Practical and Comfortable Ikea-style Interior

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Currently, representatives of various age categories and social groups around the world prefer the Ikea style because of its functionality, high quality, accessibility and aesthetics. Fashionable functional furniture, modern renovation, sophisticated decor make this interior design style individual and unique. Having opted for an Ikea-style interior concept, people surround themselves with an atmosphere of beauty, good mood and excellent quality, each year making sure that their choice is win-win.

Over six decades, Ikea has evolved from a small private company into a solid enterprise with offices in forty countries around the world. In 1943, the seventeen-year-old Ingvar Kamprad invested the money that his father gave him as an encouragement for a good study in organizing his own business.

He registered the IKEA Company, the name of which consists of the initials of its founder, as well as the first letters of the names of the farm and village where he grew up. At first, the company sold watches, jewelry, picture frames, pens, wallets, and nylon stockings - everything that was in demand among the population at low prices.

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In 1945, the first Ikea advertisement appeared in local newspapers, and mail delivery of purchases was organized. In 1948, the company began to produce furniture that became affordable for everyone and was practical and functional. The range of furniture is constantly expanding. Furniture that could be assembled independently was introduced in 1956.

Over time, Ikea became an entire empire not only of mass production of furniture, but also of decor, accessories, high-quality textiles, lighting items, toys. Focusing on the brand concept, designers and ordinary people began to create a stylish, functional, budget option in the style of Ikea in their homes.

Representatives of the reputable Ikea Company are convinced that modern interior design can be sophisticated and stylish even at low cost. The main characteristic features of this style are environmental friendliness, practicality, quality, compliance with modern trends, functionality and accessibility.

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The company produces almost every little thing that may be needed for home design. A variety of models and interesting solutions make it possible to create your own unique design based on your tastes and preferences.

The interior in Ikea style is an open bright space, aesthetics, convenient functional things. Naturalness remains the company's priority, although products made from artificial materials are quite acceptable. An indispensable advantage of Ikea is its democratic pricing policy.

Ikea-style Color Palette

In accordance with the company's concept, monochrome is absolutely not characteristic of this style. Most people, who choose accomplishing their interior decor in the Ikea style, prefer as a rule, light shades, although this style allows future owners to decide on the choice of color palette themselves.

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There can be used either milky white, pastel colors, or saturated green, blue, yellow, wine, emerald. Black or brown colors can be used for contrast. It is important to remember that bright colors are recommended to be used in combination with neutral shades.

Furniture in Ikea style

The main principles that furniture in the Ikea style should comply with are thoughtfulness, a certain style, ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, practicality and convenience. Furniture in this style carries elements of pop art, art nouveau, cubism, vintage. It can be made of completely heterogeneous materials, for example, a table made of natural wood goes well with modular shelves made of chromed metal and Plexiglas.

The most adapted pieces of furniture for human needs are very convenient and practical. Ikea provides an excellent selection of racks and cabinets. One of the features of Ikea furniture is self-assembly. It is important to remember that this is mainly furniture at a budget level, so you should not plan a purchase for centuries.

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Decor Elements and Accessories

Finishing the created interior with the help of decor, various tartlets, caskets, boxes, paintings, photographs will be an excellent solution. A large role is given to high-quality textiles in the form of design pillows, tablecloths, bed linen.

Living room plants that will purify the air and give the atmosphere a special coziness will be a winning option for decorating an Ikea-style room. Among the most common favorites of Ikea designers are orchid, begonia, cactus, and lemon tree.

Distinctive Features of Ikea Style

To make the decoration in the Ikea style, it is important to adhere to certain principles and know certain rules. Further, it is a balance of taste, quality and personal preferences. One thing is certain, having created an interior in the Ikea style, you will want to quickly return home in a cozy and stylish atmosphere. So, how do you finish your home in this style?

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The design of the space in the spirit of a modern brand implies a large amount of light, and hence its sources. Daylight should fill the room as much as possible. In the company’s store, you can find a huge number of artificial lighting items: table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers. The hallmark of this style is a lamp in the form of a box, which has a large diameter and a coating of paper, natural cotton or linen. Lighting elements in the form of balls are very popular, however their application requires a large amount of free space and the presence of high ceilings.


In the Ikea style, the ceiling is painted a tone lighter than the walls. This contributes to the visual feeling of an even higher ceiling, which is very relevant for a modern home.


In this style, the use of wallpaper is not acceptable. In most cases, paint is used for wall decoration. An excellent solution would be the accent design of the wall surface, when all the walls are painted in light color, and one of them is dominant.

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For flooring in the IKEA style, painted board, parquet and laminate are perfect.

Living room

The interior of the living rooms in the Ikea style is functional, bright, comfortable rooms, in which there are furniture and accessories that are selected taking into account the tastes and needs of the owners. This room is one of the most important, because all family members and their guests gather here, which means that it should be properly decorated.

The company offers a wide selection of furniture, including upholstered furniture, which can transform the room. Thanks to an integrated approach in the design of premises, the manufacturer can find everything you need - from a variety of furniture to lighting fixtures and household appliances.

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Furniture for living rooms in Ikea catalogs is very diverse, and having shown ingenuity, you can realize any of your ideas. It is important to choose the necessary decorative elements and accessories that not only fit perfectly into the interior, but also give the composition completeness. A variety of light structures made of metal in the form of aluminum, brass, and steel will give the interior a unique style.