Expanding Living Space with Wall Murals

Art & Photo Prints Expanding Living Space with Wall Murals

Nowadays, the demand for wall murals is one the rise; they are becoming the primary choice for living space decoration. However, it is sometimes difficult to choose one for the decor of bedroom, living room and kitchen. Many people are wondering if there are any rules for choosing the appropriate wall mural for their particular living space.

Luckily, you can order custom image and size either by choosing from the catalogue available on the website, or by uploading your own image. Typically, wall murals are used for the wall decor, however people often use them on the ceiling as well. Mall murals differ from regular wallpapers in terms of texture and format. You can use regular wallpapers for the walls and the ceiling, but wall murals should be used as a room decor. Let us take a look at the best solutions for various living spaces decoration with wall murals.

Wall Murals Expanding Space

To expand the space of a small room, at least visually, the owners resort to different methods, including the finishing of the walls with various materials. In this case, you can choose the wall mural, in compliance with the layout of room where it will be installed. The main rules for choosing are the following criteria:

Color. Colors expanding the space are blue, blue, purple and even green. You cannot use warm and bright colors. However, if the wall mural is for the bedroom, you can take gentle pastel colors, such as beige and pink.

Contrast. Sharp color transitions can also visually expand the space. For a room of a small area of square dimensions wall mural with one large object in the center will will be the most the mot appropriate. The room is immediately lengthened. In a small kitchen, you can make a panorama with a perspective or an unusual pattern.

Black and white wall murals. Modern room design ideas include the use of black and white wall murals in virtually any room. They fit perfectly into any interior and make the room more stylish. You should pay attention to the theme though, because it will be the center of attention. Black and white images of a street or landscape are considered the best.

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Texture. It is also capable of influencing the expansion of living space. The best options are sand, fresco and canvas. Sand is suitable for landscapes and photographs of nature. Canvas looks great on large images (for example, flowers). Fresco is used for images of architectural ensembles.

Wall murals for Kitchen

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Wall murals in the interior of the kitchen play a major role. Therefore, it is better to install them on an unobstructed wall, opposite to the furniture. In a small kitchen, you can cover the entire wall with it to add the depth and volume of the room.

Images with a view from the window or door exit will also be appropriate. In a large kitchen, you can use symmetrical arrangement of fragments that can harmonize the general theme of the panorama. All sorts of landscapes will look good: sea, village, city, still life and various flora.

Wall Murals for Bedroom

Wall murals for bedroom can be of any theme. Since there are not many people walking in this room, the risk of damage is minimal. It is not even required to cover them with a protective film layer. Images are installed on the wall at the bedhead or cover the whole area. The following motifs are suitable for a master bedroom:

Landscapes and Nature

Waterfalls, landscapes, mountains, rivers, lakes and other elements of nature. These pictures will fill the room with freshness and expand the visual space.

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The macro images of flowers look amazing, but they not always fit into a particular style.

Marine theme

There can be both undersea world with its inhabitants and various vessels - from giant yachts to small fishing boats. The most important thing is to accomplish the entire bedroom in this style so that the image looks harmoniously with the interior.

Wall paintings, frescoes and reproductions of paintings

 This type of wall murals is for lovers of the classics and retro. For this style, the furniture must also be accomplished in a classic style.

Pop art and glamor

This theme is the most suitable for those who enjoy and pay attention to the life of celebrities and wants to decorate their house in a glamorous and exquisite way.

Abstract images

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This type of images are for those, who is a fan of everything extraordinary. However, one must keep in mind that images like that can become tiresome in time.

Modern cityscape

It can be accomplished in different styles: loft or modern. In order to harmonize this type of style, it is important to choose the appropriate furniture, lamps and decor.

The image can be placed on any unobstructed wall, where it will be clearly visible, it is important that it is not cluttered with other objects.

Wall Murals for Living Room

The living room in the house is its heart - family members spend more time there and receive guests. Therefore, the decor of this room must be given special attention. Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce wall murals for every taste and theme.

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Minimalists pay great attention to colors and artistic content. Sometimes, for the minimalist style it is enough to put a sofa in front of interesting wall mural. Loft-style wall murals are used by biggest fans of this style, they can imitate wood or brickwork. These wall murals look unusual and striking.

When selecting an image, its color scheme should be taken into account: if the wallpaper plays the role of a decor element, it must be accomplished in bright and intense colors. It is important for this element of the decor to correspond to the overall interior of the room.

The design of the room with wall murals looks modern and stylish, the most important thing is to create the entire interior in a certain style and select all the elements correspondingly