Pharaohs’ Splendor in the Egyptian Style Interior Decor

Art & Photo Prints Pharaohs’ Splendor in the Egyptian Style Interior Decor

The Egyptian style in the interior is the luxury and grandeur of the pharaonic possessions, the mystery of the ancient civilization. This design shows a unique culture that delights with its originality, talent and artisanship even after millennia have passed. The Egyptian style boasts rich ornaments and sophisticated hieroglyphs, specific only to it. Warm shades, characteristic of this sunlit country sooth any interior and fill it with comfort.

It is considered that the first traditions of interior decoration - painting on the walls, colonnades, drapery of ceilings, elegant furniture, niches with hiding places, stands for lamps and smoking incense, appeared in Egypt. Examples of interiors typical of the Egyptian style inspire contemporary designers, architects and art historians to this day. Later on, an entire array of various interior styles stemmed from this style, with some of the features still used alongside the modern stylistics. However, today it is rethought, with a new inspiration found in the latest building materials.

The Egyptian style in the interior is so vivid and well known that it is difficult to confuse it with any other, even with somewhat similar styles. Despite the fact that not all of the Ancient Egypt’s images and scriptures were deciphered, and that nobody entered the sacred pharaohs’ rooms, the preserved frescos and partial descriptions tell us a lot about the life of ancient Egyptians, their preferences in architecture and painting. Currently, there are many of those, who are fond of Egyptian-style interior, especially among people with great ambitions and desire to live like pharaohs themselves. This style attracts connoisseurs of monumental conciseness and ostentatious luxury, just like the one found in the room of famous Cleopatra - with splendor and triumph of greatness.

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Modern designers offer their own vision of this style, although only professionals can create a well-balance atmosphere, without the excessiveness, such as the pyramids or images of pharaohs, sphinxes and Egyptian deities.

The Egyptian style is characterized by warm golden colors that are associated with sand and the sun's rays: amber, soft yellow, ivory, beige, and ocher. They can be supplemented with darker shades, for example, black or chocolate. Do not forget about the white color, which brings in freshness and divine power.

Wall Decoration

The main features of the Egyptian style are luxury and wealth, since the nobility of Ancient Egypt lived in abundance. The floors were made of natural stone in their houses; therefore, tiles that mimic this material are most suitable for the interior of a modern apartment. Golden or silver tiles are also appropriate. To increase the level of comfort, you can lay a carpet with an Egyptian pattern, a rattan mat, or animal skins on the floor.

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It will be best to cover the walls with the paint of one shade. Wallpapers without a pattern will also be appropriate in this style. The most suitable shades of the walls will be beige, sand, and light yellow. The ceiling border depicting scenes from the life of the Egyptians will look splendid in this style. A skirting board with a floral pattern, with the image of the sun or stars will add particular charm. Columns traditionally supported the ceilings in the palaces of the Egyptian pharaohs. Their imitation can be created in the modern interior of the apartment. Tops of columns can be accomplished in the form of a lotus or palm trees.

Wall paintings are appropriate in the Egyptian interior. They can be photos of hieroglyphs, ornaments, or images characteristic for this style - people in wigs, pharaohs, pyramids, mythical creatures, and deities. Images of lotus flowers, papyrus, palm trees are suitable for modest interiors.

The main features of Egyptian painting are conventionality and non-compliance with the laws of perspective. However, the sculptures have a realistic look. The main colors that should be used in the interior are ivory, beige, light yellow, ocher, and brown. Egypt is a country of sun and sand, and this should reflect the design. Items and decor can be adorned with brighter shades - red, black, green, blue. The color palette of the ancient Egyptians was scarce, since they used only natural pigments that did not mix with each other. The golden color characteristic of the pharaoh's palaces can also be successfully used in a modern interior.

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Doors and Windows

Furnish the windows of the apartment with curtains. They can be monophonic or with the images of hieroglyphs. Hang curtains on carved cornices. The Egyptian style is characterized by massive doors made of wood. The shape of the doorway can be made in the form of an arch. The same form is valid for window frames. Egyptian design implies a predominance of rounded flowing shapes.

Furniture and Decor

Furniture items should primarily be distinguished by convenience. In the Egyptian interior, you can often see massive ebony beds. Instead of wardrobes it is necessary to use chests, caskets and caskets inlaid with ivory, malachite and turquoise. Design is characterized by stools on low legs, which are often made in the form of animal legs, or carved from elephant tusks. Since the design should sparkle with luxury, why not afford a table with two leopards playing the role of legs. Armchairs and sofas should have wide armrests, a high headboard. Cabinets and shelves of simple shapes are ideal for the Egyptian style.

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The color of furniture can be both dark and light, but always made of natural wood. The following items can be used as decor:

  • Frescoes of multi-colored glass;
  • Paintings depicting the life of the Egyptians;
  • Figurines of black cats, sphinxes, pyramids;
  • High floor vases with stalks of reed or papyrus;
  • Paintings on papyrus;
  • Busts of Egyptian queens, pharaohs;
  • Hookah;
  • Carved and inlaid furniture.


Since the Egyptian style originated at a time when synthetic materials were not used, they should also be absent in a modern interior. Use only natural fabrics for home improvement - cotton, linen, wool. All textile accessories - pillows, curtains, bedspreads should be made of these fabrics.

It is necessary to use curtains of brown, sand, beige color on the windows. Plain or embroidered with golden threads. Suitable pattern for curtains - floral or geometric. A canopy can be placed above the bed. The Egyptian ornament that adorns textiles traditionally has strict symmetry, sometimes it is characterized by the elegance of lotus flowers.

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Several lighting sources must be installed in each room, in the Egyptian style interior. The atmosphere should be elegant, emphasizing luxury. Therefore, the lighting should be dimmed.

If you like the monumentality and luxury of Egypt, but you do not intend to recreate the luxurious interiors of the pharaohs, you can do with inexpensive styling and decorative figures. Those who adhere to the luxury and the complete transformation of the house into the halls and bedrooms of Cleopatra or Tutankhamun, decorating the house with stylish little things reminiscent of the Egyptian style will not be enough – they will have to turn to a good room designer for competent remodeling.