Tips on Creating the Perfect Home Office

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creating the Perfect Home Office

Working from home has many advantages. One of them is the ability to work in an environment that delivers aesthetic pleasure and adjusts to the desired mood. In the old days, there was not even such a thing as a “home office”, but there were libraries or private offices. Nowadays many work at home as freelancers, or complete part of the work at home. In addition, the space of apartments allows people to allocate a separate room to an office or library. Therefore, currently a home office is both necessary and very practical. Let's take a look at the best ways to organize your home office and create a cozy and productive atmosphere.

First of all, you need to decide on the place or room where your office will be located. This is probably one of the most difficult tasks. The interior design of the office should ideally fit into the design of the whole house. Your workplace should be in a place where family members will not interrupt your work and where no one will distract you. There should be enough lighting and sockets near the working area. These are the main nuances that you should consider when choosing an office space. Most often, home office is organized in bedroom, in converted closets or on balconies. Take into account the size of the office; it should not be too small. Just think about who will work in it, it the home office only you or for your family members as well.

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You will spend long hours in front of your computer. If you are comfortable, productivity will increase. While a slow computer, an uncomfortable chair, and a narrow table will definitely make you angry, preventing you from having any work done.

Choosing a Comfortable Chair

The chair is the heart of the home office, whether your back, neck, and overall body will get tired or not depends on it. The cheapest option is a classic four-legged chair. You will be surprised, but it is more convenient than it seems at first glance. It provides no temptation to spin on it or drive off, just sit down and get to work; the most important thing is to choose the right height.

If you prefer office chairs on wheels choose comfortable fabric upholstery, it is preferable to leatherette, as it breathes and it will be much more comfortable. Another plus consists in the fact that the fabric is not electrified. When choosing one, be sure to sit down in it, check how your back feels, and if the armrests are in place.

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Background Creation

Neutral wall colors, such as beige and gray are best options for cabinet design. They will allow you to complement the interior with bright accessories without overloading the overall composition, because in a home office nothing should interfere with your concentration.

Making Room for a Brainstorming Sessions

Does your works requires you to think hard? Make difficult decisions? Create a corner where it will be most convenient to do this, without being distracted from the working atmosphere. Some people prefer to think on a sofa with a notebook, while others choose a blackboard with chalk or markers.

You must have a place to generate, store and record work ideas that will help grow your business. Create a large surface to which you can attach motivating, inspirational or necessary pictures and leaflets for work. There are many options for this: magnetic wallpaper; paint creating the surface of the chalkboard; textile wall covering; cork layer on the wall. The materials placed on this surface will serve as the “fuel” for your creative thinking.

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Adding Plants

Plants serve not only as beauty objects of variety of colors, but also as a mean of stress reduction. According to the study, even a couple of plants near you, can increase productivity by as much as 15%.

To make the flowers “work”, choose plants that are easy to care for that release a lot of oxygen and refresh the air: crested chlorophytum, dracaena, ficus and Boston fern are known for their ability to filter air.

Installing Proper Lighting

Lighting can change the atmosphere of any room. Make sure your workplace is well lit. Firstly, it is beneficial for active work, and secondly, it is better for the eyes. You can use a familiar table lamp, as well as stylish LED strips and lamps to do this.

The first rule of creating a comfortable office is to use as much natural light as possible. Here's why: the study showed that workers who receive natural light sleep better (46 minutes more than those who do not receive natural light). Another study found that natural light increases productivity by 30–40%.

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Place the work area closer to the window. If the window is on the side, then it should be on the left, if you are right-handed and on the right, if left-handed, so as not to create a shadow when writing (for those who write with a pen, and not just type on the keyboard).

Managing the Computer Cables

Wires and cables like to cling, interfere and annoy. In order not to add these little things to the piggy bank of stress, think in advance how they can managed.

"Decoration" of the Workplace

A pleasant plus of the home office is the ability to decorate everything to your taste. A good decor will set up work, improve performance and mood. However, before you give free rein to an internal designer, check out research on this topic: warm colors help in the work, and 83% of respondents feel the need for creative elements in their work environment.

When choosing a specific color, turn to the psychology of color. Shades of yellow, orange and red cause energy, dark dull colors often make you feel tired. Art objects (including photographs) will help you create a workspace in which you will be comfortable. By the way, art does not have to be expensive. While it gives you pleasure and makes you happy, it fulfills its function.

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Storage Space

Choose furniture so that in your office there is a place for all things and trifles, because chaos can distract from business and interrupt the creative flow of thought.

Separate Work and Living Areas

It is a well-known fact that the work area should be isolated! Yes, you have to get out of the soft bed and move to the table. Think about efficiency. You are working for yourself, which means that finishing work faster and doing more is a priority. In the end, if you finish it faster - you will return to the comfort zone faster!

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