How to Choose a Suitable Poster for Your Room?

Art & Photo Prints How to Choose a Suitable Poster for Your Room?

How to Choose a Suitable Poster for Your Room?

Posters have been around for a long time, but became the most popular during the age of roaring twenties, when first versions of pin-up girls pictures started to emerge. They were instant success and almost every company wanted to advertise their products with the image of a pin-up girl. With a flow of time, posters remained in high demand due to their affordable cost and swift printing process. Local businesses used them to announce upcoming events, discounts, or advantages that should have attracted customers to their establishment or store. Nowadays, posters received a wider purposed, as they are now used not only for advertising events or for asking people to help with the search of a missing person or pet, currently they are also used to organize protests, send political messages, make people aware of the government’s wrongdoings and so much more. Therefore, the role of the posters is hard to underestimate, even in the era, when almost everything is accomplished via Internet, including shopping, advertising, and even campaigning during election period.

Types of Posters

Posters for Bedroom

In case you are on a tight budget, but still want to decorate your bedroom beautifully, you have a wonderful opportunity to order a custom poster. offers a great opportunity to select posters of various topics and dimensions. However, in case you are decorating your bedroom, you probably might want to avoid gloomy themes and go for relaxing beautiful landscapes, seascapes, paintings’ reproductions or animal-themed posters. The good news is that you can even upload a photo and we will make a poster out of it! For example, if you have a favorite photo of the resort you have been to, and want to look at it in order to relax and enjoy your memories – just upload it, indicate the size you want, and receive it shortly. Or in case you wish to have a picture of your pet as a bedroom wall decoration – we can print t in any size you want and you will enjoy their image for the years to come!

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Posters for Man Cave

Man caves are the places, where men like to invite their friends and watch sports, play video games, have drinks and discuss things that usually are of no interest to women, like cars, prominent sports players among other things. Thus, the theme of posters for such living spaces should correspond the general atmosphere. Technology, cars, or even posters of beautiful pin-up girls will be the most appropriate themes for a man cave. The beauty of the posters’ decoration lies in the fact that they are very affordable, easily replaceable and you can redecorate your room every few month, or even decorate it for special events, for instance, line it with cool sports posters of your favorite team during the World Cup or other important sports events.

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Posters for Bars, Bistros and Other Dining Establishments

Nowadays, there exists a multitude of dining establishments of every possible kind. Restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes – all of them can be found not far from each other in big cities. Naturally, the competition to attract clients is huge. Therefore, every detail matters in order to make your establishment more attractive and welcoming than those of the competitors. Posters are a perfect way to advertise locally. Posters are bright, vivid, affordable, and can send a clear and definitive message, enlisting the advantages of our dining establishment. Apart from that, posters can also be used for interior décor, because they can be customized to any thematic or size. Posters are quite suitable for retro restaurants or cafes, where people like to remember the old days, looking at posters of Broadway shows or cabarets. The most suitable themes for interior poster decoration are retro automobiles, dancing girls, delicious items from your menu, and most certainly images of fresh coffee and croissants.

Advantages of Posters offers widest selection of qualitative and affordable posters for any taste and of any size. We use cutting-edge Latex printing technology that allows us to manufacture art prints and posters, which are scratch and water-resistant, vivid and do not fade even under direct sunlight or under the influence of other elements. We use European-quality printing materials to make sure that our customers get the best possible products that are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and extremely durable. We provide swift delivery worldwide, so if you found a poster or an art print that you like – we will print and deliver it to you in no time. Our 24/7 customer support will answer all your questions, should you have any. Don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your room the way you want splendidly and without wasting a fortune on it!