifers, herbal, algae. In the interior decor, these colors are dynamic and visible, capable of creating a certain atmosphere.

"Forest" shades will be perfect for the living room, accomplished in the classic style or a serious study (remember a classic table with green cloth). They look interesting in bathrooms and kitchens in contrast to the light fixtures and glass. Very dark shades of green can be a good background for any interior.

Just like in nature, these colors can be successfully combined with brown, beige and yellow-orange. They also look good with light and delicate shades of blue and lilac. Just remember not to turn your room into a forest while using these shades, unless, of course, this is the ultimate goal.

2. Emerald

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A separate group is an emerald green shade: the most magical and mysterious. This is no longer a forest, but a gem that creates an atmosphere of wealth and attracts all the attention.

These shades can be used as accents, they are really very beautiful. Well suited for textiles and glass, emerald will be appropriate in any interior due to its unusual nature.

The emerald shade looks good with white and with calm and clean colors (black, brown, violet).

While using an emerald hue, you must be prepared that the interior will change dramatically, so you need to be confident in your choice. A lot of emerald in the interior creates its own atmosphere. Emerald is appropriate in modern interiors, for example, Art Deco.

3. Pure Green

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Light clean shades of green make the interior more cheerful. This mild and open shade is suitable for light interiors. Green is best combined with blue, purple, red and white.

Green is appropriate as accents (flowers, dishes, decor), background (all walls or one green wall), suitable for almost all rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even nursery. The green color of the walls in the interior of the bedroom invigorates in the morning and soothes in the evening, it can even improve the mood.

Contrast color scheme

If you deliberately choose the interior, built on contrasts - combine all shades of green, adding to the interior a few bright and saturated colors. This combination of colors in the interior is appropriate not only for the living room.

Neutral color scheme

Green color in the interior is successfully combined with beige, sand and various shades of brown. You can also add dark gray to the mix. Despite the seeming childishness and naivety, green shades can look serious and strict, for example, in combination with a complex and classic pattern of wallpaper or fabrics in the interior. Those who want to be closer to nature, while being in their city apartment, can create a beautiful lawn in the middle of the room with the help of bright green shades.

4. Light Green, Yellow-Green, Lime

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These shades are obtained if the green is more yellow than blue - the walls become lighter, brighter and warmer. Therefore, they are mainly used in children's rooms or bathrooms, but also relevant to other areas of the apartment.

The combination of yellow and green colors is always sunny and life-affirming. Yellow-green interior is a variant of the original color solution, which the mood and even appetite can depend on. The interior with a combination of yellow-green tones is ideal for resilient, confident, active optimists and creative people.

These light green shades can be nicely combined with turquoise, blue, brown and white colors. Especially good is the combination of green in the interior with complex, rich and cool hues. It is also very important to choose the right shade so that it is not too “yellow”.

Light warm shades of light green can be perfectly combined with deep and dark blue, burgundy and purple elements.

5. Olive

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Of all the shades of green, olive is probably the most relevant in the interior. It is a complex, warm and very pleasant shade for country style, classic and modern interiors. By virtue of its origin, it casts associations with warm countries.

It is suitable for absolutely any room, as it is calm and pleasant. Olive color is a great option for a neutral background wall, which will not bore you for many years. Combination of olive with active and bright colors, dark and, like all shades of green, cool blue looks particularly good. Olive shade is good not only for walls, but also for painting wooden furniture. The combination of green in the interior with the texture of the tree guarantees you comfort and tranquility.

6. Mint and Pistachio

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These bright, very comfortable shades look great in the interior. A colder peppermint creates a feeling of freshness, pistachio - a warmer and more relaxed mood. That is why they are so often used in the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and children's rooms. These shades are suitable for all types of materials: be it wood, tiles, textiles, or color palette on the wall.

Shades of mint and pistachios go well together, as well as with white color and the same delicate, cream hues of other colors.

A lot of mint color can make the interior too cold, but due to the softness of this shade, it happens very rarely. Pistachio hue is well suited to the interior in the style of Provence and country style - you just have to choose the right combination of colors in the interior like that.