Elegance of English-Style Interior Decor

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Conservative and refined English style cannot be restricted by any specific time frame. Rather, it belongs to ethnic areas and characterizes the daily life and habits of British aristocrats. The English style in the interior is practical and has symmetrical classical motifs, calm harmonious colors and oriental notes acquired from English colonies.

In general, the English interiors include Baroque, Classicism, as well as partially Gothic and realism elements. However, all these areas have common nuances in which you can get an idea of ​​the aristocratic life of Misty Albion. The greatest number of features in the English style came from the reign of Queen Victoria (this is similar to the Victorian style), as well as King George (respectively, Georgian). These styles were formed in the 17-18 century, during the period of the highest prosperity of the state. All these areas are distinguished by a desire for respectability, expensive finishes, exquisite decor and rare materials like ivory. A distinctive feature of the interiors of that period can be called colonial gloss - this is the presence of objects brought from the countries of the East, Africa, Australia or America. As a rule, these ethnic rarities are carefully passed down from generation to generation.

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People, who usually choose this style are:

  •     Collectors - after all, collectible dolls, porcelain and decorative figures will perfectly fit into this interior.
  •     Fans of reading old books, comfortably sitting in front of the fireplace. An English-style house must certainly have a library, possibly combined with an office for work. Books are on the shelves of large cabinets, and high shelves can be reached by a special staircase.
  •     Furniture connoisseurs. The English style implies high-quality expensive furniture made of dark wood.
  •     Owners of a small living space. Most British apartments are also quite cramped. To some extent, this is due to the climate - it is easier to equip a small room and insulate it from wind and dampness.
  •     Lovers of the immortal classics. The English interior breathes symmetry and proportionality, as well as the absence of unnecessary details.

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Color Palette of English-style Interior

The following color combinations will be ideal: brown, dark green or terracotta with elements of golden and ocher hues; brown, chocolate or sand with light beige. There are still some nuances - for example, the rooms facing the north can be made more cozy and warm with warm colors - crimson, chocolate, etc., while the southern rooms can be decorated in bluish-green shades. Purely bright interiors are not so common, but they also have a right to exist - usually such colors as white, gray, beige are used in them. Furniture upholstery should ideally be in harmony in tone with the decoration of the walls, while the wooden parts of the furniture are still preferable to be made from dark wood.

Furniture in the English-style Interior

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing furniture is its quality and luxuriousness. It should be solid and serve not only you, but also several future generations. All wooden pieces of furniture should be made of mahogany, oak or (more economical option) walnut. Upholstered furniture is characterized by luxurious striped upholstery, a Scottish plaid, or, for example, a floral pattern. As a rule, English life cannot do without comfortable soft chairs with "ears", cabinets with a small stained-glass window, an abundance of sofa cushions.

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Decor Elements and Accessories

Textiles are extremely important in decorating the English-style interior - from heavy velvet draperies and tapestries to light chintz. Mirrors in massive frames, family portraits or photos are usually hung on the walls, and Victorian dolls in lush dresses, porcelain cups and saucers in cabinets with glass doors, as well as vases and candlesticks are placed on the surfaces. One of the most authentic elements of the English style is, of course, a fireplace. Previously, it was used to heat the room, now it can perform a purely decorative function. With its help, any room acquire a unique atmosphere of peace and comfort. In addition, in our time, a chimney is not needed for a fireplace - modern technologies make its use safe and environmentally friendly.

Distinctive Features of English-style Interior

The main principle to which all interior decoration and arrangement of rooms obey is symmetry. Doors in the corridors, windows, rooms - everything is located symmetrically, and there must be a clear zoning of the living space.

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To ensure that the lighting is most consistent with the style of old England, it is necessary to highlight several separate softly lit areas. This is especially true in the living room, where you can select areas for reading books or family tea drinking. Floor lamps and sconces are placed next to armchairs and sofas, and a large chandelier with glass or crystal pendants is hung for the upper light. However, a chandelier is only suitable for high ceilings.


As a rule, the ceiling is painted with light paint or simply whitewashed, and to give it a finished look, moldings with stucco are placed around the perimeter – this  came from Baroque and Classicism. Cornices can be left to match the tone of the ceiling or gilded. In addition, if the room is decorated in the style of a country (one of the varieties of the English style), then it is permissible to use ceiling beams or wooden boards.

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Natural materials are, as a rule, used for surface finishing - wood panels, paper wallpaper, plaster or water-based paint. For the rest, there are many ideas with which you can turn your house into an English corner. For example, sheathe the lower part of the wall with wooden panels, and paint the upper part with matte paint in bright colors. Alternatively, divide the walls with moldings painted in the color of the main surface. If the room has a low ceiling, you can visually raise it by gluing wallpaper with a vertical floral pattern or monograms.   


Art parquet, stone tiles or polished boards are historically for floor covering in English-style interiors. Nowadays, you can use modern materials - for example, a parquet board or a laminate. Ceramic tiles are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, which you can "play” with, experimenting with shape, size or color. The living room and bedroom can be covered with luxurious oriental carpets.

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Living Room

Before you begin to equip the living room in the English style, you should decide what mood it should create. The style may be more respectable and strict or, conversely, more homely and comfortable. The background is most often monophonic, with carved wood elements are located on it. Variegated colors should be avoided, with the exception of a small cell or strip. As for furniture, it must meet two main parameters - to be elegant and solid. This is achieved by using high-quality wood, expensive upholstery (velvet, velveteen), bronze fittings using gilding or inlays, carved backs and legs of furniture, solidity and smooth flowing shapes. A typical set of furniture in the English living room: an oval or round table with a set of chairs, a soft comfortable sofa and the same chairs, a rocking chair, a bookcase or bookcase, a coffee table.

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The design of this room needs to be given special attention, because it is a place for rest and relaxation, and therefore it should not only be pleasant to the eye, but also consistent with the nature of its inhabitants. For the English bedroom you will need a rudely made, but reliable, furniture, beams are appropriate on the ceiling and walls. If you want to design a bedroom in a more rustic style, then you should use a lot of gentle, pastel colors, diluting them with dark forged or wooden elements. The main aspect - the furniture should be made of natural materials, no plastic. A wide and high bed can be supplemented with a heavy velvet canopy, but this is not necessary. The presence of paired elements is welcomed - stands, lamps or wall decor.