How to Create a Cozy Retro-style Interior

Art & Photo Prints How to Create a Cozy Retro-style Interior

The retro style in the interior is not at all laces with the smell of naphthalene. The design of the 50-70s of the last century brought so many bright ideas to the interior design that they are still successfully used, giving the mood of active positivity, freshness and joy to different types of modern interiors.

Designer Solutions

The era of the 50-70s of the last century gave the interior a huge amount of bright and ergonomic objects, famous designers of that time laid the foundation for the development of entire areas in the production of furniture and accessories, which are now successfully used. For example, the famous “Egg Chair”, which appeared in 1958 as a result of the work of designer and sculptor Arne Jacobsen over the interior for the lobby of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has acquired various modifications from the ergonomic leather armchairs to suspended transparent plastic hemisphere. At the same time, the recognition and originality of this item in the interior remains unchanged, giving both lightness and a highlight of the retro style to any room.

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The ergonomic chair of designers Charles and Ray Eames, the shape of its seat resembles a rounded sink - another sample of retro-style, always bright and functional. There was a time, when these simple plywood chairs won their place in virtually every home, but now they can become a convenient and stylish accessory for any interior.

Egg-chair in the Interior

Any minimalist interior acquires a special individuality and a vivid image with the use of objects of retro-stylistics. Thus, the light loft, with the addition of several characteristic accents of retro-style in the form of a quilted leather sofa and an authentic Egg Chair, made using the technology of aged materials, transforms the usual living space not only into a comfortable, but also into a harmonious one.

Objects in the style of the 50-70s of the last century are distinguished by unchanged positivity, rich colors, simple and light materials. It was a difficult time for the economies of many countries of the world who survived the hardships of the Second World War; therefore, at that time, they began to actively use synthetic, economical and easy-to-use materials that, with their active yellow, saturated red, dynamic green hues, helped people to decorate their lives make it brighter and more optimistic. Therefore, now, using retro-style in the interior of the room, you can easily make your space rich and light, filled with joyful hope and inspiration using the same simple decor techniques.

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Simplicity and Accessibility

Retro styling is characterized by the deliberate simplicity of materials - plastic instead of stone, synthetic materials instead of natural leather, plywood instead of wood. But at the expense of simple forms and bright details, such a style looks simple, but not rustic, elegant and sturdy without frills. In the design of retro-stylistics, traditionally, the centerpiece is a person with his daily needs. This philosophy places high demands on the functionality of each item: a concise, wide tabletop-sill along the window successfully performs the task of tables overlooking the city, lightweight plastic chairs will help the big family fit or a group of friends together at this table, simple squares of wall shelving will make it convenient to store everything you need for serving dishes.

The Decor in Retro-style

The accessories that decorate the space in retro-style are simple and concise objects - a striped cozy rug, posters in frames, plain lamps and floor lamps, bowls and vases made of plastic or translucent colored glass. The colors are a little naive, but definitely positive, like a scattering of children's lollipops. In the 50s-70s of the last century, the world actively departs from the restrained bourgeois stylistics, designers embody in their inventions dreams and ideas about the future - joyful, optimistic and kind.

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Retro-Style Furniture

Light and constructive, retro-style furniture will not only decorate and refresh the interior, but will also honestly perform its direct function in it - after all, this is a special design philosophy of the 50s-70s, which was considered an unaffordable luxury to any task. A nice feature of retro-style furniture is the combination of simplicity of shape and constant ergonomics. The wardrobe, chest of drawers, any of the simplest shelves in retro-style, will contain a large number of spacious drawers and shelves. Yes, such furniture will not make you happy with some particularly elegant decoration, hand-carved decor, precious woods, but the straightforward reliability and friendliness of such items help to give the interior a nostalgic and emotional touch of retro-style.

Posters as an Element of Retro-style Interior Decor

A very interesting and colorful addition to any interior, giving it the warmth of retro-style can be a variety of vintage posters, decorated in the form of wall paintings, panels or other accessories. In the 1950s and 1970s, pop culture objects were actively used to decorate the premises, so by placing such bright posters with the characters of that era in your room, you unconditionally turn the usual gray room into a kind of interior exposition containing not only retro accessories, but also style, in all its unique emotional expressiveness and non-trivial simplicity.

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Art Prints in Retro Interior

The 60s is the time in which famous designers and pop-art artists created their masterpieces. Among them, a significant role in the design of that time was played by Andy Warhol and his high-profile art objects: reproductions of celebrity portraits and posters depicting advertising of soup and ketchup.

Such activities did not fit into the concept of painting, but it was loved by many contemporaries and followers of the famous artist. Nowadays, the retro of the 60s is no longer imaginable without the colorful diptychs of Marilyn Monroe, which means that in the interior design in this style would be very appropriate to emphasize spectacular graphics in the spirit of pop art.

Textiles and wall murals should be selected with a regular geometric pattern in the form of circles, zigzags, stripes. And imitation of animal coloring can be used in artificial skins on the floor of the living room or bedroom and as decorative items of interior.

Bright Interior Colors in Retro Style

In order to accomplish the modern interior in the desired retro-style, even a small accessory made in the bright entourage of pop art is enough. You can use collage portraits that have already become classics of this style, or simply a combination of vivid colors in the decor of ordinary objects, neon lights, plastic pieces of furniture, giving the interior brightness and retro style notes.