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Nowadays, there exists a great number of different styles in the interior; one of them is loft - modern style, the motto of which is "minimum partitions, maximum of fresh air."

The basic concept of loft style is the combination of various architectural solutions. For example, the harmonious combination of old (brick walls, stairs, pipes, uncovered ventilation systems, factory fittings) and something modern (new-fashioned appliances, metal and mirrors) in the same interior.

The origin of the loft took place in large industrial cities of the United States in the 40s - 50s of the twentieth century. When the prices for renting land in the city center increased several times, industrialists began to transfer their production facilities beyond the city limits or to its outskirts. Many factory and factory premises became empty. The owners could not find use for them, so they sold them for pennies.

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New owners of huge premises began to rent them out as housing for low-income citizens. Who else would want to live in a hangar with bare brick walls, omnipresent pipelines and high ceilings? Hastily furnished housing with an equipped kitchen and a bathroom did not have walls and partitions, was full of inconspicuous signs of the past application and looked rather peculiar. Perhaps that is why the representatives of the New York bohemian saw in it something interesting and unique, and began to actively populate the former workshops and attic rooms.

The basis of the room in the loft style consists of parts: the furniture is as simple and functional as possible, mostly cold colors, large windows, the almost complete lack of decor. Everything that looks out of place in other styles, for instance various brick protrusions, plastered walls, a plank floor, is the highlight of this style.

Loft style interior is best suitable for:

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  • People of creative professions, the so-called bohemians. It is easy to incorporate a workshop and exhibition hall in the same area in the loft style, bringing the most daring ideas to life.
  • Thrifty people. Loft style is suitable for people whose financial question is lacking, because the low cost and simplicity in everything is the main credo of this style.
  • Lovers of apartments with a free layout. Windows to the floor and a huge space - the best basis of style, you can "roam" in a room like this.
  • Freedom-loving people with a desire to stand out. The youth will wonderfully fit under this category, whose craving for everything new and non-standard will help to equip a dwelling in the loft style in the best way.

Loft Style Features 

Open planning, the almost complete absence of partitions. All functional areas must be separated by different types of zoning (color contrasts, accent light or glass partitions that do not violate the basic concept of open space)

    Industrial interior features. Brickwork, pipes and coarse plaster is an integral part of the loft style. In addition, even if it is not possible to “bare the walls”, you can try to imitate masonry, for example, using wallpaper with a similar pattern. The brick wall is the favorite method of designers in loft rooms.

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    Combining old and new in the interior. Everything that was listed in the previous paragraph should be harmoniously combined with ultramodern trends - modern technology, chrome-plated surfaces, glass partitions and steel tiles for facing the walls.

    Loft-style furniture plays an important role, in addition to the basic functionality (storage of things), it also has an additional task - room zoning. You can use any furniture in this style, but it is worth to combine antiques with something modern and minimalist (for example, a chest of drawers and legs and a chrome wardrobe), it will look more impressive.

    High light ceilings are also a necessary part of a loft style. The more light and free space is in a loft room, the better.

    Non-standard accessories. All sorts of graffiti, posters, abstractions, or even road signs will be very appropriate in the overall concept of a loft style.

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Types of Loft Style Interiors

It is worth noting that the different types of the loft are characterized by special features. Modern designers have distinguished three types of loft style interiors: bohemian (boho-loft), glamorous, and industrial.

Bohemian - retains the spatial features of a large factory premises, leaving the finish intact. However, the furnishings and accessories are selected with the imagination inherent in creative people. Furniture most often has the appearance of a used, with traces of history on the sides. The decor may not be completely combined with each other, but at the same time, it has a direct relationship to art. The interior is decorated with original paintings, or more often the work of unknown artists, sculptures, art objects or musical instruments.

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Glamorous type has different and peculiar color palette. It is immediately recognizable by a combination of pastel colors. For example, it may not be the traditional white-gray gamma, but gray-lilac. Particular attention is paid to the selection of chandeliers, shades and floor lamps. There are many of them, they have unusual silhouettes and serve as an accent of the interior. Often, next to a strict berth, there is a dining table surrounded by curved baroque chairs.

Industrial direction - the most popular. To accomplish it successfully, you need to fill the interior of the premises with signs of a factory building or production hall. Construction pipes with valves, wooden trusses, chains and components of the wires are the best decorative elements. The furniture of the correct geometrical forms is used without excesses.

Loft is one of the trends of modern interior decor, so the colors for the interior are the same as in high-tech style (cold colors of silver, white and black) or minimalism (a strict combination of two shades of a contrasting or harmonizing spectrum with an emphasis on one bright color).

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Materials Used to Create a Loft Interior

The most characteristic materials are the following:

  • Concrete slabs - used for bearing walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Wooden planks - the walls are decorated with it, but more often, it covers the floor.
  • Glass - is used not only for glazing window frames, but also as floors between floors or material for partitions.
  • Red or silicate brick is the basis for the decoration of walls; it is the most recognizable finishing material of the loft.
  • Metal pipes of various designs - can be used as intended or as a decorative elements.