The Importance of Art Prints in the Evolution of Art

Art & Photo Prints The Importance of Art Prints in the Evolution of Art

Art has been around since the dawn of the human existence, initially in the form of cave drawings. However, with the flow of time and development of speech, writing as well as with the discovery of clay, there have emerged various types of arts. Nevertheless, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when he hears about art is, of course, visual art, represented by painting and sculpting. The majority of people perceive the information better visually, which is why art in the form of painting has emerged from early on. Visual art in the form of painting rarely requires words and people of various nationalities, speaking different languages are still able to understand the subject of the painting, of course if it is not an abstract painting, which needs comments of what it represents. On the other hand, contemporary artists creating abstract art sometimes leave their work for every person to decide for himself what this art represents.

Obstacles that the Development of Art Faced throughout its History

The main obstacle on the path of painting development was the fact that there was no option of distributing copies of it, so people could see it and new artists could emerge. Apart from that, artists mainly worked in palaces and just for the rich people, which is why paintings were considered luxury and were unique. It took a long time for one artist to be fully trained and capable of creating portraits and paintings of the decent quality. So due to the limited number of artists, incredible expensiveness of the paintings and no means of creating multiple copies, general population in all countries had no access to visual art. People saw it only in churches in the form of holy images, as churches, alongside with wealthy people, have always been rich enough to commission even enormous paintings from famous artists.

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Emergence of Printing and Distribution of Art

Printing in its first ever form appeared only in 15th century and was developed in the form of a printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. His technology was revolutionary at the time and allowed knowledge in the form of books to spread like fire throughout the entire Europe in a matter of years. Naturally, printing was only available in black and white at that time. First ever color printing appeared almost in 20th century – in 1890’s there have emerged the first printed colorful ads, but the colors were unnatural and the process of creating colorful prints very complicated and overly expensive. Therefore, the production of colorful printed copies was stalled until 1934.

Availability of Art for the Masses through Art Prints

With the emergence of possibility to make colorful copies of painting by famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Antoine Blanchard, regular people finally got the opportunity to decorate their houses with affordable reproduction of beautiful art. Currently, one can order a reproduction in any possible form, varying from canvas print, canvas sets, to wallpapers and wall murals. Just imagine how gorgeous the Starry Night will look in the blue themed bedroom.

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In Conclusion

The evolution of technology became the main factor that influenced the development and spreading of the art. Cutting-edge technologies now allow manufacturing inexpensive and realistic-looking reproductions of famous paintings that do not fade with time. offers the widest selection of qualitative reproduction art prints at affordable rates. We provide fast shipping, worldwide delivery and 24/7 customer support. Decorate your house with gorgeous reproduction art prints from!