Magic of Purple Color in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Magic of Purple Color in the Interior Decor

Purple color has always been regarded as an attribute of power, and was associated with luxury. This was mainly because of the high cost of its production. This pigment was extracted from Buccinidae, a type of marine snails. About 800 mollusks were needed to manufacture only 1 gram of a purple shade.

Because of this, only rulers and high clergy could afford to dye clothes in purple. The fact that it was Cleopatra's favorite color and that it symbolized virtue and faith in ancient Egypt, also testifies to the exceptional beauty of violet.

Until now, purple in the interior played a supporting role. It is mainly used in the design of accessories, as a striking color that can emphasize the soothing beauty of white or other gentle pastel tones. Purple can undoubtedly stress the advantageous part of the living space and unify the entire interior by becoming a bright spot in the otherwise monotone interior. However, nowadays, interior designers are starting to use purple as a main tone of the interior.

This color is particularly well suited for the Provence-style interior. The walls accomplished in the shade of a wild orchid or dark grapes look perfect with the romantic and cozy atmosphere of such decor. The bedroom will benefit from sensuality, when the walls are painted with pastel and saturated color of heath.

If you are not a fan of dark purple shades, you should look into combining them light purple and violet. A successful combination will require just a dash of dark purple, unifying the interior. For example, one can paint three walls of a room with delicate, pale lavender, and the fourth with a saturated dark purple. Purple looks very good in combination of other colors. For example, it will look stunning with yellow and gray. However, you should avoid combining purple with its basic colors – classic blue and red.

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The Suitable Color Palette for Combination with Purple

Natural colors:

Purple + Blue

The perfect combination can be achieved by combination of different shades, for example, dark blue, light blue, lilac, heather. Arranging the interior in purple in combination with blue gives the impression of natural fields of flowers. Here the most suitable style will be Provence, which will make you think of the hills overgrown with lavender and the cloudless sky. For example, lavender wall and blue linens will look great in the bedroom.

Purple + Green

This combination will make the living space roomier. If the wall is decorated with wall mural or art print, this combination of color will focus the attention on the object. In this case, the best shade of purple is fuchsia. With tender, light greens, fuchsia will look fresh, and thanks to the green color reminding of lavish greenery - more exotic and exciting. If you select this color combination for your bedroom interior, it is better to combine it with pastel colors, for example, beige walls.

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Pastel Colors:

Purple + Purple

Gradient of pastel purple shades will create a very soothing and cozy atmosphere. It will look elegant and will not overload your perception with abundance of saturated colors. The best shades for gradient will be pastel purple, heather, and pale pink. The eggplant purple will look clean and modern with pastel grey. In case you want to add natural wood to your interior design, choose lightwood, such as white oak. In order to add bright spots to your living space, you can add a couple of red accessories.  

Purple + Orange

This combination screams exotic. The two peculiar colors can create a mind-blowingly beautiful interior if you combine them wisely, without going overboard with saturation of colors. In order to add freshness to this color combination, you can use either plants or accessories of green color. Just make sure that the saturation of the colors you use matches the intensity of green.

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Warm Palette:

Purple + Pink

You can achieve a cozy and elegant atmosphere in your living space by combining the warm shades of purple and pink. Granted, it will be more vivid and exotic than the combination of pastel shades, but the effect of combining these colors can be truly mesmerizing. One can decorate one of the walls with a purple-colored wall mural, for instance of a beautiful and tranquil sunset. In case you are a fan of Indian brightness of colors, you can add velvet blue accessories to your room décor.

Purple + Yellow

Purple and yellow color combination adds royal atmosphere to your room, especially if you are using gilded accessories instead of just yellow. For example, an art print in a golden frame, a vase, door handles, chandelier accomplished in gold will create the effect of wealth and nobility. This color palette will be most suitable for classic-style interior or vintage one, where you can add golden tassels to your curtains. Comfort and elegance will be the most suitable description of the interior like that.

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Cold palette:

Purple + Gray

The most suitable style of interior of usage of this color combination is modern minimalist. Gray must have silver, steel or blue shade, while purple in this care must be of saturated shade of indigo. Using this color combination will help you create stunning, comfortable and modern interiors that will attract attention and even envy of your friends. If you combine these two colors with white, you will add freshness and elegance to the interior, making it even more striking.

Purple + White

Modern and clean combination of purple and white relates nobility and minimalism. The perfect addition for an interior like that will be grey accessories of silver shade. They can be wall murals, canvas sets, candleholders, doorknobs or anything at all.  Although this will not be an overly cozy room, it will look perfect and fresh, elegant and mesmerizing. It will be the perfect living space to receive guests.

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The Best Combination with Purple in the Interior

Green and purple is the most beautiful color combination, inspired by nature. Violet-purple petals of violets, spring lilac and lush vegetation surrounding them – these are the colors that inspire interior, accomplished in this color combination.

Although this color combination is not the most frequently used by designers, it deserves particular attention due to its versatility and soothing effect that it creates in any living room. Purple-green interior will look equally stunning in bedroom, living room or even kids room. Abundance of shades gives you the freedom to let your imagination run wild. You can combine these colors with white or yellow accessories to add bright spots and freshness to overall interior décor.