Marine-Style Interior of Your Dreams

Art & Photo Prints Marine-Style Interior of Your Dreams

Marine theme has been a trend in the fashion industry for many years. Marine style in the interior of the apartment is a reminder of the serenity and freedom, which sea provides. Stripes, shells and starfishes, anchors and lifebuoys, compasses, slippers, sailboats, imitation of a deck or plating of a ship, blue and sand colors - all this can be used in the design of the bedroom, hallway, living room and even more so the bathroom !

Sometimes one small detail is enough to hear the sound of the sea and feel the refreshing breeze. Marine style in the interior is very convenient in terms of what allows your fantasy to roam to its fullest, and the size of the room does not play a big role. You can fantasize even a tiny ship galley, even a boundless ocean; it all depends on the space available for the decor...

Perhaps the light can be considered almost the main element of the marine style. Remember when the last time you went to the beach house, was it dark and gloomy? (And if it was, how quickly did you want to get out of there?) That is why white is the main color of marine-themed interiors: it reflects daylight, and does not absorb it.

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There is a very thin border between the interior and the exterior decor, which is often erased altogether in marine style. You can use full-length windows, glass doors and ceilings that allow sunlight to freely spread throughout the house.

If for some reason, these drastic changes in your interior are impossible - don't give up: the lack of daylight can always be corrected with artificial light. Window decor should be simple and easy - no blackout drapes that do not let in light! If you are the happy owner of a house near a body of water, then you probably wouldn’t want to close such a wonderful view from the window at all.

Although the glitter and shine are not peculiar to white sea interiors, a few well-chosen accents will help you add light to your rooms. For example, a mirror located directly opposite the window or a glass dining table placed in the bay window. In order not to destroy the warm charm of the sea style with cold gloss, do not overdo it with shiny and reflective surfaces.

Strips for the interior nautical style will be the most appropriate choice. They are reminiscent of sea waves and sailor vests. Almost everything can be striped, ranging from wallpaper to sofa cushions and napkins.

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The fabrics used in the marine interior are the most natural and simple, unassuming and comfortable. Linen pillowcases, cotton mats, muslin curtains, freely oscillating from the wind. You cannot go wrong if you prefer white, although transparent pastel colors are also quite acceptable. If we talk about colors suitable for combination with white, then the leader of the maritime style palette is undoubtedly turquoise, ranging from delicate light to deep dark.

The market is literally flooded with fabrics with "sea" and "beach" patterns - and some of them are really good. For example, bright monochromatic stripes (blue or red plus white). These colors resemble both a striped vest and a folding beach chair. Therefore, you can use this technique if you find a suitable option, but do not overdo it; otherwise, you will fall into kitsch. Use similar textiles only as small accents: a few cushions or a pair of chairs.

White is the key color of the marine interior palette. If done correctly, the white rooms fascinate with their perfect simplicity. If this ascetic aesthetics does not appeal to you, dilute the realm of white with tones that remind of sand dunes with stingy vegetation - cream, beige, khaki. Matte surfaces are more preferable than glossy ones, colors should look as if they are blurred.

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The deep blue-and-blue scale is considered an integral element of the marine-themed interior, resembling the sky and the ocean. This is a classic choice for bathroom design or for a bedroom interior, which, however, does not exclude the use of blue everywhere - for example, as a neutral light background. The blue color palette is excellent for any room in the apartment. The soft blue tone can be used actively, but with rich bright colors, it is worth being careful to create an interior in nautical style. Let them be manifested in the details.

Organic materials such as sisal, straw and jute used for carpets, furniture and accessories will add warmth and texture to the marine interior. Some details of the rope, panels with sea knots, handles on the chest or even a handrail on the stairs - and the nautical theme will be in its full glory.

Create a contrast with textured natural surfaces. For instance, a wicker coffee table next to a rattan chair, both of which stand on a sisal carpet - this is probably too much. Let wicker chairs coexist, say, with a glass table or a crystal chandelier. Alternatively, they can even be painted blue.

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While exotic woods can look suitable for a tropical interior, the nautical style dictates light tones. Imagine a tree thrown onto the shore by a wave: a dilapidated and faded, covered with patterns left by sea salt. This is how wooden surfaces should look like in the sea interior. Bleached or light wood, maple, ash, bamboo on the floor or in pieces of furniture, it will fit perfectly. Painted stripes and lining are also classics of the marine style.

Dark wooden surfaces can also be incorporated in the decor, but they are rather an exception to the rule, than a full-fledged style component. A walnut or teak cabinet will be a bright sport that will stand out against the light background of the rest of the interior, provided, of course, that there are no other dark accents in it.

The marine theme is perfect for romantics and adventurers. Anchors, old maps, steering wheels, models of sailboats, portholes, lifebuoys - all this can be placed in one place, making a sea corner, or it can be “scattered” around the apartment.

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Outside the window there can be your summer cottage, while between the windows - a real sea, even if it is on the photo or art print. In order to enhance the effect it is worth using a rather large photo frame made in the style of window frames. Stripes, wooden beams and carelessly hung holiday pictures will complement your nautical-style interior perfectly.

Add a few items with a clear geographical identity: French wine jugs or Japanese floats from fishing nets. Experiment with the use of all your finds - you can build a table lamp from a glass vase with shells and a conventional textile lampshade, or you can create a frame for a mirror made of coral, or even a headboard of a bed made out of several wooden oars.

Bring some humor to the nautical theme, and hang framed beach slippers and retro swimsuits on the walls. The simplest way to decorate the interior in a nautical style is to hang pictures with sailboats and seascapes and paintings on the walls.