Meaning of Colors: Choosing the Ideal Color for Your Interior

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rainbow interiorHome is a place where every one of us feels safe and comfortable; this is the main reason why the ambiance that surrounds you should be as pleasing to your eyes as possible. After all, we all need a little aestheticism in our lives. However, have you even considered what exactly makes a home comfortable and stylish? Is it furniture? Is it decorations? Is it the color palette that you chose? The answer is – everything. Every little detail matters, when we talking about comfort of our homes. A beautiful vase, placed in the right spot in the room can not only draw the attention and admiration of your guests, but also gladden your eye. The same goes for paintings, canvas prints and wall murals. Since it’s impossible to cover or the elements of décor at once, let us shed some light on the importance of color palette that you choose for your interior. It is not a secret that every one of us has his or her favorite color, but it wouldn’t hurt to know the meaning of the colors and how they influence our emotions and our mood.

Meaning of Colors in the Interior


white interiorNowadays, interior designers tend to use light colors, which is why one can notice the ever-increasing amount of all-white interiors. White is a noble color that is most frequently used in modern, minimalistic interiors. From the emotional point of view, white is always perceived as a symbol of goodness, light, tranquility and hope. White interior will definitely be soothing, especially if you are prone to depression. Nevertheless, it’s worth to keep in mind that white interior requires almost daily cleaning in order to remain in its full glory.


black interiorDespite the fact that many people consider black an unsuitable color for a bedroom or living room, it can make these rooms strikingly beautiful and enigmatic. Black color is always associated with passion, power, mystery, elegance and something sinister. However, if combined with colorful decorations, it can become radiantly beautiful. A beautiful art print or a painting in a black interior will look absolutely gorgeous and add style and live to this formal color.


red interiorAs we all know red color is associated with love. It symbolizes passion, desire, energy, power, but also anger, which is why it is unsuitable for people prone to anger. Red interior can undoubtedly be strikingly beautiful, especially if combined with white, however it’s worth to remember that it’s not the color for people who lose control on a whim. Nevertheless, it will suit great calm and joyful people, who always see life in positive colors and are passionate about their line of work.


blue_interiorThe color of sky, wisdom and tranquility, blue will ideally sit people, who need to have a calming ambiance. Blue interior will help you to reduce stress, will provide soothing effect on your nerves and will suppress appetite. Blue is a masculine color, which is why it will be perfectly suitable for a bachelor pad. Blue color also symbolizes freedom and integrity.


yellow interiorAn unusual color for interior, yellow is predominantly used in combination with such colors as green and orange. Yellow color will be perfect for those people, who want to have constant sunshine in their lives. Yellow color raises mood and overall is associated with joy, happiness, freshness and intellect. Yellow interior will have a great impact on people, who constantly feel under the weather.


purple interiorPurple color is always associated with nobility, elegance, grandeur, extravagance and ambition. Purple interiors are rare and are usually preferred by those people, who consider themselves nobility or connoisseurs of some sorts. Purple interiors can be amazingly beautiful, especially when the purple color is combined with white, black or blue. It’s fair to say that most of us will not feel comfort in the interior of such color, nevertheless, there people, who find purple to be the best representation of their essence.


green interiorGreen color is frequently used in the interiors. It’s color of hope, freshness, renovation, peace and spiritual healing. Green interior will suit nicely someone, who need to find harmony and tranquility. Green interiors usually have yellow or orange elements, such as vases, paintings, wall murals or anything that can accentuate and stress the beauty of this emerald color. Apart from that, green is a color of nature, which is why it will be suitable for those, who like spending time outdoors.


orange interiorThere doesn’t exist an interior more happy and joyful than orange. Orange color is associated with energy, creativity, sunshine and happiness. Orange interiors are ideal for people, who need a constant boost of good mood to cheer them up. In combination with green or yellow, orange interiors can be outstandingly beautiful. However, it is worth to keep in mind that conservative people or elder people will regard orange interiors as overly extravagant. Therefore, interior of this color is usually picked by young people, who have high hopes and aspirations.

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While planning to renovate your home, keep in mind that you’re doing for a relatively long run, which why you need to carefully choose the ambiance that will surround you. In case you undergo a period of depression, don’t give in to your desire for gloom colors, choose bright ones instead – they will serve as constant boost of good disposition. Apart from that, take into consideration the opinion of people, living with you, maybe they will have brilliant ideas on combining colors and making your interior remarkable. Be bold and express yourself!

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