Tips on Creating a Perfect Interior in a Minimalist Style

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creating a Perfect Interior in a Minimalist Style

The minimalism style in the interior is characterized by comfort and clarity of lines in design. This effect is mainly achieved through the use of functional furniture, geometric shapes and a combination of two basic colors. It is extremely important to divide the living space correctly into separate zones for achieving the best results. Robust and reliable materials are usually used for the interior, accomplished in this style. As a rule, minimalist interiors are compact, have black or gray colors, and include concise geometric shapes.

Some people choose such directions of minimalism as Japanese or Scandinavian, based on their own convictions, but for others it is the only way to efficiently use the available living space. Here are the main distinguishing features of this style:

  • Interior design in the style of modern minimalism implies a lot of space, so it is desirable to get rid of dividing walls in the room.
  • You need massive windows to fill the room with enough light.
  • Color solution is achieved using the game of halftones. The most common choice is white in combination with graphic gray.
  • Materials: chrome steel, glass, plastic, ceramics, artificial and natural stone, textured wood.
  • Table, sofa, furniture and chandeliers in the style of minimalism have a simple geometric shape. Forms are allowed to have a slight bend, but not a spiral.
  • Pompous decor and ornaments are unacceptable. Walls can be decorated with a couple of canvas prints or a wall mural, also designed in the style of minimalism.
  • Design is characterized by flat reflective surfaces. Each piece of furniture must have precisely adjusted proportions and color.
  • Horizontal or vertical blinds are used instead of curtains.
  • Lighting has to be scattered. One can use neon or halogen ceiling lamps.

The interior of the room in the style of minimalism is ideal for those who are tired of pretentiousness and craves elegant simplicity. To achieve it, you need to get rid of the tacky decor and non-functional furniture. The room must be spacious and light.

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One can use cladding with textured plaster, wide glossy tiles or wallpapering. The walls can also be made of glass, concrete or natural stone with a relief.

The ceiling in the style of minimalism

The ceiling should not overload the interior or be bulky. Therefore, the content of complex elements in its design is unacceptable. It is best to paint it in a light color, giving it a smooth texture or install a suspended ceiling. If your living space is spacious you can use multi-level ceilings.


Conciseness in the interior calls for a floor without a pattern, accomplished in natural colors. There are several flooring options: laminate, polymer coating, parquet, plain carpet, self-leveling floor and ceramic granite tiles. Different rooms can have different types of flooring. The bedroom will look more comfortable with a long nap carpet.

Design of the apartment in the style of minimalism

The minimalist style in the interior of the apartment looks best with soft shapes and large space, while remaining cozy and charming. Think about what furniture can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort. Choose a few items of simple, concise form. Keep only functional items on the table and surfaces. If you successfully select all the details of the interior and decor, you get a room where there is plenty of space, light and air.

Following the principle of “the less the better”, get rid of objects that are visually too heavy and draw the attention. For example, an inconspicuous cabinet that can be built into the wall will look much better than a heavy cupboard. As a rule, it has no back wall, and its shelves are attached to the wall. It is excellent if the cabinets and furniture seemingly merge with the ceiling and walls, creating a feeling of free space. When choosing furniture, remember that personal belongings should be out of sight. Therefore, it is better to choose shelves with doors and closed racks, as well as purchase a low sofa.

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Kitchen in the style of minimalism

A kitchen accomplished in the spirit of minimalism should radiate cleanliness and order. As in any other room, a multitude of various items is unacceptable here. Therefore, all household appliances should be built into the furniture or walls. The choice of suitable materials is quite wide: natural stone, brick, wood. One can also use elements of the decor made of glass and chrome steel. Beige and white are the best for kitchen walls, which can be advantageously complemented with gray and brown pieces of furniture. The kitchen floor calls for floorboard or tiles. The interior design of the kitchen in the style of minimalism implies the presence of furniture with simple shapes.

Bedroom in minimalism style

The perfect design of the bedroom involves a spacious room with a lot of sunlight. It is recommended to choose calm and warm shades for bedroom decor. There are multitude of beautiful combinations of lilac and beige, as well as gray with white. A plain carpet will look good on the floor.

The perfect bedroom should be comfortable. The minimalism style in the interior design of the bedroom is created by a small amount of furniture. It will be convenient to store things in the built-in wardrobes and bedside tables of a simple form. Mirror and lamps can be mounted on the wall. It is better to choose simple curtains or even blinds.

Minimalist house

Many houses accomplished in minimalist style have a simple and functional layout, which provides a lot of space. Simple shapes, open floor plans, the virtual absence of interior walls, small storage rooms and emphasis on high daylight access define the interior of a house in a minimalist style. This simple house design avoids multitude of entrances and exits, as well as bends or corners.

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Minimalist living room

This is one of the best modern interiors that brings the luxury of reserved elegance to everyday life. Skillfully selected interior decor will fill a room with a positive and bright energy. Usually it is recommended to use classic shades: black, white, beige and gray for decoration of the living room. It is also permissible to introduce bursts of bold shades such as orange, red and green.

The interior design of the living room in the minimalism style should be thought though down to the smallest detail. It harmoniously combines open space, strict forms and functionality. Suitable lighting is an important element of the living room. Large windows provide plenty of light, making your living room more visually large. TV will look more harmoniously if it is mounted on the wall. One must also choose to furniture items with flat reflective surfaces. Furniture for the living room in the style of minimalism (sofa, chairs, coffee table) should have geometric shapes and smooth silhouettes.

Minimalist bathroom

The interior and fixtures of the bathroom accomplished in the minimalist style should be concise and clean. This style rejects the presence of more than two primary colors. Alternatively, you can choose a beige bath with a brown finish.

The floor should not be overwhelmed by textures and colors. It is best to put here tile or waterproof laminate. The interior design of the bathroom in the style of minimalism excludes fresco, bas-reliefs and similar dimensional decor. Here one can use a wide range of facing materials: wood, metal, glass.

Minimalist Hall

Hallway accomplished in the minimalist style must also be accomplished in no more than two colors. You can  use white, beige or milk as a basis. As for furniture, it is better to choose a functional wardrobe for outerwear and a shelf for shoes of regular geometric shape. In order to visually expand the space one should look into the furniture with a mirror-like surface. The interior of the hallway in the style of minimalism involves diffused lighting coming from the lamps merging with the decor.

Children's Room in Minimalism Style

Children's room accomplished in this style is ideal for a family with several children. You can significantly save space if you choose functional furniture. In order to do this, you need to mount a few cabinets with books on the wall. The design of the room of a teenager in the style of minimalism involves a retractable bed. The advantage of such a bed is that its lower part extends to sleep and retracts during the daytime. Also, to save space, you can use furniture-transformer.