Floral Wall Murals in the Interior Decor

Wall murals Floral Wall Murals in the Interior Decor

Fashion trends in design do not cease to amaze, but wallpapers with flowers in the interior always remained and will remain stylish decorative elements.

The range of floral wallpapers is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to decide which option is best for your room. In order to help you avoid facing a hard choice, you must clearly understand what results you want to achieve in the interior, as well as understand the peculiarities of the effect of floral patterns in the perception of space.

The first thing that comes to mind when viewing a photo of wallpapers with flowers in the interior is the “femininity” of the floral theme. In fact, floral wallpaper themes have long been considered universal and can be used in every room of your home.

Moreover, wallpapers with floral elements make it possible to create fashionable and spectacular accents, to emphasize the grace and elegance of style, which is not always possible to achieve when using wallpapers accomplished in other themes.

Wallpaper in the interior can be combined with other finishing. It is recommended to use other wallpapers with themes as simple as possible or to use patterns that will not compete with floral elements. In this case, your room will be more elegant and harmonious.

Peculiarities of Floral Wallpapers Usage

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What should you pay attention to, while using floral wallpapers in the design of home interiors?

Experts recommend sticking to a few simple rules:

  • Keep a balance between flashy and simple elements of the interior. If the wallpaper with flowers in the room attracts attention - other details should not drag it over. If you decided on the wallpaper with neutral shades that blend with the interior and do not create accents - use a few bright accessories or choose catchy textiles that will make the room more vibrant and contrasting.
  • Pay attention to the size of the picture. Wallpapers with large elements of flowers are a beautiful design element, but they are less so when the room is already seems too cramped. If you have a small living space, it is better to use a wallpaper with small flowers evenly spread.
  • You should always stick to harmonious shades. Often, to create an accent many choose floral wallpaper with conflicting shades. Wallpapers like that will undoubtedly attract attention, but they will not produce a positive impression. The color balance should be kept between the coating itself and in the interior: for example, bright red walls with flowers and light green elements of furniture will not look harmoniously.
  • Flower-themed wallpapers in the room set a certain style. Keep this in mind while designing the interior: light and small prints are more suitable for retro and country styles, while bright and large floral elements will become stylish accents in modern interiors. If you are a connoisseur of innovative solutions in design - check out stunning wall murals with realistic floral images.

Free one of the walls and pick up a large or small pattern of a wide format - your room will be filled with natural freshness and will sparkle with new colors.

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By the way, photo wall murals and ordinary wallpapers for walls with floral elements are getting more and more popular due to the unlimited possibilities they offer.

The small flowers of pastel shades on the walls personify tenderness and simplicity, soothe and promote concentration. Some types of flowers (for example, an orchid or a lotus) on the walls make it possible to emphasize the natural purity and freshness of the design.

Multicolored floral arrangements emphasize the solemnity of the home interior. Large flowers set the basic tone.

Flower motifs can play a different role in terms of psychology. For example, wallpaper with red flowers in the interior fills the room with energy, while delicate pink accents support the romantic style.

It is not surprising that this type of wallpaper does not leave the leading positions of consumer choice: they are quite symbolic and maintain the accents embedded in the interior.

It is worth to pay tribute to the possibilities of decoration concealed in the variety of wallpapers like this. With their help, you can effortlessly create accents, highlight niches, zone the space or brighten the interior. If you are using floral elements wallpaper to create small fragments on the walls, you can replace landscape paintings with it and maintain the integrity of the room's style.

Floral Prints in the Interiors of Various Living Spaces

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Bedroom: All Colors of Nature on the Walls

There are several ways to use floral wallpaper in the bedroom. The simplest option is to create a harmonious interior with pastel shades.

Light wallpaper with small floral prints, often barely visible against the general background, will decorate all the walls in the bedroom space and form a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Another effect, which one can achieve using wall mural with flowers in the interior of the bedroom - is to create a spring atmosphere.

If you want your room to be warm, cozy and sunny - there is nothing better than choosing wallpaper with colors of saturated, but pleasant shades. These can be elements of blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and other colors.

A bedroom with large-sized flower wall mural can visually shrink in size, so it is better to use wall murals like that only in certain areas of the room to create accents.

You can install monochrome wallpapers of calm tones or choose wallpaper with patterns that do not contradict the floral theme (for example, strict stripes) for the neighboring walls.

Bright and rich-toned wallpaper with flowers in the bedroom can cause discomfort and prevent you from having a peaceful nap. In order for wall murals like that not to overload the interior, install a wall mural like that only on the wall behind the bed.

Children’s Room with Floral Elements

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Bright spring accents, characteristic for flower motives, are ideal for decoration of the nursery. Wall murals with flowers in the design of the child's room allow you to create a positive, creative and relaxed atmosphere.

By choosing a wall mural with an abundance of bright colors, even if they are simple, you can create a spectacular setting in the play area, and the child will feel comfortable throughout the day.

Floral Patterns in the Kitchen interior

Another room in which wallpaper with floral theme can look truly beautiful is the kitchen. However, despite the fact that here the floral theme is always appropriate, flowery wallpaper for the kitchen should be chosen carefully. First of all, it is very important to choose the right color for the interior of this space. Wallpapers with flowers in the interior of the kitchen should be fairly light, although it is considered that they get dirty easier than their dark counterparts.

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Decoration of the Living Room with Flower Patterns

Living room accomplished in any style will look spectacular if you add floral accents. Depending on the brightness and nature of the drawing, the interior of the living room with flower-themed wallpaper can be solemn, soothing, elegant or brazen, antique or modern.

The design of this room does not require the use of certain shades: almost all the colors of floral wallpaper will look here perfectly.

With the help of wallpaper in the living room, you can set the overall background. For this purpose, it is better to use light wall murals with small prints of high frequency. Wall murals or wallpapers like that will suit any furniture and accessories, as elements of nature on the walls will maintain comfort in your hom