Individual Interior Decor with Personalized Wall Art

Art & Photo Prints Individual Interior Decor with Personalized Wall Art

One can talk endlessly about what an ideal interior should be: each architect, designer, decorator has his own rules and guidelines. And only one thing unconditionally converges all the professionals in this field: a good interior should be personalized, reflect the character and hobbies of the owners of the house.

If you feel that your apartment is "missing something", use our tips and add personality to the interior.

To make an interior the way you want (and not the way it "should be"), you first need to forget about typical solutions. Who said that the kitchen must certainly be bright? Look at these stunning black kitchens and leave doubts! After all, it is up to you to live in the interior that you create - and that means only you set the rules. If your favorite color is pink, feel free to decorate your bedroom in pink, and if you have long wanted to have a bathroom in blue tones – act on it!

If you are afraid that the chosen color will eventually become uncomfortable or annoying, use as bright accents what can be changed without problems: textiles, accessories, furniture covers.

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Use Personalized Wall Art

Personilized wall art is the most inexpensive and easiest way to make your interior more you. Arrange, hang, paste wall art with happy moments of your life around the apartment - and you will see how much more pleasant it will be to return home.

You can simply use the upload page and either create the wall art from your photo or request the help of designers, who will assist you in creation of stunning wall murals, posters, or art prints just like you envision them.

Use Photos

Nowadays, interior decoration with photographs is very popular, because high-quality family photographs create comfort and add notes of special charm. However, in order for photos in the interior to look beautiful and harmonious, you need to think about their location in advance.

Photos carry a certain element of intrigue and mystery emanating from pictures that have turned yellow with time depicting happy days of our serene youth, and are windows into the past and a kind of time machine that carries us many years back. All you have to decide is what to do with them, how to revive them, make them work on your interior and decorate your everyday life, giving it a new dimension, a new gradient in the form of a temporary component?

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Every person on our planet, whoever he is, is someone else's child and grandson. We all have parents, grandparents, and many relatives, and this family tree is reflected in family photos that we want to share with friends and relatives.

Basic Rules for Decorating with Photos

  • The rule of the middle is - the largest or a series of equivalent photographs should be located at eye level (at a height of about 152 cm). When you are hanging it, it is advisable to hang them first and then start from them.
  • If you want to place 3-5 photos of different sizes, it is better to place them using the gallery method in a line, at the eye level from the larger photo to the smaller photo at a certain distance.
  • If you have 2 to 3 photos of the same size, it is better to place them in the form of steps so that the bottom of the top is at the top of the bottom of the photo, but at a small distance.
  • If you have one large and several small photos of the same size, then place a large one in the center, and small ones around it.
  • If you want to place many photos from 12 to 30 different sizes, it is best to place them in the form of a common rectangular panel. But the main thing is to choose the sizes so that the distance between the photos is the same.
  • Place photos so that they are united by one color scheme or theme, and also make sure that the frames are combined with the interior and are not brighter than the photos themselves.
  • For interior decoration, choose only high-quality and clear photographs. All details should be clearly visible, except for those photographs where the “blurriness” was done on purpose.
  • Never combine frames from different materials in one exposure. If you hang wooden and glass frames next to it, it will be vulgar.
  • To emphasize the artistic merits of photography, you can simply place it on an easel, reinforcing with a clerical clip.
  • A small collage of family photos looks great in a volumetric glazed frame in a vintage style.
  • A large-format photo portrait of a child surrounded by a contrasting drapery of curtains can be an excellent design move in a family interior.

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Don't be afraid to experiment with the shapes and sizes of photos and frames. Incompatible, at first glance, combinations with additional non-traditional elements of decor will only enhance the impression of photos and attract attention to them. Frames can have a different texture, texture and style, and vintage accessories will emphasize your creativity.

If you replace the mat with transparent glass, you can in an original way emphasize the beauty of the photos and create a feeling of dissolution in the space of the room. This is a very effective and inventive technique.

Black-and-white photographs arranged in identical frames on the same line emphasize the architectural features of the room and create a modern atmosphere in the interior.

Photos can be used to surround the room by placing frames around the perimeter. This will emphasize the architectural features of the room and visually increase the height of the ceilings.

If you place a variety of photographs, combining them into a single composition using the same frames unified in a single style, you can tell the whole story in pictures of various sizes and formats.

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Use things with history in your decor

Grandma’s jug or grandfather’s alarm clock can not only fit perfectly into your interior, but also make it more soulful. Do not throw away things related to family history, especially if pleasant memories are associated with them.

Make a place for reading

Home is the place you live in, not just eat, sleep and check your email. Therefore, in your apartment there must be a corner where you can comfortably sit down with a book and a cup of tea.

Forget the Boring Wall Murals

Dull walls with slurred wallpapers are not the best option for a personalized interior. Be bolder, choose stunning personalized wall murals, or wallpapers with patterns or various kinds of effects. Creative natures will surely like sketch-like wallpapers.

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Find unexpected storage places

Who said things should certainly be stored in a closet? What if you don’t like the cabinets or there is simply no place for them in your house? Turn on your imagination, get away from template thinking - and you will see how many unexpected storage options can be found in your own apartment. For example, a bedside table under a bed is an excellent replacement for bookshelves or shoe shelves and a spacious space for storing seasonal items.

Update and change the interior

Your tastes and attitudes are changing, you are developing, and life does not stand still. Therefore, the interior of your house can not remain in the same form forever: do not be afraid to make changes to the familiar environment. Repaint, decorate, move, add, remove

Give old things a new life

If you have objects that are associated with good memories, and you would like to preserve them, try to give your old things a new life. For example, you can turn an old sweater into a stylish lamp. Or make an original table lamp from an empty bottle. Connect your imagination and try to discern new potential in the old thing!