Renaissance Style: Noble Splendor in Your Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Renaissance Style: Noble Splendor in Your Interior Decor

If you have ever been to France and witnessed the magnificent Fontainebleau Palace or the halls of the Palace of Versailles, the Apollo Gallery in the Louvre, or visited the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Italy, then you are more than familiar with the Renaissance style. Even if you looked at all these monumental buildings only in photos and pictures, you probably know this luxurious style.

Soft, warm shades of the Renaissance, all its luxury, which was sometimes expressed in the level of affluence and the presence of “blue” blood, has survived to this day. Many conservatives who seek to show the wealth of their family, its affiliation with high-ranking officials, often try to recreate the Renaissance style in their homes. Someone does it well, someone doesn’t – to each their own. Let’s take a quick look at the Renaissance style as a whole and its features, as well as the main characteristics of the interior.

Features of the Renaissance Style

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The colors of the Renaissance style in the interior never stood out with the help of contrasts. Softness is that very element, which Renaissance style is saturated with. The Renaissance is rich in various monograms, sculptural stucco molding, vaulted arches, even ledges. Everything in it is strictly symmetrical, as if it was created in the XV-XVI centuries by people of exceptional logic. There is no chaos and diversity in it, but you can find many repetitions.

The basis of the renaissance in the interior is color beige; in combination with gold, it gives incredibly rich shades. Some autumn motifs can be traced in the interior with such a color scheme, because the colors typical for the Renaissance are also: burgundy, chocolate, white, crimson, yellow, red and purple. All of them are expressed in non-aggressive shades, so that there is no fragmentation.

The richness of the decoration of the room is emphasized by woodcarving of expensive furniture, wrought iron chandeliers with many lamps, chic rugs and, of course, a fireplace. All textiles in Renaissance style are smooth, the ceilings are very high.

Peculiarities of the Interior in the Renaissance Style

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For those who want to recreate this style in their apartment, there is a huge number of interior items that are available in thrift stores or in private hands that sell them on e-bay. If we take each element of this style separately, then all of them may well exist outside its framework, each one has its own “face” and character, they are often antique objects, or made to order in a single copy.

Furniture in the Renaissance style is most eloquently represented by small not folding sofas, often with soft ornament- or flowers patterned upholstery. Among other peculiar elements of furniture, characteristic of Renaissance style are carved chairs with round high backs, tables on bent legs, soft low poufs that are used as footrests. Frequently you can see an abundance of pillows with decorative tassels on each sofa, and if a headset is installed in the room, it certainly consists of a sofa with armchairs. Curtains with lambrequins can also be considered a feature of the Renaissance. As a rule, they are plain, made of heavy fabric of a deep dark color, or tapestry. Grips for them are always forged, at the ends there can be an image of a lion's face, leaves or monograms.

As for wallpaper, the velvet, brocade and embossed leather used in the Renaissance epoch are hardly available in modern apartments just like marble or smooth stonewalls. Therefore, when accomplishing the interior of the Renaissance style, it is worth paying attention to the wallpaper in warm neutral shades, with a discreet, but often repeating pattern. For example beige wallpaper with gold thin monograms, vertical stripes, or simply plain wallpaper. An interesting option for this style will be sections on the walls highlighted by moldings, where pictures or photos are subsequently placed in ornate frames.

Living Room in Renaissance Style

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The room for which the style of the Renaissance is perfect is the living room. It can rightfully be called the main room in the house, and therefore perfectly emphasizes the image of its owner and the degree of his well-being.

Furniture sets, which include the following items, are the most successful option for filling the living room:

  • Sofa,
  • Two armchairs,
  • Coffee table,
  • Chest of drawers,
  • Sideboard with open or closed display case.

It cannot be said that a large amount of furniture is also included in the rich decoration of the room. Quite the contrary - the furniture in the living room may not be enough, but it should be decorated luxuriously. Therefore, always pay attention to the materials from which your furniture is made in the Renaissance style. It would be better if it was an array of natural wood - oak, walnut or mahogany, but at first glance, it was noticeable how the master worked on it. Skillfully executed carving and gives greater aesthetics to the Renaissance.

The fireplace in the living room is an almost integral part of the Renaissance. The lack of central heating forced people to install fireplaces, and nowadays it plays a purely decorative role. The fireplace should be high, decorated with columns and stucco. It is better that it is a full-fledged wood, but then you should definitely consider a ventilation system and a chimney. You can also purchase an electric fireplace or biofireplace, so that installation problems become less.

Renaissance Decor

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The renaissance is characterized by an abundance of decorative elements. They can be everywhere, because it is the decor that is the logical conclusion to the interior.

Perhaps you have lovingly collected a collection of unique decorative plates for a long time, or you are fond of the work of great artists - Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Sandro Botticelli and their work inspires you. Therefore, it's time to design your interior design with your favorite decor.

Paintings for the style of the Renaissance mean a galaxy of brilliant creators whose work is forever included in the history of mankind. There can be many of them in the interior, only they should be hung up strictly symmetrically, there should not be any chaos.

However, the decorative plates on the stands must take their place in the sideboard. There you can put porcelain figurines of ballerinas or animals.

By the way, sculptures also occupy a significant place in the design of the Renaissance style. You can place busts, vases and interesting candlesticks on the fireplace or coffee tables. The fireplace itself can also be decorated with sculptures depicting women or men who support the columns, or vines.