The Magic of Gray Interior Decor

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Gray color is essentially a mixture of black and white in different proportions. Of course, it is can also be warm and cold, because it is not limited to black and white, and often you can see blue, green, pink and many other shades in gray.

When choosing colors, many people go with the simplest and safest beige version, which is why it’s prime time to stop being afraid of gray and start admiring it. The expression “gray is the new beige” is really relevant, because now, under the guidance of designers, many people start using it. The combination of gray in the interior with other colors always looks interesting. Gray shades can also be used in cases where you just need to create a background, not really thinking about a complex color solution, and use it as a bold accent. Unlike beige, gray can not only become an almost imperceptible addition to bright furniture or paintings, but also set the entire mood of a room, become its main feature.

It is difficult to say what the exact characteristics of a gray color are: sometimes it is a strict and business color, sometimes, on the contrary, homely and cozy, sometimes - almost imperceptible. Of course, for someone it may look depressing or gloom. Nevertheless, in more cases shades of gray are rather picturesque and deep than empty and boring. One thing is certain: gray can be a very successful solution in the interior.

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How Does One Use Gray Color Properly?

Strict classic is suitable for gray. In this case, the combination of gray in the interior is possible with warm shades of the floor or furniture, and its potential mellowness is compensated by the abundance of details in furniture and architecture characteristic of the neoclassical style.

Gray walls painted or textured with wallpaper are one of the most common solutions in modern interiors. A fairly light shade creates a calm, non-annoying backdrop for living indoors. Sometimes it is not even necessary to invent contrasts to this background - you can simply create a monochrome gamut, adding a large amount of light to it.

Modern style, minimalism - an excellent ground for experiments with gray shades. Monochrome scales based on black, white and gray are generally suitable for minimalism. In large loft spaces, gray is appropriate stylistically - in the form of concrete, tile and other industrial materials.

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Gray wooden furniture - replacement of wood shades. A neutral shade can hide cabinets visually (especially if the walls are painted in the tone of the furniture), or be more expressive - give it exclusivity. In addition, wooden surface can be "aged" with the help of a thin layer of gray paint.

Gray accents - at first glance, a controversial concept, but this color can pull it off. The combination of different contrasting shades of gray in an unusual form can easily become the brightest element of the interior. Again - white and black is always there to help!

A simple dark gray shade can become an expressive accent. This option is suitable only for fans of this color, but it will definitely attract attention in the room. The gray ceiling in the living room will seem higher - this is exactly the case when dark colors expand the space. Dark ceilings seem to go up (as the night sky) and do not visually press down.

Gray textiles and décor are also an interesting solution. Gray can be the color of curtains, pillows with patterns, dishes and other decorative items. The main thing here is to find a pleasant shade and to understand what it should be combined with.

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Where to Use the Gray Color?

Children's Room in Gray

This is, of course, an exception. However, it is possible, because gray in the interior can calm the child down, and can also be combined with multitude of other colors in his room.

A bedroom with gray walls or textiles will similarly produce a calming effect, relaxing and bringing tranquility. In this case, the gray color in the interior just replaces the white and beige shades that are classic for the bedrooms.

A gray bathroom with all the highlights, reflections, chrome and ceramic surfaces can look amazing. The play of light, color, flicker and tile textures will create an enchanting atmosphere. If you get carried away, you can even turn the bathroom into a room with Christmas decorations.

Gray neutral background is also quite suitable for the corridor and the hallway. Depending on the chosen shade (light or dark), the space of a narrow corridor may visually change in the desired direction.

The kitchen may have gray walls, furniture, tiles. Depending on the choice of style, you can get industrial cuisine, classical, and eclectic. Gray color will be appropriate in any version.

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Best Colors to Combine with Gray in the Interior

The combination of gray in the interior with other colors allows using many options. Gray, like black, can be successfully combined with almost all colors: blue, blue, green, pink, yellow, brown. One bright bright blue or lime accent will look good in combination with gray additions or background.

Red with gray is a very good combination. One of the successful options is gray and brick walls in a loft-style interior. Any other use of muted red with gray will also look good indoors.

Warm and natural green is well suited for industrial cool gray. Moreover, this warm-cold harmony can be created without unnecessary elements, if you are lucky with a large window and an abundance of greenery behind it.

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Combination of bright colors and gray background looks very good in the interior. This frequently used combination is very simple and appropriate in case you want something normal and calm, but at the same time some kind of splash, the highlight of the interior. Sparkles of bright details of each shade and pleasant gray will create an unusual and comfortable interior.

Silver is, in fact, gray, just shiny. The abundance of metal and gray surfaces is on a cold scale, but with its help, you can make the room resemble a fairytale castle or the royal palace. If you are not ready to live in an interior like that, you can use this technique for temporary decorating the space.

Gold and purple shades in combination with gray continue the royal and imperial themes. This is quite a bold combination, but if you accomplish it thoughtfully, you can create a fabulously beautiful interior. The main thing is not to overdo it with glitter.