Paintings in Kitchen Interior: Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Wall Décor

Art & Photo Prints Paintings in Kitchen Interior: Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Wall Décor

Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen: cooking breakfast and dinner, and sometimes hanging with friends. Naturally, everyone wants their room to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Paintings can become a true gem of your kitchen.

Alas, one cannot get the feeling of comfort without major renovation. However, one shouldn't forget that the interior of the kitchen is mostly comprised of the little details: decor, dishes, clock and, of course, the wall decorations.

Paintings and art prints are considered the most popular kitchen decorations. Let's take a brief look on how to choose a picture that suits the interior of your kitchen.

Advantages of Painting in the Kitchen

It is important to understand that landscapes and still life paintings perform not only important aesthetic role. Their functionality is much more versatile than it might seem at first glance.

Sometimes paintings can:

• Hide the finishing errors. Sometimes paint or plaster on the walls does not look quite smoothly, which is why paintings will help cover the defect.

• Add colors to a monochrome design. If you made up your mind to create a monochrome interior, don't forget to add color spot. A bright art print in this case will make the room more interesting.

• Shift the focus to a specific area.

• Smooth out the imbalance that may arise if one wall is shielded by furniture, while the other one is fully open.


However, in order to achieve great results, it's necessary to choose the right picture. Properly selected picture will unite the interior.

Tip 1. Don’t forget to choose a painting in compliance with general style of the interior

country style kitchen interior with art print | Print-Services.comFirst of all, you must adhere to general design concept of kitchen interior. If the room is decorated in loft style, romantic landscape will not be suitable. And vice versa, bright impressionism will not be appropriate for a kitchen accomplished in Provence style.

Therefore, you should carefully select a picture so that it suits the overall interior. Ideally, the chosen picture should complement kitchen, and bring harmony into the interior.

Tip 2. Create the right compositions

One large canvas can be an ideal decoration of the room. But don't forget that this solution isn't suitable for all types of interior and not viable for every room configuration. For example, a massive picture would not be appropriate in a small kitchen.

Such styles as Country and Chebbi-chic welcome many small adornments, designed in the same style. However, you have to create a beautiful composition, instead of simply hanging the decorations in a chaotic manner.

Generally speaking, just remember that your gallery should have a unifying element - color, theme, and the overall style of the picture. In addition, the framework should be similar in each decoration.

If you are not sure of your talent as an art connoisseur, you can purchase a ready-made set or several triptychs by one author.

Tip 3. Shape is important

In this case we are talking about the shape of the frame. If you prefer classic or minimalistic solutions, try a win-win move: put paintings on the walls that match their shape: rectangular and oval for a rectangular wall, square and round for a square.

If you create a composition, you can experiment with the random selection of different shapes. However, in this case, it is necessary to choose the appropriate theme, in order not to destroy harmony. While creating your composition, you should refrain from installing the painting on the wall right away. Lay them out on the floor to see the result. Perhaps something will have to be changed. After that, attach sheets of paper that match the size and shape of your paintings to the wall using adhesive tape. Only then, if everything looks good, you can proceed with hanging of the paintings on the wall.

Tip 4. Keep the proportions

3 piece canvas set for kitchen decor | Print-Services.comThe recommendation may seem obvious, but many people forget about it when they see the painting they like. Massive paintings are not suitable for a small kitchen - it's better to pick up 2-3 small art prints or paintings in beautiful frames. And vice versa. If you have a spacious room, a small picture can simply get lost in space. Therefore, carefully correlate the dimensions.

Oddly enough, the same advice can be applied to the theme of paintings. You can be a fan of marine-themed paintings, but "the Ninth Wave" art print will look strange in a tiny frame. So do not forget about common sense and find paintings that suit your kitchen's size.

Tip 5. The laws of vertical and horizontal

Incorrect painting placement can destroy the balance of your room and make it disproportionate. Therefore, you should be careful with it. If you have only one painting, everything is much simpler. However, if you want to hang a composition of several elements, you will have to follow the laws of geometry

Visually mark the center of the picture, which will remain in the center of the plot, and hang the rest of the pictures along the vertical or horizontal axis from it. This universal composition is well suited for both modern and classic interior.

Note that the correct approach to this issue will help you visually improve the perception of the room. For example, horizontal placement is well suited for a small kitchen with high ceilings. Thus, you will be able to smooth out the disproportion in size. Conversely, vertical placement will help you to make the room visually higher.

Tip 6. Think about lighting

Kitchen decor with lightning and framed art prints | Print-Services.comEven the most beautiful picture will be lost if you hang it in a dark corner. In addition, the lines of the picture may be distorted due to the play of light and shadow. Therefore, it is important to consider how you will highlight your paintings. First of all, think about how the light from the already installed lighting devices will fall. Maybe after that you will have to invent a new place for the picture. A good move is to install special thin horizontal lamps, which can often be seen in museums. Of course, we do not urge you to buy expensive equipment. However, its imitation will affect the picture in positive way: it will be correctly highlighted from above, revealing its beauty. In addition, you should not hang oil painting next to the heating lamps - even if the picture is processed using special technologies, the constant heating will have a bad effect on the paints' endurance.

Type of painting depends on the lighting as well. For example, if the room itself is dark, not overly lighted, it is better to abandon the idea of small paintings with lots of details - without lighting, they will be impossible to view.

Tip 7. Determine the height

Since the main application of the paintings in the kitchen is aesthetic, designers frequently recommend hanging them directly at eye level. The exception is the dining table, where the canvases can be placed slightly lower or slightly higher. However, don't forget that in the latter case it is important to make sure that none of the guests, leaving the table will brush against the picture, especially if there are protruding elements in the frame.

There are other nuances that we recommend paying attention to:

Planning on placing paintings on several walls at once? In this case, it is very important not to create a negligent effect. Make sure that the lower edges of the frames are at the same level. Otherwise, the kitchen will look tasteless.

If you are a fan of small paintings, it is better to hang them at eye level or slightly lower. If you hang them too high, then you most likely will not be able to see what is depicted on them.

Prefer large images? There is also a rule here. The bottom edge of the picture should be located directly in the middle of the wall. However, if you have overly high walls, you can slightly raise the picture - thus, you will be able to smooth out the imbalance.

Paintings above the bar or dining table can be hung below eye level, but you should not place them close to the tabletop. Otherwise, you risk smearing the image. For the same reasons, you should not place pictures above the work surface.

In general, we advise you to evaluate the result before you hang the picture - the design of your kitchen plays a big role, so the general recommendations can be slightly adjusted depending on the interior.

Tip 8. Mirror placement

Popular designer choice – placing the row а paintings opposite to the furniture set. In this case there are rules, which must be followed, а you want your kitchen too look beautiful.

In this case, the row should straight, so you have to work with the meter. There are several other ways to make the kitchen look beautiful and stylish:

• You can align the top edge of the paintings with the level of the top edge of the backsplash. This technique is well suited for small square kitchens.

• The bottom edge of the frames can be positioned at the level of tabletop. Thus, you will make the kitchen visually higher. However, make sure that no one will be brushing against the paintings - this method is only suitable if the wall opposite the backsplash is free from furniture.

• Universal method - by the level of the window opening. It is suitable for any type of premises.

Tip 9. Think about large paintings' installation

Sometimes one wants to hang a large canvas or fresco in the kitchen. In this case, it is very important for surroundings of the picture to be as simple as possible - plain wall decoration, simple furniture. If you ordered a printed canvas for the entire wall, the rest of the surfaces should be painted in calm neutral color. Otherwise, you risk getting a tasteless kitchen.

Tip 10. Don’t forget about safety

Do not hang the picture directly above the gas stove - the slightest spark may be enough to light up the canvas. The exception are glazed paintings in the glass frame. However, make sure that the glass is fireproof.

Even glazed paintings in wooden frames should not be installed near the sink. Gradually the frame will swell and deform from constant moisture.

Tip 11. Remember common sense

You are free to furnish your house, as you like. However, paintings for the kitchen should still be selected with caution. It is unlikely that you will have a good appetite looking at Bosch's paintings (they have tremendous artistic value, but still!) or at anatomical atlas illustrations.

Landscapes, still life, and abstractions are considered classics for the kitchen. Therefore, choose what you like, but have common sense.

Do not forget about the quality of the paintings - if it is not high, you risk completely ruining the interior of your kitchen instead of decorating it.

Tip 12. Maybe you shouldn’t hang it.

If you like frequent changes, it is likely that the pictures will bore you pretty soon or you will want to move them somewhere else. In this case, we recommend not hanging pictures in order to avoid spoiling the walls. You can put them in special frames on narrow shelves. Shelves can be made transparent - thus, the paintings will seem to be floating in the air.