Shiny and Noble: Tips and Ideas on Creating a Magical Interior with Mirrors

Art & Photo Prints Shiny and Noble: Tips and Ideas on Creating a Magical Interior with Mirrors

Bright and shiny decor items are used to decorate the room and fill it with light. Mirrors in the interior are a popular and indispensable element of decor. The original mirror surface decorates the room and gives it personality. When choosing a mirror, you should consider the style of the interior, the presence of a baguette, its color and other additional options. Bright and unique mirror surfaces create a cozy atmosphere in any room.

A well-designed interior attracts attention and creates a positive impression. A strategically placed mirror will reflect a certain part of the room, an exquisite view from the window, etc. Framing should effectively emphasize the virtues of the mirror canvas. The height of the mirror should be always taken into account. Mirrors that hang too high reflect part of the ceiling, which is a plus for rooms with low ceilings, and if vice versa, the height of the ceiling visually increases.

The Main Purpose of Mirrors

Mirror is a stylish and functional element of decor. According to Feng Shui, the mirror is associated with Qi energy, it attracts various positive and negative energy flows and redistributes those in the apartment. Mirror paintings can control and enhance the influence of human thoughts and fantasies. Contemplation of the external image in the mirror allows not only to visually assess the attractiveness, but also to fill the aura with energy with a certain charge.

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When choosing a mirror, you should determine its possible location in our home and functions that it will perform.

There exist several types of mirrors:

  • Wall mirror - a classic arrangement of a brilliant product in the interior. It is used for decoration and visual expansion of the room;
  • Hinged mirror - consist of a movable part and a massive frame. These mirrors are used to reduce the space in the room if the room is excessively large. It is usually located opposite the window. Thus, the light is reflected in it and fills the room with light and brilliance, also creating the illusion of the second window;
  • Floor mirror - visually expand the room and fill it with light, suitable for zoning. Mirror like this must be placed near the wall so that the illusion of entering another room is created, this design solution visually expands the space. A massive wooden frame will be perfect as a frame;
  • Desktop mirror - are used as elements of room decoration, and perform an aesthetic function;
  • Ceiling mirrors - visually make the ceilings higher and reflect light, which fills the room with shine and sunbeams;
  • Panel of mirrors - looks original, reflects the entire space of the room. Used to visually increase the space.

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Composition of mirror paintings made in the same style, as well as arranged in a circle or asymmetrically, looks fashionable and stylish in modern interior. The combination of oval and square mirrors in one room looks unattractive, gives the impression of chaos and sloppiness. With the help of brilliant products, you can emphasize the unique style of the decor and add brightness and brilliance to it.

Rules for Placing Mirrors in Different Rooms

In Feng Shui, the mirror surface has many unique abilities. Mirrors can double or multiply various energies, as well as reflect ones, incoming from outside. The mirror surface located in various rooms has certain features:

  •     Kitchen is an area of ​​wealth and abundance. It is a “repository” of positive energy. The mirrors in this room have the ability to hold wealth in the house. The reflection of food on a mirror surface doubles its quantity, which symbolically increases wealth in the family;
  •     Bathroom - a mirror located opposite the door negatively affects financial well-being, especially when sewer pipes are reflected in it. Qi energy flows out of the house, which negatively affects financial well-being;
  •     Living room - placing a mirror in the living room makes parties and meetings more festive, because it seems that the number of people has doubled. The mirror surface enhances the energy brought by the guests;
  •     Bedroom - negatively affects the well-being and rest during sleep, mirrors located opposite the bed and at the head.

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Proper placement of the mirror surface allows you to create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere in the house.

Mirrored Ceiling

Recently, this version of the decor has become actively used in the modern interior. Although it must be noted that not all designers use mirror ceiling competently, on the contrary, some of them make it look like it overloads the room, instead of making it more spacious, lighter and more refined.

Mirrors in the Hallway

In small apartments and houses, the mirror surface is a practical element that visually increases the space. Mirrors in the hallway come in various shapes and sizes. To avoid narrowing a small space, large pieces of furniture must be avoided. In the hallway, you should install a narrow shelf on the wall or a chest of drawers that separates another space from the aisle. Here are the most common types of mirrors placed in the hallway:

  •     Hanging wall mirror - convenient and practical, are popular. Products do not take up space on the floor or shelf; you can independently hang them on the wall;
  •     Large wall mirror- visually expands the space and fills it with light, makes it spacious and comfortable. The size of the mirror canvas makes it possible to fully see your image in all details;
  •     Floor mirror - look stylish and original, create the effect of a door to another room, which visually expands the space;
  •     Mirror with shelves - convenient and practical, they can hold items that are constantly used.

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The mirror is an indispensable element of the interior. It decorates and complements the design of the room, helps to visually change the space, as well as to make bright accents. The mirror helps to increase the volume of the hallway, masking defects in the ceiling and walls.

Mirror Selection in Compliance with Various Parameters

Depending on the style of interior design, you should select a mirror canvas of a certain size, shape, with or without a frame. It is necessary to consider additional functions, such as backlight, built-in clock, heating, etc. Beautiful mirrors perform not only an aesthetic function, but also help to save time in the process of daily hygiene procedures.

Mirror Size Selection

Any room has a unique style, and a mirror canvas harmoniously complements it. The dimensions of the finished product have a significant impact on the interior. Large wall mirrors 60 x 80cm or 50 x 70cm and floor 190 x 90cm increase living space and make it light and bright. The optimal dimensions of the product should be calculated depending on the size of the room.

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Mirror Shape Selection

You should choose the shape of the mirror taking into account the height of the ceiling, the color of the wallpaper and the total size of the interior. Exquisite and stylish mirrors will decorate the interior and make it unique. Luckily, nowadays, mirrors come in a variety of shapes:

  •     Round mirrors - bright and attractive, they have an unusual frame, give lightness to the décor, and are suitable for a bedroom or living room.
  •     Oval mirrors - unique and original, perfect for decoration of the hallway because they add light to it.
  •     Rectangular mirrors - practical mirrors, which are divided in two types.

Horizontal - visually expand the room and the wall, while the height of the wall visually decreases. It looks harmoniously in small niches or above a curbstone. Looks perfect in narrow hallways.

Vertical - visually increase the height of the wall, you can see yourself full size in it. Typically, these mirrored surfaces are located next to the hanger or in the wardrobe.

A variety of shapes of mirrors allows you to create a unique atmosphere in each room.