Rustic Style: Countryside’s Charm in Interior Décor

Art & Photo Prints Rustic Style: Countryside’s Charm in Interior Décor

While choosing a suitable interior decor style, capable of reflecting their personality, many people prefer a rustic, rural style. It has several versions, like American country or French Provence, each of them is the rustic style in the interior, with its own characteristics. What attracts people’s attention in this style and why does it have so many fans around the world?

It is well known that the style came to us from Europe. The term “rustique” ​​ is translated from French as “rustic”, “uncouth”, “natural”. It is believed that the rustic style has migrated to us a long time ago from the countryside. However, it is not so. As it turned out, it all appeared a little more than half a century ago.

When buying a house, new owners frequently don’t have the funds left for a complete remodeling, so the basic elements, such as flooring from boards, ceiling beams, massive doors and window frames, are most often left intact in the interior.

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Sometimes the owners specifically did not want to give up some elements of antiquity, complementing the interior with new modern equipment and materials. Thus, a new style of rustic appeared. The design in the rustic style is very reminiscent of the decoration of a hut in some Russian or Canadian outback.

There are several basic principles of interior design in a rustic style that distinguish it from other interior styles. The most important feature is the use of natural rough materials for decoration, unprocessed which are either specially processed carelessly and simply.

This style emerged in contrast to the modern one such as hi-tech, with the desire to equip your home in such a way that you can relax your soul and restore your strength. Rustic is as close as possible to pristine nature with its shortcomings and advantages. The main material, which is abundant here, is wood, and it must be aged.

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Another characteristic feature of this style is rustic simplicity, which will not tolerate synthetics, wallpaper, laminate, suspended ceilings, metal-plastic windows. In this style, glossy and shiny surfaces, elaborate forms of furniture, a huge variety of colors, as well as bright colors, ornaments and geometric patterns are not allowed.

Rustic Color Palette

The most important principles of this style are calm and tranquility. There is no place for bright, flashy colors, and outrageous combinations that hurt the eye. Calm natural shades of wood, earth, stone, sand, which are diluted with neutral paints of white or milky color are perfectly suitable for this style. Accents can be made with brown-red, dark blue, and green muted tones.

Rustic-style Furniture

The most expensive item in this style is furniture. Rough, uncouth and rustic, it is not sold massively in stores, but is custom-made. It looks as if it had just been knocked together from logs brought from the forest. This is real handmade work, which costs a lot of money.

Furniture should be simple, concise forms without pretentiousness. Even a bed can be partially or completely made of logs. Wood for furniture is not polished, and processing is absolutely minimal, only processing to get rid of possible pests. The aging of materials will be hugely beneficial.

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Decor Elements and Accessories

The interior of the house in a rustic style can be complemented by decor and various accessories that can be found in any village hut. It can be ceramic products, tapestries, baskets, openwork forging candle holders, decorative bird cages, decorative chests.

In the rustic style, a large abundance of textiles is welcomed: a sheet of raw linen, burlap, and matting. You can use roller blinds from an opaque plain fabric on the windows. The main principle is to avoid various shiny glossy patterns and textures.

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Distinctive Features of Rustic Style

It would seem that designing a rustic style in a room is very simple: a lot of wood and stone, simplicity and laconicism of forms. However, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances characteristic of it. This does not mean that you will sleep exclusively on a wooden bed and wooden spoons, although this will only be welcome. Wood, stone and metal must be present in the elements of decoration.

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Rustic style lighting is very important. In the daytime, the room should be as sunlit as possible with the use of the bright natural light source.

In the dark, a pendant lamp made of wood or a chandelier based on wooden branches, deer horns or something imitating these materials can become a stylish accessory; it will fit perfectly into the interior. It is quite acceptable to use spotlights, which should be hidden behind the built-in furniture.


The choice of materials for ceiling decoration depends primarily on its height. For high ceilings, there is simply no better alternative than a beam. It can be natural wood or its imitations.

In this case, the color of the ceiling should be in harmony with the color of the walls. For ceilings of medium height use imitation of wooden coatings. A matte stucco or painted coating is suitable for low ceilings.

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The most competent decision for wall decoration in a rustic style will be full or partial wood paneling. Artificially aged wood can be supplemented with other materials: textured and rough plaster, stone, sheets of iron.

Walls finished with coarse sandstone or tiles made of it look great. Any wallpaper or painting is not acceptable here.


Rustic style flooring can be accomplished using solid wood, aged boards, or wooden parquet of a traditional rectangular shape, all options will fit perfectly into this style. Separate zones and even the entire floor can be covered with stone.

Ceramic tile, which has the texture of natural stone or wood, looks very good in this style. In some cases, a wicker carpet of gray and brown shades is acceptable. It is highly undesirable to use laminate and vinyl. The floor should become a semantic continuation of the walls. Such a combination will look very harmoniously.

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Rustic style seems very simple and uncomplicated at first glance, although in fact, it will take a lot of effort, including financial in order to arrange this style in the room. However, your efforts will not be in vain. If everything works out for you, then it will be simply impossible to find a cozier and more comfortable original and housing.