Fantasy Art for Bedroom Décor

Wall murals Fantasy Art for Bedroom Décor

From time to time every one of us experiences the need to get away from it all, leave the problems and worries behind and just fully embark into some other reality or world. Fantasy world is the most suitable one for this purpose. It offers you a chance to be who you have always wanted to be – a hero, a dragon master, a prince, a paladin or an amazon warrior. All you have to do is to turn on your TV, PC or game console and you are ready to go. It would have been so great to have a chance to get the full experience, to embark in the movie or game’s world and be in the heart of event. Alas, all we can do is use our imagination and hope it will take us where we want to be. Luckily, we can still incorporate our favorite parts of fantasy world in our everyday life, by decorating our home, and in particular bedroom with pieces of art, depicting our fantasy characters or ambiances.

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Types of Fantasy Wall Murals

Fantasy world is vast and every person can find something that suits him like nothing else. Some people like fantasy fairy tales, others are obsessed with dragons and dragon warriors, and there are those who prefer multiverses in fantasy world. Luckily, modern technologies allow wall mural customization, which is why any image can be turned into beautiful art. Even high-quality screenshot can become a mind-blowing wall art, drawing attention of your guests and allowing you to embark into the imaginative journey to a place in a fantasy world where you want to be the most. Let’s take a closer look on popular fantasy wall paper themes, that are currently in high demand.

Dragons Wall Murals

Magical and fierce, dragons are adored and admired by millions fantasy fans worldwide. It is hardly surprising, considering the fact that dragons are frequently met in myth, legends and folk tales in different nations worldwide. Apart from that, their strength, nobility, destructive power, wisdom, and supernatural powers fascinate people. Nowadays, one can enjoy seeing them in video games like “Skyrim” or fantasy TV series like “Game of Thrones”. These magical creatures can be of various shapes and colors, from fire-breathing giants like Deathwing from “World of Warcraft” to cute Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”. Little baby dragons can even be seen in child animated movies and cartoons like “Dino Babies” and children love them as much as unicorns and fairies. Thus, if you are an avid dragon lover, you can decorate your room with a vivid and magic image of your favorite one and enjoy seeing him on a daily basis, drawing inspiration and good mood.

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Enchanted Forest Wall Murals

Those of us, who like the harmony and beauty of nature, seek it in the fantasy world as well. Enchanted forest is present in many fantasy tales, TV series and fantasy movies. For instance, Land of Oz is a magical forest in children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”; Mirkwood is enchanted elvish forest in the Legendarium of J. R. R. Tolkien. However, enchanted forest can be gloomy place, inhabited by monsters and dangerous creatures, but it can also be beautiful sparkling valley under the moonlight. Every person can choose his own version of the enchanted forest he likes and incorporate it in the form of wall mural into the interior of his bedroom, making it strikingly beautiful element of bedroom décor, especially if it is skillfully combined with nightlights and furniture.

Magical Creatures

Fantasy world is teeming with magical creatures, both benevolent and vicious. Fairies, pixies, unicorns, elves, trolls – all of them can be found in fairy tales and fantasy TV series. In Iceland, more than half of the population still believes in the existence of elves and trolls. Each nation has strong belief in the existence of magical creatures that exist in folk tales and legends. It is unlikely that anybody would want to decorate their home with the images of malevolent creatures, however, noble and kind creatures like unicorns, fairies and elves have always captured imagination and love of people worldwide. Cutting-edge technologies, existing in 21st century allow creation of breathtaking wall murals that depict unicorns, elves and other beautiful magical creatures. Any screenshot from the game or any still from a fantasy movie or TV series can be turned into remarkably gorgeous decoration for your bedroom. Just imagine how wonderful will be waking up to the sight of a beautiful and glorious unicorn or smiling fairy.

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In Conclusion

Fantasy wall murals are an unusual, affordable and simply gorgeous solution for an amazing bedroom décor. It may suit not only hardcore fantasy fans, but also people, who admire magical beauty of trees and beautiful animals. Accomplished in vivid and expressive colors, these wall murals can complement the color palette of your choice, making your room look like a magically beautiful dwelling of one of the fantasy characters. Apart from that, fantasy wall murals are affordable, durable and made with eco-friendly ink, which guarantees that none of your family members will have any negative side effects.