Tips on Creation of Fusion Style in the Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Tips on Creation of Fusion Style in the Interior Decor

The fusion style in the interior is a harmonious mixture of different styles and design trends. Among the advantages of this style, it is possible to single out, first of all, a bright peculiarity that allows you to use a lot of unusual tricks and combinations. That is why today it is one of the most popular styles of interior decoration. After all, it is often difficult to choose one thing - each individual style contains interesting details. Obtained by mixing, fusion is bohemian, energetic, dynamic, and even absurd.

The origins of the fusion trend can be traced back to the 1970-1990th, and it affected not only the interior, but also many other areas of life - music, dance, cinema and even cooking. A new direction began to rapidly develop and spread, gaining more and more followers. Something traditional was taken and served under a fundamentally new sauce, uniting the continents and nations. Thus, patterns and textures of exotic countries penetrated the familiar interiors, expressing the spirit of freedom and readiness to accept everything new.

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The first daredevils, mastering a new style, were designers from the United States. They experimented by combining classic motifs with ethnic or high-tech with baroque. They actively used folk motifs from China, Latin America, India, and Africa in the decor. For example, a chair with a fabric sheathing with a print could very well adjoin a modern laconic bedside table, and a leopard skin with a mirror cabinet. Since the 90s, this direction has spread almost everywhere. Interesting mixed compositions and creative color combinations are quite appropriate in this interior, but everything needs a sense of proportion, otherwise the interior may turn out to be excessively clumsy and cause negative emotions.

Fusion Style Color Palette

It is possible to say with confidence that the main tone to any interior is set precisely by colors and drawings. In fusion style, the pattern is not visible at first glance, but in fact it exists - the colors are carefully selected in order to create the impression of some chaos. You can use white, gray or brown as a neutral background. It is possible to use just one of these colors, or all together. Surfaces (walls, floor and ceiling) are finished this way. However, the accents should be very bright or patterned. The main thing is that they should look cheerful and positive against a neutral background.

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As for patterns and prints - there is not a lot of space for creativity. Patterns of completely different shapes and themes can harmoniously coexist with each other, emphasizing the individuality of the owner. The most popular types of prints include zigzags, geometric shapes, cells / stripes, floral, ethnic and animal motifs.

Choosing Fusion-style Furniture

Of paramount importance in this matter is the combination of objects from different directions - for example, when chairs of various shapes and styles are attached to the dining table, wicker chairs are located under modern minimalist floor lamps, and leather ottomans are on a knitted rustic rug.

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Decor Elements and Accessories

The main goal of choosing a decor in this style is to express your own individuality with the help of a variety of objects in order to reflect your preferences, personality and favorite activities. It’s great if the walls are decorated with posters or photographs of your idols, as well as your own photos. A large number of mirrors of different types and sizes located in different places of the room are welcome. Floor lamps, floor vases in ethnic style, as well as busts go well with mirrors. Other decorative options are colorful carpets with intricate patterns or even embroidered portraits.

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Distinctive Features of Fusion Style

It allows you to boldly experiment with textures and colors, to fully express your imagination. With all the apparent spontaneity, the design should be thought out, and, paradoxically, make up a harmonious, and simultaneously erratic picture.


The theme of lighting is extremely important for any interior, including fusion. With the right light, you can turn a familiar room into a disco hall or a cinema pavilion. As a rule, light is used mainly not for central lighting of a room, but for spotlighting certain objects. Thus, within an apartment or house, you can create an amazing light show. Although you can pick up a large chandelier with an interesting unusual design for lighting of a spacious room. However, at the same time, spot lighting should still be present. Some of the fixtures can even be located on the floor or close to this area - this will help create an effect that resembles spotlights. The main options for lighting elements are table lamps, bidirectional sconces, rotary lamps, hanging lamps, floor lamps, as well as masked halogen lighting. It is important to keep in mind that it is advisable not to choose lamps from the same collection. The main thing is the variety of textures and colors.

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You can use many options for materials for ceiling decoration in fusion style. However, most often, designers opt for the usual white ceiling. It is smoothly plastered, after which it is painted with a water-based emulsion. This is the perfect backdrop for the original bright chandelier. In addition to a simple and uncomplicated idea, completely extraordinary design solutions are applied. For example, using glass panels, you can connect the ceiling and the roof. It looks incredibly stunning, and in addition, protects from precipitation. Other fashion and technological innovations can be harmoniously introduced the same way.


As a rule, the walls are decorated with several materials and techniques. For example, you can combine white smooth plaster with bamboo wallpaper, a mosaic with panels of wood or a painted surface with a colorful brickwork. Walls are an excellent canvas for self-expression. Cloth draperies, paintings, posters, comics or movie posters are often used to complement them. It is important for the project to have the main semantic thread passing through each part of the room. By the way, draperies are generally very important in this style - they allow, at very modest monetary costs, to turn any home into a real work of art.

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When choosing a floor covering, the practical side is usually taken into account first. For living rooms - a bedroom, a living room - a covering of wood, laminate or parquet is suitable. For the kitchen and bathroom - linoleum or tile. The veranda can be laid out with natural stone. If the coating is plain, then it is complemented by a bright rug or the skin of a wild beast. Nevertheless, there can also be an artistically decorated floor, for example, a mosaic, a bulk coating, art parquet. Then it is better to leave guests the opportunity to admire them.

Fusion-style Living Room

This is the most suitable room for fusion style design and highlighting the uniqueness of your home. You can apply different level surfaces, protruding sections on the ceiling, place ceramic tiles on walls or floors, lay bright carpets, replace the door with an arch. This is a great way to not only surprise guests, but also to hide the flaws of the room. The design of different walls with different textures is also widely applied. There must be plants, and preferably exotic in the living room, this will give it a unique flavor. One cannot fail to mention one of the most important elements of this style - a fireplace. The sofa should be decorated with a bright plaid and pillows, and you can place a wooden coffee table in front of it.

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