Tips for Creating the Pop-Art Interior of Your Dreams

Art & Photo Prints Tips for Creating the Pop-Art Interior of Your Dreams

Bright colors, bold combinations, a storm of emotions and the lack of strict dogmas represent the pop art style in the interior. This is a true color extravaganza. This lively and extraordinary direction in the design awakens the internal energy and charges anyone with positivity.

The 60s of the 20th century were marked by the emergence of interior decor style, known as pop art. The basis of this decor philosophy was the idea of necessity for promotion of cheap and unique things. This innovative approach to art appealed to young people who were eager for change.

In modern life, pop art has taken root as an interior style. It undoubtedly differs from other areas through epatage, boldness, extravagance, a drop of glamour and experiments with colors.

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Pop art style is known for the lack of consistency and logic. Nevertheless, you can find easily recognizable features from other areas, such as minimalism, modern, and fusion.

Pop art-style interior creates the feeling that you are at an exhibition of unique things. Items seem to be saturated with rebellious spirit, and any boring and familiar thing can become an interior detail influenced by this trend. Pop art is purposed to evoke genuine emotions due to its colors, shapes, and textures.

Interior design competed in the style of pop art should not be limited to the framework and conventions. One can take advantage of an incredible amount of finishing materials, design elements and decor, which are easily and naturally combined.

Pop Art Decoration

The walls are usually painted white, because it is the ideal background for furniture and decor.  Various shades of gray, which resemble a metal surface, are also excellent for this purpose.

If you decided to place bright accents at the finishing stage, then you can replace the plain background with neon and graphic patterns on the walls. It will also be appropriate to use decorative plaster or panels, imitating brickwork.

Pop art style looks quite harmoniously with light shades background that serves as a perfect canvas for vivid and saturated details. That is why a neutral floor design will be the best solution in this case.

The tile, laminate and even self-leveling floor will look equally good. Although using linoleum or parquet is not the best idea. If the interior design in the style of pop art is supposed to draw attention to the floor, then one can select a wonderful and extraordinary carpet.

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As for the ceilings, it all depends on your preferences. The glossy tension covering looks very stylish and attractive. Such ceilings visually enhance the lighting and transform the room. Mirror panels due to their reflective properties are ideal for small spaces.

Such ceilings will optically modify the space and expand the boundaries of the room. If you decide to build a multi-level design, then try to combine a glossy and matte finish in order to achieve an unusual effect.

Pop Art Lighting

The style of pop art in the interior of the apartment requires good lighting. A large number of decorative elements, unusual furniture and paintings should be correctly highlighted in order to enhance the effect of the chosen direction. Lamps can be of absolutely incredible shapes and colors. Table lamps in the form of Teddy bears and superhero figures will look very attractive.

For the organization of multifunctional lighting, preference is given to led-lights on the railing, which can be rotated in different directions to highlight one or another piece of furniture.

If the room does not have high enough ceilings, then you should not choose bulky chandeliers. In this case, it is best to place the floor lamps around the perimeter of the room, and hang original bras on the walls.

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Creating a Pop-Art Interior

Despite the abundance of decorative elements, the interior in the style of pop art is primarily minimalism. There is no need to furnish every centimeter of the room. Decide on a basic set of items and follow only this list.

Style pop art rejects furniture in a classic style. Clear straight lines and angles are alien to it. Moreover, although this is an eccentric style, it is still focused on convenience and comfort.

Designers strongly recommend not to purchase massive furniture for interior design in the style of pop art. Give up heavy cabinets and huge sofas. For the organization and storage of things it  is best to choose embedded storage.

The interior should look catchy, without losing lightness and comfort. This style is created for those who prefer handmade products.

Design experiments on familiar things can work wonders for pop art. The intricate combination of colors, shapes and materials can turn your room into a creative workshop.

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Pictures for the interior in the style of pop art are very graphic. You can successfully use posters if you can find a repeating image in different color combinations. A vivid example of successful prints in the style of pop art are the works of Andy Warhol.

Very often in the interiors accomplished in pop art style designers used wall murals with 3D effect and optical illusion. However, one should carefully select images like that to avoid overloading the entire look.

Pop Art in the Interior of Different Rooms

The interior of the bedroom in the style of pop art is a rather rare occurrence. It is difficult to combine the outrageous and the atmosphere of relaxation and rest. In order to temper the riot of colors, replace the abundance of flowers with unusual textures and shapes. Choose simple, but expressive pieces of furniture and decor. For example, you can choose a bed with a velour headboard of burgundy color, a soft carpet with an unusual print, or even a desk lamp resembling a female figure. The background for these items can be monochrome wall mural of warm neutral shades.

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The interior of the kitchen in the style of pop art is an opportunity to create an interesting and creative design. There are two options for the design of this room: snow-white walls and bright furniture or accent finish and furniture of light colors. For the kitchen, a table with a glass top and a pair of fancy plastic chairs will do. The bar counter will fit into the interior very well.

The sink and the plumbing must be made of chromed metal. You can also find bright glossy refrigerators, which will be a true interior decoration in the style of pop art. Complement the atmosphere with expressive designer tableware, textiles with unusual prints, or posters with the famous Campbell soup can.

However, the most successful room for the realization of the style of pop art - is a nursery. Here you will be able to use colorful finishes, unusual furniture, paintings with your favorite superheroes, and lamps in the form of parts of the face. This room can be decorated with colorful ottomans, small armchairs in the form of an open palm, and trinkets.

Interior design in the style of pop art - is an amazing combination of everyday life and non-standard approach to art. No need to be afraid of catchy colors, shapes and textures. Pop art style is a real carnival, woven from emotions, colors and freedom of expression.