Eco-Style in the Interior: Living in Harmony with Nature

Art & Photo Prints Eco-Style in the Interior: Living in Harmony with Nature

The eco-style interior does not have a launch creation date. It appeared against the backdrop of developing modern styles, accepting their methods, techniques of surface finishing, lighting and decoration. Like other modern interior décor styles, it became widespread at the end of the twentieth century.

The ecological way of life, the desire to live in unity with nature according to its laws lead to the emergence of a creative lifestyle, influenced by the development of the ecological trend in architecture, painting, poetry, and interior design. Thus, the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto was first who started to design interesting residential buildings. He built his houses incorporating living trees in them. They were not chopped at the root, but the walls were erected around the trunk. Of course, the atmosphere of such a house was also supposed to speak of reverence for nature by man. Therefore, to create eco-interior he used wooden surfaces, glass that transmits natural light, and a lot of fresh flowers.

The name of the eco-style appeared first in 1980 - 90, when environmental problems began to worry the world more and more often. Environmentalists began to sound the alarm, raising questions of pollution of water and air, waters of the oceans, global problems of global warming. Increasingly, the opinion was expressed that man is not the master of nature, but part of it, its child. Man must not fight with the forces of nature. We must strive to preserve the environment. Against the background of such statements, ideas arose about the use of recycled materials for the arrangement of apartments. Eco style in the interior of the apartment can be created from objects that were already in use. For example, a board from wooden boxes, previously used to transport goods, is suitable for finishing floors. It is important that the eco-style is based on the principles of modern styles.

Main Features of Eco-style

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Externally, the interior of the eco-friendly apartment creates the impression of naturalness and lightness. For this purpose, maximum free space is left in the premises so that nothing interferes with movement. Designers recommend using only the most necessary furniture, which complements the interior, and does not overload it. A large spacious room should not be divided into small zones, let the feeling of freedom and spaciousness fill it.

The main principle that embodies the eco-style in the interior is the use of various natural materials. Choose natural wood, bamboo, paper wallpapers, natural textiles, and ceramics for your apartment. If possible, use previously used objects. This principle applies to decoration materials and furniture. It is unconditionally necessary to avoid explicit synthetics and products of the chemical industry.

Wall decoration with curly vines is a sign of high-end eco-style, although to create a "green wall" you might need the help of the experienced gardeners. You can try to create a miracle in your apartment, settling nature under one roof with you. You can complement the interior with large fresh flowers in tubs. It is desirable that they have a beautiful well-groomed appearance. Some of the inhabitants of the house should take care of them - to water and spray plants in time.

Color Palette for Eco-Style Interior

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What colors emphasize most the naturalness of the interior? Of course, those that are closest to natural shades and textures.
The following colors are the most appropriate for the eco-style interior decor:

  • Green and all its shades, it reminds of fresh green grass and tree crowns;
  • Light blue - the color of the sky, opens the space, fills it with freshness and coolness;
  • Beige, Brown - resembles a wood texture, creates a background space;
  • White - a neutral pure color, against which living plants look most elegant;
  • Yellow - the color of the sun used as accents.

When designing an eco-friendly interior design, rely on natural color combinations. You can choose the theme of one of the landscapes. For example, forests, ocean, jungle or birch grove. When creating a jungle theme in an apartment, use white as a base. Turn to green and brown, which in the natural environment belong to vines, trees and foliage.
With colors of warm natural shades, you can design a bedroom in an eco-design. You can use sand, white and brown to achieve optimal effect. The bedroom will sparkle with warm highlights, if it has a fireplace.


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Eco style for interior design involves the use of natural, one might say, pristine materials. This is solid quality wood, natural stone, glass, forging, and ceramic tiles.
Wood is the primary material indicating the presence of eco-style in the interior, therefore, it is most often used in large quantities to decorate the ceiling, floor, walls, furniture and other elements.


When choosing fixtures for an apartment in a specialized store, abandon the idea of ​​decorating the ceilings with a huge chandelier for several horns with crystal suspensions. It is not suitable for a restrained natural interior. Pay attention to the spotlights, hanging down shades of a cylindrical shape. Hidden halogen lighting looks great. It accurately and naturally emphasizes eco-friendly interior design.


Textile design should be moderate and simple. Use natural fabrics - linen, cotton, as well as matting. Do not curtain windows if at all possible. Because they let in more natural light, and save electrical energy. If there is a need to close them from other people's eyes, try to choose curtains of simple design - rolled, Japanese or Roman. The textiles in the bedroom must be selected in compliance with the design of the bed and upholstered furniture so that they harmonize with each other.

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When choosing a suitable furniture style, pay attention not only to the nature of the material, but also to the shape of the items you are about to purchase. Simple, even somewhat primitive forms of tables, beds, armchairs and chairs, cabinets and sofas eloquently indicate their belonging to eco-style. Moreover, the processing of objects may well be incomplete and rough, only emphasizing the characteristic texture of the materials.

As a decor illustrating the features of eco-style, choose all kinds of baskets and chests woven from rattan and vines, ceramic and glass dishes, vases and decanters, woolen rugs and straw mats, linen and cotton textiles, bamboo blinds.