Orange Color in the Interior: Practical Tips on Creating Unique Décor

Art & Photo Prints Orange Color in the Interior: Practical Tips on Creating Unique Décor

Orange color in the interior will help to improve anyone's mood and give the room an atmosphere of summer warmth. A combination of red and yellow hues creates a happy sunny orange color.

You can adjust the space of the room by playing on the contrast using the orange tone. Orange has a rich history. In ancient times, it symbolized love. In Buddhism, orange is the main color and means a perfect state.

The Meaning of Orange Color and its Effect on People

Like other colors, orange affects human life. This is a complex color and the predominance of a particular shade in it affects our subconsciousness, providing a different effect for each tone.

Dominant yellow color has a positive effect on a person's mood and is capable of eliminating depression.

The use of orange in the interior will help you to cope with apathy and depression, as well as to define and achieve the new goals. Moreover, the orange color is capable of helping reserved people, eliminating shyness. In psychology, orange is used for working with aggressive clients, as it calms them down.

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Combination with Other Colors

Green and Orange

Green or mint color will give the interior a summer freshness. Shades of green and orange blend harmoniously and make the room bright.

Yellow and Orange

Yellow-orange color is perfect for a child's room. Both shades will contribute to the development of the child and support a positive attitude.

Gray and Orange

A calmer combination, where colors complement each other. Even when using a saturated dark orange shade, gray softens it, so that you do not end up with overly vivid orange. The combination of orange and gray is often used in Anglo-Saxon countries to decorate the house for Halloween. The correct distribution of colors is the cornerstone of success if you accomplish interior in orange-grey colors. Namely: either the orange background with the gray clearly visible accents, or vice versa - the gray background and easily distinguishable orange accents that are separated from the background. In other words, the interior accomplished in these colors should not be divided into separate zones. Orange accents on a gray background should be distributed evenly - a picture above the sofa and pillows on the sofa, a rug against one wall, pictures on another wall, etc.

All shades of orange are perfectly combined with steel, aluminum, chrome and other gray metals. The contrast is very beautiful. Finally, cold bluish shades of gray are very effectively combined with rich reddish shades of orange: mandarin and carrot.

At the same time, just like in the combination of blue and orange, it is better to use bluish-gray as the main one, and orange as an accent color.

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Orange and Pink

In combination with pink orange makes up for a very romantic interior with elements of oriental luxury. Pastel pink color will make the room feminine and playful; this option is suitable for a nursery or for a girl's room.

Orange and Brown

Orange in combination with brown is associated with chocolate and oranges. The interior accomplished in these colors looks incredibly comfortable and velvety. Interior can be complemented with accents made of autumn motifs or animals.

Orange in the Interior of the Living Rooms


Juicy orange blossom will harmoniously look in the spacious kitchen. Due to the brightness of the facades, the worktop and apron will look best in calm and pastel shades.

Living Room

With the help of the pattern on the wallpaper, the living room interior can be given a completely different atmosphere. The overall concept has to be supported by the decorative items, such as pillows, art prints, carpets and a wide selection of other items.

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Experimenting with different colors of the walls in the interior decor can yield beautiful results, for example, white bedding in combination with light-colored orange curtains or art prints will refresh the interior by adding light to it.

Bright color will make the bedroom rich and colorful. This option is suitable for extravagant apartment or house owners.

Children's Room

Orange color is perfect for the children's room, as it is bright, sunny and is associated only with positive emotions. You can dilute the color palette with different shades nothing will be superfluous. The combination of orange and turquoise deserves a special mentioning, as it will give nursery a fairy-tale outlook. The nursery will resemble a fabulous garden.

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Tile in the bathroom can be of one color around the perimeter, or of combination of them. If you have a small bathroom, it is better to limit the orange tiles to one or two walls.

In addition, the main color of the tile can be of a calm shade, complemented by a pattern of unusual shape.

The Choice of Style

Classical Style

The classic style is notable for its restraint. Provided that the orange is very bright and saturated color, it should be accompanied by furniture of simple lines and interior details of calm shades. For smaller rooms, choose a light orange shade. The brighter or darker the color of the walls, the smaller the living space will seem.

Modern Style

Modern style is distinguished by functionality, straight lines that prevail in the interior, as well as monochromatic wall color. One of the walls can be highlighted in bright color.

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Country Style

Country style involves the maximum use of natural materials. The interior uses a lot of wood and greenery. In contrast to the modern style, all kinds of cozy carpets, bedspreads and pillows are welcome.

Loft Style

Loft is a trendy and modern trend that is often used to create a stylish home. Orange color harmoniously looks with a terracotta shade of a brick and cold concrete. When using an orange color scheme, the interior softens and does not look so rough.

Finishing (Walls, Floor, Linen)


The walls of the room can be decorated not only using conventional techniques, but also with the help of an unusual method of applying paint.

Wallpaper or wall murals with an unusual pattern will create an original and unique interior. Interior decorations can be accomplished in the same color pallet as wallpapers or echo with it in theme and style.

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Bright orange floor looks original. It is suitable for contemporary style, retro and modern. There are many techniques for creating a colored floor, such as self-leveling floors, polymer coating with patterns and painting. If the owner of the house adheres to more classical shades and in the future he might want to change basic color of the interior of the room then one can always use carpeting.


Orange ceiling will make the interior of any room unique. This method is better to use in rooms with high ceilings, in order to avoid the pressing effect.

Accents in the Interior

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Accents create a mood in the house, depending on the shapes and colors of the decorative elements, the interior of the room looks complete and corresponds to the chosen style.

Art Prints

A successfully selected or even custom art print will complete the outlook of the room. The theme of the art piece should depend on the stylistic orientation of the interior.


Orange curtains will fill the room with gold in the evening sunset. The decoration can be made of copper curtains, unusual garters, and fringe.


Cushions of different color combinations will allow you to play with the interior. Oriental motifs will be obtained by combining orange with turquoise, and i you use white color the room will be filled with a light playful mood.