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Interior accomplished in red color - is always spectacular, bright and bold. However, in order to not be ashamed for the outlook of your house, you need to learn how to use this color correctly.

Red is considered one of the most emotional colors in the entire palette. This color is associated with energy and strength. It has almost hypnotic appeal. Red color is impossible not to notice, even if it is present in the interior only in the form of accents or in one detail.

However, it is worth remembering that the red color in the interior has a huge impact on the human psyche. It can both cause anxiety, and excite, increase appetite and recharge with cheerfulness. In addition, red was considered an attribute of luxury and power at all times in human history. It is believed that the interior accomplished in red is chosen by confident, strong-willed, and enterprising people striving for self-realization, with extraordinary thinking and strong character.

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Given the impact that red has on the person, it is good to use it in the interiors of the kitchen, bathroom, gym, study, dressing room or hall. Red color stimulates appetite, enhances motility, has a wake-up effect and energizes.

However, in large quantities, red in the interior can lead to irritation and depression. Therefore, try not to go over the top with it in the bedroom, living room or nursery. In these rooms, it is better to use red accents, which can be individual items of furniture or decor (vases, lamps, screens). As catchy elements, they will make the interior bright and varied.

Best Color Combinations with Red

The best solution would be to use shades of red as an accent in combination with other, neutral colors. Let's take a look at the most successful and common combinations:

Red and White

It is a mistake to assume that such an interior will be boring and monotonous. On the contrary, this combination will be a win-win option for decorating a living room or a dining room. The beauty of this tandem lies in the fact that it does not need to use additional shades to give emphasis. To give the room more dynamics, you can use smooth transitions from dark to light tones. You can also combine plain surfaces with patterned ones. However, it is necessary to keep proportions and provide a clear preference to only one type of surface, and use the second as an accent. In the dining room, upholstered chairs or kitchen towels, which serve as decor can have patterns.

Large floor vases with an ornament or sofa cushions will complement the interior of the living room, accomplished in red colors. It is better to choose monophonic walls and textiles for window decoration. The “white on red” technique implies the use of red as the main color. Do not be afraid, this interior will not be aggressive or defiant. The secret lies in the balancing effect of white, which neutralizes all the negative effects of red. The room will be cozy and very warm.

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Red and Beige

It is also a self-sufficient combination that does not need additional color support. Moreover, a poorly chosen third color can significantly spoil the overall picture. Shades of beige like sand, straw or earthy will look most harmonious in this interior. Any shade of red will do here, you can choose something like wine or burgundy, and raspberry. If beige is chosen as the main color, the interior will be soft and soothing. Optimal use of this option will be for the design of the bedroom in a retro style. However, at the same time both shades should be slightly muffled.

The brickwork of red color with shades of brown is well combined with light walls or furniture. This will revitalize the neutral interior and make it more dynamic. The main secret of this union is the obligatory use of several shades of beige. For example, sand walls combined with straw floors, plus a few pieces of furniture made in any of the shades of red, and your interior will never be boring and monotonous.

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Red and Blue

This is a very rare combination that it rarely used in modern apartments. If you want to make your apartment extraordinary, then this is exactly what you need. This combination is considered strange, because red is a flame, while blue is ice. And as you know, cold shades with warm ones are not usually combined. However, many designers neglect this fact and achieve impressive results. For a successful outcome, the first thing to do is decide what your room will be, warm or cold.

Thus, in the first case the leading color will be red, and in the latter - blue. Now you should correctly determine the proportions. We recommend adding white color and using it in most of the room. Using the muffled shades of red and blue, it is possible to create even a red and blue nursery. In this case, there should be minimum of red. Otherwise, it will overstimulate the psyche of the child, and he will be restless and very active. In addition, this combination successfully complements the marine interior. If you want something more saturated, then use turquoise. By diluting it with several items of coral color, you will get a comfortable interior, which will help to elevate your mood and symbolize luxury and wealth.

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Red and Green

This is not the most common combination, though, quite interesting. Many are afraid of this combination and do not dare to apply it. But pay attention to the color of your favorite berries - raspberries, strawberries, cherries or watermelon. After all, it is this combination of colors that they all repeat, and it does not look out of place at all. Hence, it is only necessary to keep proportions. Just like in the previous combination, it is recommended to use white or beige as the main color.

For a warmer interior, use beige as the primary, red as an extra, and green as a tint. The pleasant freshness of green shades will revitalize the interior and make its warmth more moderate. For a colder setting, choose white as the main, and shades of green as an extra. Do not make one shade more noticeable, and the other paler. Both of these colors should have the same intensity.

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Red and Black

This is the most difficult and ambiguous combination. Its perception differs from person to person. Some are attracted to its saturation, a sense of passion and danger. Others will find it dark and Gothic. In general, this color combination has a rather depressing effect on the human psyche, especially if these two colors are in abundance. However, in minimal quantities, everything will look very dynamic and sophisticated.

For optimum results, use a neutral base tone. Most often, this appears to be the gray color, which due to its versatility and nobility balances and softens the overall picture. You can also use white or other pastel shades. Another secret is the minimum amount of black items. This technique will free the room from the feeling of gloom and relieve tension. A little golden hue will also remove gloominess. To create a more solid interior, choose dark shades of red, and to achieve volume, use less black and more light color. This color combination can be used to decorate the living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and even bathrooms. Especially dining rooms, because these colors greatly increase the appetite.

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