Burst of Colors and Happiness in Memphis Syle

Art & Photo Prints Burst of Colors and Happiness in Memphis Syle

In the world of design and fashion, everything is cyclical. Memphis style is a good example of it ─ many years after it was in trend, it is popular again. This style has always attracted people by its lack of conventional restrictions and clear canons. The creators of Memphis designed the interiors using unusual shapes, geometric ornaments and bright open colors. A distinctive feature of the style is the abundance of patterns. Collages, comics, paintings in the style of pop art, and even shots from cult films are often used in this style.

Memphis style originated in 1980, its founder was the architect and designer from Milan, Ettore Sottsass. Together with their friends, designers Michele de Lucca and Andrea Branzi, they created the Memphis group and a new design direction with the same name, the main features of which were bold experiments and a combination of various elements. The creators of the style drew inspiration from their own imagination and pop art style, which is also characterized by brightness, bold decisions, and neglect of conventions.

Memphis resembles a picture with a bright abstraction and a Mexican motley poncho at the same time. Here triangles are combined with squares, circles, small ornaments with large ones.

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Experimenting with materials, shapes and colors, designers created high-quality and functional items that are in demand by the consumer. This style is characterized by catchy geometric shapes, bright colors, the use of high-tech materials (for example, laminated plastic), as well as direct use of elements of historical and avant-garde styles. Items of this style were, as a rule, produced in limited series with mandatory advertising support.

In Memphis style, you can do everything: use primary colors (colors that are not created by mixing), play with the composition, shapes and volumes, mix textures and materials. This freedom of action is so inspiring to a new generation of designers that the Wall Street Journal has announced a surge of “neo-memphis” - a new wave of this extravagant style.

Of course, not everyone will like such a riot of textures and colors. It is difficult to imagine active catchy materials, diverse, asymmetric objects and forms in one space, therefore such interiors cannot be perceived without a bit of humor.

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Practical and inexpensive materials of bright colors, as well as a wide variety of ornaments, are typical for memphis decoration. For example, geometric or imitating natural motifs (leopard spots, snake skin, etc.). You can often see combinations of different colors and shapes on the walls. A contrasting combination of colors is welcome in this style (black walls - white ceiling - bright checkered floor with patterns of geometric shapes inside each). The walls can be decorated with collages built on the principle of chaos.

Memphis style is flexible, and can be easily combined with other styles. Randomness distinguishes Memphis from other types of design. Hence, the complete freedom in the color scheme, arrangement and combination of elements in this style. The more contrast the better.

Interior Items

More and more companies are making Memphis-style home decoration items. Each object not only fulfills its utilitarian function, but also looks like a real piece of art. For example, lamps, as if originated in the 80s: shades of different colors and shapes are suspended on cables and remind avant-garde mobiles in their design.

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Distinctive features of this style of furniture are motley, bizarre and unpredictable forms, a paradoxical mixture of inexpensive materials (artificial leather upholstery, plastic legs, etc.). Bright examples in every sense are the Oberoi chair (1981) by George Sowden with red upholstery and bright yellow legs. Another example is the Beverly study (1981) from Sottsass with yellow “snake skin” laminated doors, “turtle-styled” shelves and a red lamp or his own Casablanca plastic cabinet with fancy-shaped shelves decorated with a snake-skin pattern on a red and yellow background.

The Characteristic Features of Modern Memphis Style

1. Widespread use of geometry and color.

When creating furniture, designers use geometric shapes, combinations of different color according to the “color block” principle, all kinds of ornaments and prints. Geometric shapes are preferred, but streamlined and flowing shapes can often be used to create complex spaces.

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2. Decorative details play an important role in interior design.

Decor elements in Memphis style have extraordinary shapes, they are characterized by a bright color palette. Ettore Sottsass was inspired by totems, he created amazing sculptures that attract the eye, and today the Memphis-style lamp performs its main function and at the same time looks like an art object.

3. Colors of style – cheerful and juicy.

If you complement any colors and shades with black geometry, the details will get clarity, contrast, so you can safely experiment with color in the design of interiors.

4. Lack of turnkey solutions.

When creating a Memphis style, the main principle is the game principle - the designer plays and experiments with materials, shapes, textures and colors. Calm tones are usually used for the background design - the ceiling, walls, light, which bright accessories, textiles and furniture contrast with.
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Decor and accessories are as bright as the
rest of the decor, they only add originality to the interior. Vases, dishes, paintings - all these accessories are made in original shapes, and combine several bright colors. The pillows have the brightest patterns, similar to the Turkish decor.

The room can be decorated with collages, comics and shots from cult films. Everything is supplemented with carpets, lampshades, figurines, books.

Memphis style is somewhat similar to the popular and modern fusion. It also combines, seemingly incompatible items at first glance, as a result, harmony, comfort, joyful mood is created. The only difference is that in addition to the combination of directions, colors and textures, in the Memphis style there is also an abundance of triangles, squares, and other shapes.

Memphis style is based on brightness, beauty, functionality and neglect of conventions. These are bold experiments in mixing shapes, colors, textures and other elements. Today, these ideas are embodied by designers in many countries of the world, which once again proves "New is well forgotten old."

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Thanks to the Memphis, it’s possible to create a space where you’re not bored, without any difficulties, which is why the style is so popular today. Interesting colors, unusual shapes, ornaments, collages, bold combinations make staying in such a room comfortable, and the atmosphere in it is positive. Youth is especially partial to the Memphis style, which is why this style is currently often used in the interior design of cafes and bars.