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Easter is a symbol of the rebirth of all life. Life-affirming factor of the revival of faith in the imperishability of the soul, spirit, eternal existence, celebrated in the beautiful time of spring.

By tradition, Easter holidays begin to be prepared for long in advance. People pick up treats, as well as decorate their houses for Easter with great attention to the details. The interior of the house must be filled with festive décor for this holiday. Apart from that and a rich meal, symbolizing the sacrifice of the Son crucified for human sins and raised to the glory of the Lord, should be on the table.

Easter Symbols

It is believed that coloring of the eggs and creating a beautiful decoration of the interior with their help, as well as the decor of the outer part of the house, is inherent not only to the Orthodox, but also to Catholics. In German culture, the symbol of Easter is a rabbit that brings an Easter basket with Easter eggs.

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Americans decorate houses with wreaths to honor the Easter Sunday.  However, the Easter egg is considered the main symbol of this great holiday for all Christian countries.

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Most Popular Easter Colors

Red is a traditional Easter color, as well as the entire palette of warm colors. Holiday symbols include an Easter wreath and a basket. Their basic colors are green and red, while white is added only for the basket. When one is creating a festive Easter interior, great attention must be paid to decorative details and accessories, which should look like bright spots in the design of the surrounding space.

In addition to accents of red color, the design of the festive interior consists of a great variety of decorative elements that look well with red color and create a happy spring mood. All shades of pale pink, light blue, pale green and yellow are allowed and welcomed.

Sunlight is very important, regardless of the weather outside the window. In order to visually expand living space and fill the atmosphere of the rooms with light, one can remove heavy curtains from windows and replace them with light curtains with floral patterns. This will create a festive spring mood.

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The windows of the house are usually decorated for Easter, because gorgeous window decor is considered an integral part of the tradition. Some people like to decorate their windows with live flowers, but the preparation for it must be made in advance. Usually, the bulbs of daffodils and hyacinths are planted in small pots and placed in rows on the window still. They blossom within 6-7 weeks from the time of planting. Blossoming live flowers can decorate one's room like nothing else.

Blooming flowers on the windowsills of the kitchen or living room, symbolize the power of life and victory over the cold. One can use transparent containers instead of clay pots filled with multi-colored gravel or colored silicone balls. In this case, the visual effect will be even more impressive.

One can place handmade Easter decorations between the pots. For instance, imitation of bird nests with painted quail eggs can be hung with multi-colored ribbons on curtains. One can also make colorful and sparkly candles from the halves of the egg shells and decorate the window sill with them. Art prints with Easter bunnies and eggs will look gorgeous on the walls.

Decoration of Easter Table

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Each dish has a special significance in the Easter meal, and the blessed  colored Easter eggs are also considered strong amulets. The presence of painted eggs on the holiday table is a must. Apart from that, it is traditional to put  branches of willow on the Easter table. These branches are sometimes decorated with painted eggs, decorative ribbons, or even artificial flowers. It is allowed to use figure of the animal symbolizing the current year for the decoration of the Easter table.

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Traditionally, the Easter table is prepared on the Saturday night, but people sit around it and eat only after attending church on Sunday. It is considered a sort of sacrifice, made by a person in honor of the Great Day of Resurrection. According to tradition, the table should have at least 12 dishes - backed goods, Easter cakes, meat dishes, first radish, fresh greens, pickles and sweets. Dining table must always be decorated in compliance with tradition. The main theme of the Easter decor is a colored egg. It can be a chicken or quail egg, or even a goose egg - it is much larger. There exists a great variety of decorations for the Easter table, as well as of the interior rooms decor.

Creation of Festive Easter Interior

After the decoration of windows is complete, one can proceed with mirror decor. They can be decorated with garlands collected from a blown out and painted eggshells.

The interior of the rooms can also be decorated with a themed decor, made of natural materials. The main purpose of decoration is to recreate an atmosphere that personifies the spring awakening and the holiday spirit.

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Types of Easter Interior Decorations

Nothing improves the atmosphere of a big holiday like accessories - original decorations for Easter, created by hand, or purchased at a festive bazaar. The main theme of the celebration of the Great Day and the main leitmotif, necessarily present in the Easter decor is the presence of decorative eggs. Among other beautiful and suitable accessories are baskets, festive bowls, nests, coasters, and beautiful containers designed for storing decorative Easter eggs.

Candle Decorations

"Easter-style" candle is considered a beautiful and suitable decoration. Candlesticks for these candles are usually made in the form of eggs. It's quite easy to make a beautiful candle yourself. In order to do this, one can carefully remove the contents of the raw egg, and then pour wax into hollow shell and insert a wick. As soon as the wax dries, the candle can be considered finished.

Easter Garlands

Garland in the form of Easter eggs is considered an excellent decoration. Besides, it will bring a lot of delight to children. You can feel the real holiday atmosphere when you see decorations like that. During the Easter celebration, houses are most often decorated with the help of various Easter eggs' compositions. Anything that you can think of with painted eggs, can be made into a decoration for the holiday of Easter. This includes candles, garlands, and simply painted eggs, as well as other table an wall decorations.

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Styles of Easter Decor

Eco-style Easter Decor

Eco style is represented by neutral tones and, of course, natural materials. Wooden, glass or ceramic decorations look great on wooden countertops without a tablecloth. The most typical Easter decoration is empty eggs of natural colors, folded in intricate baskets or simply painted on and placed between plates with tasty dishes.

Scandinavian-style Easter Decor

Scandinavian style, synonymous to simplicity and naturalness, offers Easter decorations in neutral tones made from natural materials. First of all, these include decorative trinkets, made with bird feathers of brown, beige or white color, as well as painted blown out eggs of natural colors.

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New-York-style Easter Decor

New York-style Easter decorations are sleek, elegant and glossy. Until recently, they were made exclusively of glass or shiny metal. Now, holiday accessories are characterized by only a light satin shine or even have a matte finish. This year, the New York style is created with combinations of gold or silver.

Mandatory decorative accessories on the Easter table in New-York-style are white napkins made of flax or cotton satin, fresh flowers, decorative figures of rabbits and painted eggs of pastel shades.